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  Poster Programme - AS1.11 African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (co-listed in BG, CL, HS, OS & SSS) (co-sponsored by iLEAPS)

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Convener: Mari, C.
Co-Convener: Parker, D., LLoyd, C., Fink, A.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 28 April 2005 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Thursday, 28 April 2005 08:00 -
Thursday, 28 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-00577;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0032
Indirect effect of Aerosols on WAM convectives systems - Prospectives

EGU05-A-05330;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0033
Solmon, F.; Zakey, A.; Konare, A.; Giorgi, F.; Liousse, C.
Regional modelling of aerosols and associated impacts in the framework of AMMA.

EGU05-A-06795;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0034
Serca, D.; Le Roux, X.; Delon, C.; Guillaumaud, N.; Mougin, E.
Spatial Heterogeneity of NO Soil Emissions at the Hombori Mali AMMA site: Link with Microbial Activities

EGU05-A-04083;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0035
Delon, C.; Serça, D.; Dupont, R.; De Rosnay, P.; Timouk, F.; Mougin, E.
NO emission from soil in tropical conditions

EGU05-A-06812;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0036
Galy-lacaux, C.; Mphepya, J.; Pienaar, K.; Serça, D.; Delon, C.; Mougin, E.
Dry and wet atmospheric nitrogen deposition in Africa

EGU05-A-07055;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0037
Thouret, V.; Minga, A.; Mariscal, A. ; Benech, B.; Sauvage, B.
First Ozone Soundings over Cotonou in the frame of AMMA

EGU05-A-09230;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0038
Borbon, A.; Jambert, C.; Perros, P.E.; Kukui, A.; Ancellet, G.
Impact of West Africa Monsoon on tropospheric chemistry : the French contribution to the study of gaseous chemical processes during AMMA

EGU05-A-08525;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0039
Minvielle, F.; Flamant, C. ; Pelon, J.; Cautenet, G.
Impact of model resolution on the characterization of mineral dust plume over AMMA region. Application to a SHADE campaign events.

EGU05-A-08686;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0040
Rajot, J.L.; Rajot and the AMMA-dust team
Mineral dust in Sahelian Africa: the AMMA 2005–2007 field experiement

EGU05-A-10015;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0041
Lorant, V; Terray, L
Detection of anthropogenic influence on the Western african climate and attribution of causes.

EGU05-A-00762;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0042
Luijting, H.; Yano, J.-I.; Guichard, F.
Analysis of the multiscale interactions of convection

EGU05-A-00973;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0043
Ben Rehouma , a.B.R; Viollier, m. v; Desbois, m. D
Radiation Budget estimates at TOA over Africa : comparison between the ERBE (1985- 1989) and CERES (2000- 2004) records

EGU05-A-03219;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0044
chauvin, F.; douville, H.; royer, J.-F.
Interannual variability and predictability of African Easterly waves in the CNRM GCM

EGU05-A-04160;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0045
Sultan, B.; Janicot, S.; Lazar, A.; Menkes, C.
The Atmospheric Dynamics of the West African Monsoon Onset and its Ocean Counterpart

EGU05-A-07709;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0046
Nguyen, T.T.H; Duvel, J.P.
Synoptic Variability of the Tropical Convection over Central Africa

EGU05-A-08210;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0047
Ramel, R.; Gallée, H. ; Messager, C.
A mechanism of the WAM onset

EGU05-A-09453;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0048
Matthews, A. J.
African monsoon variability driven by the Madden-Julian oscillation

EGU05-A-04150;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0049
Drobinski, P.; Sultan, B.; Janicot, S.
Role of the Hoggar massif on the West African monsoon onset

EGU05-A-04732;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0050
Mounier, F.; Janicot, S.
Dominant convectively coupled 15 days periodicity Kelvin waves mode and its influence during the West African monsoon onset

EGU05-A-07715;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0051
Lavaysse, C.; Diedhiou, A.; Laurent, H.; Lebel, T.
Waves and Convection in Wet and Dry sequences

EGU05-A-08190;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0052
Walpersdorf, A.; Bouin, M.-N.; Bock, O.
Study of the error sources in GPS data from the IGS network in Africa and potential for applications in the AMMA project

EGU05-A-08426;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0053
Bock, O.; Bouin, M.N.; Walpersdorf, A.; Doerflinger, E. ; Masson, F.
Analysis of precipitable water vapour from GPS data in West Africa: first results and perspectives for the AMMA project

EGU05-A-08241;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0054
Peyrille, P.; Lafore, J.-L.; Piriou, C.; Redelsperger, J.-L.
An idealized two-dimensional study of the west african monsoon

EGU05-A-03059;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0055
Sijikumar, S; Roucou, P; Fontaine, B
Regional scale model simulation for West Africa using a Mesoscale Model MM5

EGU05-A-09372;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0056
Louvet, S.; Fontaine, B.; Roucou, P.
active phases and pauses of the west african monsoon and associated atmospheric dynamics

EGU05-A-08538;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0057
Messager, C.; Gallée, H.; Brasseur, O.; Cappelaere, B.; Peugeot, C. ; Seguis, L.
Importance of temporal rain dissagregation of an atmospheric model precipitation field to force a hydrologic model applied over a Sahelian catchment

EGU05-A-08584;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0058
Baup, f.b; Mougin, e.m; Jarlan, l.j; Ottlé, c.o; coudert, b.c; kergoat, l.k
Modelling vegetation growth and associated energy fluxes

EGU05-A-09428;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0059
Kergoat, L.; Ceschia, E.; Guichard, F.; Baup, F.; Lohou, F.; Le Dantec, V.; Epron, D.; Damesin, C.; de Rosnay, P.; Timouk, F.; Les Lions du Gourma
Tethered balloon profiles in the nocturnal boundary layer and CO2 fluxes in Sahelian Mali.

EGU05-A-08779;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0060
de Rosnay, P; Baup, F; Timouk, F; Lavenu, F; Le Dantec, V; Epron, D; Kergoat, L; Mougin, E
Soil moisture measurement network in the Gourma meso scale site

EGU05-A-08853;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0061
Mangiarotti, S.; Jarlan, L.; Mougin, E.; Pavard, L.; Mazzega, P.; Tracol, Y.; Hiernaux, P.
Assimilation of VGT/SPOT NDVI data in a simple land surface model to monitor vegetation and water fluxes dynamics over the Gourma region (Mali)

EGU05-A-06921;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0062
Massuel, S.; Cappelaere, B.
Hydrological model upscaling for regionalization of runoff flow and accumulation over the Amma-Niger meso-site

EGU05-A-09742;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0063
LLOYD, C.; Taylor, C.
Providing Surface Flux measurements to the AMMA programme in west Africa

EGU05-A-01761;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0064
Zribi, M.; Saux Picart, S.; Ottlé, C.; Descroix, L.
A developed methodology to map surface moisture over Kori Diantandou site (Niger) with Asar/Envisat radar data

EGU05-A-02020;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0065
Philippon, N.; Mougin, E. ; Jarlan, L.; Frison, P.L.
Characterization of West African land surface state autumn to summer evolution regarding Sahelian rainfall variability

EGU05-A-04379;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0066
Kamagate, B.; Favreau, G.; Séguis, L.; Séidel, J.-L.
Geochemical approach of streamflow at various time scales in a tropical catchment (Benin, upper Oueme river)

EGU05-A-07477;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0067
Vischel, T.; Lebel, T.; Massuel, S.
Potential climate changes and their impacts on the response of an endoreic hydrological landscape in the Dantiandou Kori

EGU05-A-10514;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0068
Mougin, E; Baup, F; Ceschia, E; Damesin, C; Delon, C; Demarez, V; Derosnay, P; Epron, D; Hiernaux, P; Jarlan, L; AMMA Gourma
Overview of research activities at the Gourma meso-scale site (Mali)

EGU05-A-03588;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0069
Peter, A.C.; Le Henaff, M.; Du Penhoat, Y.; Menkes, C.E.; Marin, F.; Vialard, J.; Caniaux, G. ; Lazar, A.
A Model Study of the Seasonal Mixed Layer Heat Budget in the Tropical Atlantic

EGU05-A-04806;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0070
Marullo, S.; Ruti, P. M.; Iudicone, D.; Cavalieri, O-; Lazar, A.; Marchesiello, P.; D'Ortenzio, F.
Toward a satellite-based upwelling index for the West African Upwelling: a preliminary study

EGU05-A-07239;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0071
Jarlan, L.; Tourre, Y.; Mougin, E. ; Philippon, N.; Mazzega, P.; Mangiarotti, S.
Relationships between spatio-temporal variability of AVHRR-NDVI series over the Sahel and SST from neighbouring oceans for the 1982-2003 period

EGU05-A-04202;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0072
Sultan, B.; Baron, C.; Dingkuhn, M.; Janicot, S.
Agricultural impacts of large-scale variability of the West African monsoon

EGU05-A-04206;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0073
Sultan, B.; Janicot, S.; Guegan, J-F.
Climate and meningitis epidemics onset in West Africa

EGU05-A-11170;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0074
Lothon, M.; Badiane, D.; Campistron, B.; Hounginou, E.; Lohou, F.; Said, F.; Trahore, F.
First wind profiler radar observations in Africa

EGU05-A-11172;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0075
M'Bayi, R.; Thiadeu, G.; Hernandez, K.
Some aspects of water balance indicators in Western central Africa: example of the savannas in the Niari valley (Congo)

EGU05-A-11178;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0076
Depraetere, C.; Gosset, M.; Lawin, E.
Methodological approach of kinematic properties of meso-scale convective system from dense raingauge network: first results and conclusion from the Upper Ouémé hydro meteorological Observatory (Benin)

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