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  Poster Programme - IS73 - GD10/SSP27 Joint session: The link of deep and shallow lithospheric processes in sedimentary basins-ILP Task Force Sedimentary Basins and Dynamics of Sedimentary Basins - Evolution, Salt- and Fluid Dynamics (co-organized by GD & SSP)

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Convener: Scheck-Wenderoth, M.
Co-Convener: Roure, F., Bayer, U., Marotta, A., Thybo, H.
Co-Sponsorship: ILP, TS,

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 14 April 2008 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Monday, 14 April 2008 08:00 -
Monday, 14 April 2008 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU2008-A-05522;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0113
Gottikh, R.P.; Nourgaliev, D.K.; Pisotskiy, B.I.; Plotnikova, I.N.
The Anomalous Structure and Discrete Potential Fields of the Earth's Consolidated Crust as Factors Governing the Position of the Giant Romashkino Oil Field

EGU2008-A-05538;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0114
Mutigullin, R. Kh; Korneevets, O.V.; Plotnikova, I. N.; Badalov, V.G.
The Resource Potential of Tatarstan and the Ways to Replenish Hydrocarbon Reserves

EGU2008-A-01249;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0115
Dmitrievsky, A.; Balanyuk, I.; Akivis, T.; Chaikina, O.
Powerful processes of hydrocarbon migration and generation on great depths

EGU2008-A-03214;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0116
Galushkin, Yu.I.; Sveshnikov, A.A.
Lithosphere thermal evolution in the buried structures of the deep-sea basin of the Black Sea and assessment of organic matter maturity

EGU2008-A-00637;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0117
Vamvaka, A.; Spiegel, C.; Danisik, M.; Frisch, W.; Kilias, A.
First results of fission track thermochronology in the eastern Mesohellenic Trough (Greece)

EGU2008-A-12436;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0118
Resak, M.; Glasmacher, U.A.; Narkiewicz, M.; Littke, R.
Permian-Paleogene temperature and burial evolution of the NW Polish Basin - evidenced by maturity modelling and apatite fission-track dating

EGU2008-A-08969;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0119
Hirsch, K.; Scheck-Wenderoth, M.; Paton, D.; van Wees, J.; Cloetingh, S.
Forward models for the tectonic subsidence and the thermal history in the Orange Basin with implications from vitrinites reflectance data

EGU2008-A-04552;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0120
Ali, M. Y.; Watts, A. B.
Stratigraphy, subsidence and uplift history, and tectonic evolution of the United Arab Emirates foreland basin

EGU2008-A-08715;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0121
Elesin, Y.; Gerya, T.; Artemieva, I.; Thybo, H.
Geodynamic modelling of the role of magmatism in basin development

EGU2008-A-09169;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0122
Andreev, A.V.
Reconstruction of the Devonian pull-apart basin of southern Ural, Russia

EGU2008-A-09196;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0123
Clark, S.A.; Ritzmann, O.; Mjelde, R.; Faleide, J.I.; Flueh, E.; Thybo, H.
Preliminary results from the August 2007 PETROBAR wide-angle seismic profile, Barents Sea

EGU2008-A-04533;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0124
Gernigon, L.; Marello, L.; Barrère, C.; Skilbrei, J.R.; Roberts, D.
Significance of the new BAS-06 aeromagnetic survey for a better understanding of salt tectonics and basin structure in the Barents Sea

EGU2008-A-03706;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0125
Jähne, F.; Kley, J.
Basement block uplift along steep frontal faults or faulted basement flexures? The example of the Flechtingen uplift (Central Gemany)

EGU2008-A-11859;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0126
Sippel, J. ; Scheck-Wenderoth, M. ; Reicherter, K. ; Mazur, S.
Stress field evolution during the inversion of the southern margin of the Central European Basin System (CEBS)

EGU2008-A-02791;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0127
Bauer, F.U.; Zühlke, R.; Glasmacher, U.A.; Reiners, P.
The Sabiñánigo Sandstone Succession of the Jaca Basin, Southern Pyrenees, NE-Spain, a depositional model

EGU2008-A-02116;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0128
Ennis, M.; Meere, P.A.; Timmerman, M.J.; Sudo, M.
Provenance of Upper Devonian Old Red Sandstone: evidence for Acadian Recycling of the Lower Devonian in the Munster Basin of southern Ireland

EGU2008-A-05050;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0129
Hjelstuen, B.O.; Haflidason, H.; Sejrup, H.P.; Lyså, A.
Glacial sedimentary processes and depositional environments in fjord systems – evidence from Nordfjord, western Norway

EGU2008-A-08691;  IS73 - GD10/SSP27-1MO1P-0130
Özeren, M. S.; Postacioglu, N.; Şengör, AMC; Özbakir, A. D.
A Green’s function approach to the forward flexure problem in Eastern Anatolia

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