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  Poster Programme - SSP19 Submarine Mass Movements and their Consequences (co-listed in NH)

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Convener: Locat, J.
Co-Convener: Urgeles, R., Mienert, J., Solheim, A., Krastel, S.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: LOCAT, J.

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EGU06-A-00347;  SSP19-1WE3P-0542
Micallef, A.; Masson, D.G.; Berndt, C.; Blondel, P.; Stow, D.A.V
A geomorphological investigation of lateral spreading and translational sliding within the Storegga Slide

EGU06-A-02383;  SSP19-1WE3P-0543
Antobreh, A.A.; Krastel, S.
On the Architecture and geological Development of the Mauritania Slide Complex: new Insights from acoustic and high-resolution seismic Imaging

EGU06-A-03196;  SSP19-1WE3P-0544
Lintern, G.; Hill, P.
Real time monitoring of slope conditions using the VENUS underwater cabled observatory

EGU06-A-03803;  SSP19-1WE3P-0545
Loncke, L.; Droz, L. ; Gaullier, V.; Basile, C. ; Roest, W.; Patriat, M.
Effect of structural inheritance on the distribution and importance of slope instabilities along a passive transform margin. The example of the French Guyana margin.

EGU06-A-06417;  SSP19-1WE3P-0546
Schnieders, L.; Schulz, H. D.; Kölling, M.
Evidence of a 10 – 20 years old mass wasting event off Mauretania proved by pore water chemistry analyses

EGU06-A-07261;  SSP19-1WE3P-0547
Rovere, M.; Argnani, A.; Bonazzi, C.
Tectonics and large-scale mass wasting along the slope of the southern Adriatic basin

EGU06-A-07532;  SSP19-1WE3P-0548
Hodgson, D.M.; Wild, R.J.; van der Merwe, W.; Flint, S.S.; Oliveira, C.M.
Stratigraphic prediction and impact of soft-sediment deformation phenomena in the southwest Karoo Basin, South Africa

EGU06-A-07571;  SSP19-1WE3P-0549
L'Heureux, J.S.; Longva, O.; Hansen, L.; Sand, K.
3D sedimentary architecture of the Nidelva delta (Trondheim, Norway): Implications for regional slope instability assessment (cancelled)

EGU06-A-08389;  SSP19-1WE3P-0550
Strasser, M.; Stegmann, S.; Anselmetti, F.S.; Kopf, A.; Bussmann, F.; Rick, B.
In situ geotechnical measurements and slope stability analyses in Lake Lucerne: From understanding of past to predictions of future slides

EGU06-A-08509;  SSP19-1WE3P-0551
Falorni, G.; Leoni, L.; Catani, F.; Vannucchi, P.
Modeling landslides in a submarine canyon within the upper plate of a subduction zone

EGU06-A-08833;  SSP19-1WE3P-0552
GAULLIER, V.; Cattaneo, A.; Domzig, A.; Déverchère, J.; Yelles, K.; Mercier de Lépinay, B.; Kherroubi, A.; Graindorge, A.; Bracène, R.
Submarine mass movements on the eastern Algerian margin : preliminary results from the MARADJA 2 – Leg 2 cruise (2005)

EGU06-A-09175;  SSP19-1WE3P-0553
Tappin, D; Tyler, P; Moran, K; Copley, J; McMurtry, G
Dating submarine mass failures and relationships to tsunami generation: the use of multibeam bathymetry and seabed images, examples from the Pacific and Indian Oceans

EGU06-A-09370;  SSP19-1WE3P-0554
Stegmann, S; Moerz, T; Kopf, A
In situ - characterisation in marine slope sediments with lightweight CPT instruments

EGU06-A-09743;  SSP19-1WE3P-0555
Barnolas, A.; Samso, J.M.; Gil-Peña, I.
The Eocene South-Pyrenean carbonate gravity flow deposits in the Jaca-Pamplona Basin: Internal structure variability and interpretation

EGU06-A-09809;  SSP19-1WE3P-0556
Sansoucy, M; Locat, J.; Lee, H.; Orange, D.
Assessing the stability conditions of the Cap de Creus, Gulf of Lions, Canyon using limit equilibrium methods.

EGU06-A-10029;  SSP19-1WE3P-0557
Munachen, S. E.
New insights into turbidity current formation from submarine flowslides

EGU06-A-10558;  SSP19-1WE3P-0558
Bosman, A.; Bozzano, F.; Chiocci, F.L.; Mazzanti, P.
1783 Scilla tsunami: first evidences of a submarine landslide as a possible cause

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