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  Poster Programme - BG2.02 Calibration and validation of marine and terrestrial proxies: from empiricism towards a mechanistic understanding (co-listed in CL, OS & SSP)

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Convener: Bijma, J.
Co-Convener: Lotter, A., Benthien, A., Schulte, S.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 26 April 2005 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 26 April 2005 08:00 -
Tuesday, 26 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-11074;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0113
Gaillard, M.-J.; Sugita, S.; Hellman, S.; Broström, A.
Calibration and validation of pollen poxies: application in quantitative reconstruction of past land-cover 3000 - 0 yrs. BP, southern Sweden

EGU05-A-01037;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0079
True, JD
Stable isotope patterns in Porites corals in the context of biological records of stress events

EGU05-A-00429;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0080
Watanabe, T; Meibom, A; Cuif , C.J; Yokoyama, K; Shirai, K; Juillet-Leclerc, A; Nakamori, T; Sano, Y; Oba, T
Isotopic and trace elemental distributions in daily growth lines of giant clam

EGU05-A-10759;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0081
Hendy, E. J.; Gagan, M. K.; Lough, J. M.
Do coral colony physiology and growth effects influence trace element and stable isotopes variability over decadal-centennial time scales?

EGU05-A-07540;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0082
De Ridder, F.; Pintelon, R.; Schoukens, J.; Gillikin, D.P.; André, L.; Baeyens, W.; De Brauwere, A.; Dehairs, F.
Decoding Nonlinear Growth Rates in Annually Resolved Archives

EGU05-A-07816;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0083
Mubiana, V.K. ; Blust, R.
Exploring the uptake pathways of calcium and some trace elements in the marine bivalve, Mytilus edulis using isolated gill tissues

EGU05-A-10328;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0084
Lazareth, C. E.; Le Cornec, F.; Liétard, C.; Lasne, G.; Pierre, C.; Ortlieb, L.
Interpreting the microstructure and geochemical variations within Protothaca thaca (Mollusca, Bivalvia) shells of Chile and Peru

EGU05-A-04874;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0085
Berry, L.; Sivel, V.; Zandbergen, H.; Willenz, Ph.
Insights into the Skeletal Growth Pattern of the Hypercalcified sponge Petrobiona massiliana

EGU05-A-04881;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0086
Berry, L.; Sivel, V.; Zandbergen, H.; Willenz, Ph.
The Use of Hypercalcified Sponges as Proxy Indicators of Climate Change: Biological Investigations

EGU05-A-06488;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0087
Mercury, L.; Massard, P.; Nakashima, S.
Interpreting the dissolution of bio-minerals by irreversible thermodynamics

EGU05-A-09999;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0088
Souza-Egipsy, V.; De los Rios, A.; Wierzchos, J.; González-Martín, J.A.; Ascaso, C.; García del Cura, M. A.
Differential Mechanisms of Biomineralization and Implications in Fossilization.

EGU05-A-10761;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0089
Kovalevskii, A.L.
Coevolution of biominerals in plants

EGU05-A-00072;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0097
Gillikin, D.P.; Lorrain, A.; Meng, L.; Dehairs, F.; Baeyens, W.; Keppens, E.; CALMARs group, .
Toward a mechanistic understanding of δ13C in the aragonitic bivalve shells of Mercenaria mercenaria

EGU05-A-00073;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0098
Gillikin, D.P.; Dehairs, F.; Steenmans, D. ; Lorrain, A. ; André, L.; Navez, J.; Baeyens , W.; CALMARs group, .
Barium uptake into the shells of the common mussel (Mytilus edulis): results from a field and laboratory experiment

EGU05-A-10003;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0090
Lembke-Jene, L.; Tiedemann, R.; Wallmann, K.; Dullo, C.; Nürnberg, D.; Obzhirov, A.; Biebow, N.
Is Methane-derived Carbon recorded in Benthic Foraminiferal TestsÕ ?13C at Cold Seep Sites? A Case Study from the Okhotsk Sea

EGU05-A-08929;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0091
Filipsson, H.L.; Nordberg, K.
δ18O and δ13C time-series from living (stained) benthic foraminifera from two Skagerrak fjords, Sweden

EGU05-A-02677;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0092
Rozanski, K.; Wachniew, P.; Sikora, R.
Modelling of long-term changes in carbon and oxygen isotopic composition of authigenic calcite in sediments of lake Gosciaz, Poland.

EGU05-A-06415;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0093
Gussone, N.; Böhm, F.; Eisenhauer, A.; Dietzel, M.; Heuser, A.; Teichert, B.M.A; Reitner, J.; Wörheide , G.; Dullo, W.C.
Calcium isotope fractionation in the calcium carbonate polymorphs calcite and aragonite

EGU05-A-05315;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0094
Böhm, F.; Gussone, N.; Eisenhauer, A.; Reynaud, S.; Paytan, A.
Calcium isotopes in corals – influence of temperature and calcification rate

EGU05-A-07096;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0095
Kozdon, R.; Eisenhauer, A.; Hippler, D.; Meland, M.; Weinelt, M.; Groeneveld, J.
A changing d44/40Ca temperature sensitivity of N. pachyderma (sin.) in the Nordic Seas reveals new insights in Mg/Ca temperature overestimations

EGU05-A-01098;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0096
Ranner, H.; Ladriére, O.; Navez, J.; André, L.; Gillikin, D.; Keppens, E.; Dubois, Ph.
Do echinoderms store temperature changes in their skeleton?

EGU05-A-08881;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0099
Bashar, B.; De Ridder, F.; Keppens, E.; Lazareth, C.; Willenz, Ph.; Dehairs, F.; André, L.
Stable Isotopes and Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca Ratios in a Sclerosponge Archive

EGU05-A-01470;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0100
Lorrain, A.; Gillikin, D.P.; Paulet, Y.-M.; Chauvaud, L.; Navez, J.; Lemercier, A.; André, L
Strong kinetics effects on Sr/Ca ratios in the calcitic bivalve Pecten maximus

EGU05-A-04693;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0101
Meert, I. ; Gillikin, D. P.; Dehairs, F.; Ervynck, A.; Hillewaert, B.; Keppens, E.; CALMARs group, .
Environmental conditions of the Belgian coastal area over the past millennium from Mytilus edulis shells: preliminary results

EGU05-A-05731;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0102
Langlet, D.; Alleman, L.; Plisnier, P.-D.; André, L.
Upwelling events in Lake Tanganyika traced by Mn content in bivalve shells

EGU05-A-01123;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0103
Huang, K.F.; You, C.-F.; Lin, H.-L.; Shieh, Y.-Z.; Li, M.-D.
Calibration of Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca in planktonic foraminiferal shells and seawater by time-series sediment trap in the South China Sea

EGU05-A-01611;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0104
Schulte, S.; Brouwer, D.; Benthien, A.
Carbon isotopic composition of C37 alkenones and Strontium/Calcium-ratio in Sediments of the South Atlantic Ocean

EGU05-A-10756;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0105
Conte, M.H.; Sicre, M.-A.; Ruhlemann, C.; Weber, J.C.; Shultz-Bull, D.; Blanz, T.; Schulte, S.
Global calibration of the alkenone unsaturation index using suspended particles from surface waters and comparison with coretop data

EGU05-A-02222;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0106
Descolas, C
Advantages and disavantages of stable carbon isotope ratios measurements on sporopollenin. A mean to characterize physiological types of plants in the past and asssociated CO2 assimilation processes

EGU05-A-03934;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0107
Chikaraishi, Y.; Matsumoto, K.; Kitazato, H.; Ohkouchi, N.
Sources and transformation processes of pheopigments in Lake Haruna, Japan

EGU05-A-04457;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0108
Kirch, A.; Schulz-Bull, D.; Richnow, H.
Isotopic shift of δ13C in early degradation of alkenones

EGU05-A-06551;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0109
Mollenhauer, G.; McManus, J.F.; Benthien, A.; Müller, P.J.; Eglinton, T.I.
Rapid lateral Particle Transport in the Argentine Basin: Th-230 and molecular C-14 Evidence

EGU05-A-10053;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0110
Bendle, J.; Rosell-Melé, A.; Ziveri, P.
Reconstruction of past sea surface salinity with alkenones: calibration and applications

EGU05-A-10201;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0111
Hautevelle, Y.; Michels, R.; Malartre, F.; Trouiller, A.
Vascular plant biomarkers as ancient vegetation proxies and their stratigraphic use for tracing paleoclimatic changes during Jurassic in Western Europe

EGU05-A-06522;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0112
Brewer, S; Williams, J W; Tarasov, P
Tree cover gradients in Europe based on pollen and AVHRR data

EGU05-A-02773;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0114
Eggermont, H.; Heiri, O.; Verschuren, D.
Tracing climate variability in East African lakes with a chironomid-based model for paleosalinity reconstruction

EGU05-A-07487;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0115
Bigler, C.; Grégory-Eaves, I.; Tinner, W.; Hu, F. S.
Comparison of diatom-inferred lake level changes in Alaska using a regional vs. intercontinental diatom calibration set

EGU05-A-00586;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0116
Debret, M.; Desmet, M.; Balsam, W.; Francus, P.; Laj, C.
Spectrophotometer analysis of Holocene sediment from an anoxic fjord: Saanich Inlet, British Columbia, Canada.

EGU05-A-05713;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0117
Sturm, M.; Gählman, V.; Blass, A.; Bühler, R.; Kulbe, T.; Livingstone, D.M.; Margreth, S.; Renberg, I.
Seasonal fluxes of particles and nutrients in mono-pagic lakes of Northern Scandinavia and the Alps

EGU05-A-08203;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0118
Ortu, E.; Brewer, S.; Peyron, O.
Quantitative climate reconstructions in mountain areas: problems and perspectives.

EGU05-A-03652;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0119
Boes, X.; Loutre, M.F; De Batist, M. ; Fagel, N.
Climate-varve significance in Southern Chile (Lago Puyehue, 40°S).

EGU05-A-11067;  BG2.02-1TU1P-0120
Mikova, A.; Stastny, P.; Krekulova, E.
Climatic events in the last decades (1971-2003) and diameter growth of Austrian pine

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