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  Poster Programme - B0.2 Mars Exploration: Latest Results and Status of International Cooperation

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MSO: Masson, P.
DO: Saunders, R.
Co-Sponsorship: European Space Agency (ESA)

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 20 July 2006 14:00 - 15:30
Display Time: Monday, 17 July 2006 08:00 -
Saturday, 22 July 2006 19:00
Poster Area: 2 (BIT-TC)

Chairperson: N.N.

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COSPAR2006-A-00796;  B0.2-0008-06
Kochemasov, G. G.
Martian rover "Spirit" discovers basaltic and alkaline rocks with limburgite (basanite) geochemical tendencies characteristic of high standing tectonic blocks of Earth

COSPAR2006-A-02290;  B0.2-0012-06
Witzke, A.; Arnold, G.; Helbert, J.; Maturilli, A.
Investigation of the detectability of sulfates in the 4-5 µm range of Martian remote soil spectra and application to Mars Express/PFS data

COSPAR2006-A-00293;  B0.2-0013-06
de Pablo, M.A.
Geologic cartography of Hecates Tholus volcano, Mars. Geomorphologic analysis by GIS. (cancelled)

COSPAR2006-A-01167;  B0.2-0014-06
Jian, J. J.; Ip, W. H.
The spatial and time distribution of Martian Cryptic Region from Mars Orbiter Camera

COSPAR2006-A-03232;  B0.2-0025-06
Zasova, L.V.
Thermal structure of the Martian atmosphere: seasonal , local time and spatial variation from the PFS/Mars Express data

COSPAR2006-A-03237;  B0.2-0028-06
Korablev , O.; Fedorova, A.; Bertaux, J. L.; Perrier, S.; Reberac, A.; Lefevre, F. ; Montmessin, F.; Rodin, A.
Nadir infrared measurements with SPICAM experiment on Mars-Express

COSPAR2006-A-03684;  B0.2-0032-06
Kartashov, D.; Shchuko, O.; Turchin, V.; Orosei, R.
Direct reconstruction of dielectric constant distribution in upper planetary crust: application to MARSIS radar data

COSPAR2006-A-00387;  B0.2-0039-06
Gudkova, T.V.; Zharkov, V.N.
Effects of inelasticity of the Martian interiors (cancelled)

COSPAR2006-A-00975;  B0.2-0040-06
Trotignon, J. G.; Mazelle, C.; Bertucci, C.; Acuna, M.
Positions and shapes of the Martian plasma boundaries revisited after Phobos 2 and Mars Global Surveyor observations

COSPAR2006-A-03053;  B0.2-0041-06
Andre, M. ; Barabash, S. ; Blomberg, L. G.; Wahlund, J.-E.; Modolo, R. ; Stenberg, G. ; Vaivads, A.
Ionospheric and Atmospheric Outflow from Mars: Identification of Major Plasma Energization Mechanisms

COSPAR2006-A-00300;  B0.2-0042-06
Rzhiga, O. N.
Distortions of the Low Frequency Signal by Martian Ionosphere at Vertical Propagation

COSPAR2006-A-00259;  B0.2-0043-06
De Angelis, G.; Badavi, F.F.; Blattnig, S.R.; Clowdsley, M.S.; Qualls, G.D.; Singleterry, R.C.; Tripathi, R.K.; Wilson, J.W.
Modeling of the Martian radiation environment

COSPAR2006-A-02048;  B0.2-0044-06
Krivolutsky, A.; Vyushkova, T. ; Kuminov, A.
Sensitivity of chemical composition of the atmosphere of Mars to solar energetic particles: first results obtained by photochemical simulations

COSPAR2006-A-00380;  B0.2-0045-06
Wei, H. Y.; Russell, C. T.; Blanco-Cano, X.
Ion cyclotron waves at Mars: Evidence for a fast neutral disk

COSPAR2006-A-03406;  B0.2-0050-06
Nussbaumer, J
Comparative planetary photogeology in Elysium Planitia, Mars: the memory game applied to planetary sciences to identify glaciation, fluvial activity and possible wadden sea conditions on Mars. (cancelled)

COSPAR2006-A-03402;  B0.2-0052-06
Cedillo-Flores, Y; Durand-Manterola, H J
Martian gullies: possible formation mechanism by dry granular material..

COSPAR2006-A-00322;  B0.2-0053-06
de Pablo, M.A.; Bruno, B.C.
Distribution and classification of possible pseudocraters at Elysium and Utopia Planitiae, Mars. (cancelled)

COSPAR2006-A-00450;  B0.2-0054-06
Salamuniccar, G.; Loncaric, S.
Framework for more standardized evaluation of crater detection algorithms

COSPAR2006-A-00946;  B0.2-0061-06
Ulamec, S.; Biele, J.; Lognonne, P.; Mimoun, D.; Spohn, T.
A Geophysics Environmental Package for Mars: Proposed Design for the Exomars Mission

COSPAR2006-A-02802;  B0.2-0062-06
Schibler, P.; Mimoun, D.; Lognonne, P.; Giardini, D.; Pike, W. T.; The Mars SEIS team
The Mars SEIS experiment:: first tests

COSPAR2006-A-00989;  B0.2-0063-06
Otter, S.; Patel, M.R.; Zarnecki, J.C.
In Situ Spectroscopy at the Martian Surface – Modelling and Future Instrumentation

COSPAR2006-A-02354;  B0.2-0064-06
Patel, M.R.; Zarnecki, J.C.; Leese, M.R.; Towner, M.C.; Muller, C.; Depiesse, C.; Moreau, D.; Gillotay, D.; Chakrabarti, S.
The UV-VIS spectrometer for the ExoMars mission

COSPAR2006-A-00336;  B0.2-0065-06
Jonsson, J; Behar, A; Nicaise, F; Lorenz, R
NASA/JPL tumbleweed rover for planetary exploration

COSPAR2006-A-01475;  B0.2-0066-06
Vrancken, D.; De Ridder, M.; Preud'homme, F.; Coste, P.; Durrant, S.
Sealing and Sealing Monitoring System for Mars Sample Return

COSPAR2006-A-01765;  B0.2-0067-06
Buch, A.; Sternberg, R.; F.Mettetal, F.; Szopa, C.; Coscia, D.; Rodier, C.; Coll, P.; Cabane, M.; Raulin, F.; SAM TEAM
Development of a “one-pot” sample preparation procedure for the in situ analysis by GC/MS of textraterrestrial environnements : application to the Sample Analysis at Mars experiment (SAM for MSL 2009)

COSPAR2006-A-01197;  B0.2-0068-06
Talboys, D. L.; Pullan, D.; Wright, I. P.; Verchovsky, A. B.; Kelley, S. P.; Fraser, G. W.; Sims, M.; Pillinger, C. T.
Investigation of the Feasibility of in situ Radiometric Dating on Mars using the Beagle 2 Gas Analysis Package and X-ray Spectrometer

COSPAR2006-A-01245;  B0.2-0069-06
Marzo, G. A.; Bellucci, G.; Fonti, S.; Saggin, B.; Alberti, E.; Altieri, F.; Politi, R.; Zasova, L.; The MIMA Team
MIMA: Mars Infrared MApper – The Fourier spectrometer for the ESA Pasteur/ExoMars rover mission

COSPAR2006-A-02563;  B0.2-0070-06
Barabash, S.; André, M.; Blomberg, L.G.; Lundin, R.; Marklund, G. T.; Rathsman, P.; von Schéele, F.; Wahlund, J.-E.
Mars Orbiting Plasma Surveyor (MOPS)

COSPAR2006-A-03290;  B0.2-0071-06
Blomberg, L. G; Wahlund, J.-E.; Ivchenko, N.; Marklund, G. T.; Cumnock, J. A.; André, M.; Barabash, S.
A field and wave instrument package for MOPS

COSPAR2006-A-01769;  B0.2-0072-06
Sternberg, R; Szopa, C.; Buch, A.; Mettetal, F.; Coscia, D.; Coll, P.; Cabane, M.; Rodier, C.; Vidal-Madjar, C.; Raulin, F.
Gas chromatography for space exploration : application to the in situ analysis of Titan’s atmosphere, comets nucleus and martian soil

COSPAR2006-A-01228;  B0.2-0073-06
Politi, R.; Marzo, G.A.; Blanco, A.; Brunetto, R.; D'Elia, M.; Dinoi, A.; Fonti, S.; Marra, A.C.; Orofino, V.; Verrienti, C.
Planets seen by AstroLe

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