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  Poster Programme - G11/GD12 Geodynamics and Deformation of the Europe-Mediterranean Region (co-organized by GD) (co-sponsored by GD)

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Convener: Nocquet, J.
Co-Convener: Spakman, W.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 25 April 2005 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Monday, 25 April 2005 08:00 -
Monday, 25 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Z

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-01874;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0001
Zeman, A.; Kostelecky, J.; Kostelecky jr., J.
Detection of the deformations on the contact line between African and Euroasian plates from the methods of space geodesy

EGU05-A-01884;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0002
Selim, H. H.; Tüysüz, O.
Evolution of pull-apart basins in the south Marmara region, NW Turkey

EGU05-A-02011;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0003
Çona, A.; Selim, H. H.
Neotectonics of Savastepe-Saribeyler (Balikesir) area, NW Anatolia, Turkey

EGU05-A-02523;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0004
Maniatis, G.; Heinisch, H.; Lempp, Chr.
3D Monitoring of Onshore Active Faults in the Region of the Gulf of Corinth (Greece)

EGU05-A-03373;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0005
Stüwe, K.; Robl, J.
The role of indenter rheology during continental collision

EGU05-A-03790;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0006
Serpelloni, E; Vannucci, G.; Pondrelli, S.; Casula, G.; Anzidei, M.; Galvani, A.; Argnani, A.; Baldi, P.; Gasperini, P.
The complex Africa-Eurasia plate boundary system in the Mediterranean: new kinematics and tectonics constraints from GPS and focal mechanisms data

EGU05-A-05325;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0007
Rambousek, C.; Grasemann, B.; Petrakakis, K.; Iglseder, C.; Zamolyi, A.
Automated image analysisof microstructures from the detachment mylonites of the Serifos Metamorphic Core Complex (Greece)

EGU05-A-05332;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0008
Weber, J. C.; Vrabec, M.; Stopar, B.; Pavlovcic Prešeren, P.; Dixon, T.
New GPS constraints on Adria microplate kinematics, dynamics and rigidity from the Istria peninsula (Slovenia and Croatia)

EGU05-A-05370;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0009
Cesca, S.; Buforn, E.; Dahm, T.
Amplitude spectra moment tensor inversion applied to shallow earthquakes in spain

EGU05-A-05694;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0010
Greku, G; Greku, G
Geodynamic Features and the Earth's Interior Structure of the Europe-Mediterranean Region using the Gravimetric Tomography Method

EGU05-A-05705;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0011
Pavlis, E. C.; Evans, K.; Mertikas, S. P.
Tectonic motion monitoring at the altimeter calibration facility on Gavdos, Crete, Greece

EGU05-A-06408;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0012
Buforn, E.; Martín Dávila, J.; Susagna, T.; Goded, T.; Gárate, J.; Muńoz, D.; del Fresno, C.; Pazos, A.; Macau, A.
The ERSE PROJECT: preliminary results

EGU05-A-06735;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0013
Mantovani, E. ; Viti, M. ; Albarello, D.; Babbucci, D. ; Mugnaioli, E.
Nubia-Eurasia kinematics from North Atlantic and Mediterranean constraints

EGU05-A-07159;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0014
Ergintav, S.; Dogan, U.; Gerstenecker, C.; Demirel, H.; Cakmak, R.; Belgen, A.; Tiede, C.; Erenoglu, C.
Monitoring of recent crustal movements in the Marmara region, Turkey, using GPS and gravity observations

EGU05-A-07211;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0015
Scalera, G.
Are subduction zones actually mantle wedges upduction? – A new interpretation of the Mediterranean arcs

EGU05-A-07607;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0016
Floyd, M; Nocquet, J.-M.; Billiris, H.; Paradissis, D.; England, P.
Preliminary results from the COMET CGPS Network in Greece

EGU05-A-07725;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0017
Cakir, Z.; Meghraoui, M.; Akoglu, A.; Jabour, N.; Belabbes, S.; Ait-Brahim, L.
Surface deformation associated with the Al Hoceima (Morocco) earthquake (Mw 6.4, 24/02/04) deduced from InSAR: implications for the active tectonics along North Africa

EGU05-A-07839;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0018
Cakir, Z.; Akoglu, A.; Belabbes, S.; Ergintav, S.; Meghraoui, M.
Mapping Fault Creep along the North Anatolian Fault (Turkey) using InSAR

EGU05-A-07859;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0019
Missenard, Y.; Zeyen, H.; Leturmy, P.; Petit, C.; Sébrier, M.; Frizon de Lamotte, D.
Tectonic versus lithospheric origins of the relief of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

EGU05-A-08249;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0020
Ferraro, C.; Sciarretta, C.; Devoti , R.; Bianco, G.; Vespe, F.
European velocity field from several GPS solutions

EGU05-A-08518;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0021
Biggs, J; Wright, T; Parsons, B
InSAR Observations of the M 6.5 2004 and The M 6.0 1994 Al Hoceima, Morocco earthquakes

EGU05-A-08524;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0022
Wortel, M.J.R; van Bergen, M.J. ; van de Zedde, D.M.A; Spakman, W.
From geodynamics to magmatism: Subduction zone evolution, continental collision and post-collisional magmatism in Italy

EGU05-A-08578;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0023
Wölfler, A.; Reiter, A.; Rabitsch, R.; Gaich, H.; Kurz, W.; Fritz, H.
Structual, metamorphic and thermal evolution of the southwestern margin of the Tauern Window (Lappach, Southtyrol): Evidence from structual, petrologic and stable isotopic investigations.

EGU05-A-08764;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0024
Wölfler, A.; Dunkl, I.; Spiegel, C.; Dekant, C.; Putis, M.; Frisch, W.
New fission track thermochronological investigations in the Austroalpine units to the southeastern border of the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps, Austria)

EGU05-A-08972;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0025
Aoudia, A.; Riva, R.; THE ALPS-GPS TEAM
The Alpine Integrated CGPS Network EU Project.

EGU05-A-09072;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0026
Ravaglia, A.; Seno, S.; Toscani, G.; Fantoni, R.
Subsurface contractional structures of the Southern Alps under the Po Plain, Italy: insights from sandbox models

EGU05-A-09280;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0027
Tavakoli, F.; Walpersdorf, A.; Nankali, H.R.; Hatzfeld, D.; Tatar, M.; Nilforoushan, F.; Cotte, N.
First evaluation of the present day strike-slip rate on the Kazerun fault system in the Zagros(Iran)

EGU05-A-09323;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0028
Dani?ík, M.; Kuhlemann, J.; Székely, B.; Dunkl, I.; Frisch, W.
Tertiary evolution of Corsica - inferred from fission track analysis applied on elevated paleosurfaces.

EGU05-A-09335;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0029
Govers, R.; Langebroek, P.; van der Hoeven , A.; Spakman , W.; Ambrosius , B.
What’s moving Vrancea?

EGU05-A-09422;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0030
Oberhaensli, R.; Rimmele, G.; Candan, O.; Okay, A.
Relics of high - pressure metamorphism in the Bitlis massif ( E Turkey)

EGU05-A-09658;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0031
Reeh, G
Gravity and magnetic investidation at the Gabes-Tripoli Basin.

EGU05-A-06874;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0032
Viti, M.; Mini, S. ; Babbucci, D.; Tamburelli, C.; Cenni, N.; Albarello, D.; Mantovani, E.
Geodynamics of the Calabrian Arc and Southern Apennines: insights from numerical modelling

EGU05-A-10033;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0033
Iglseder, C.; Grasemann, B.; Petrakakis, K. ; Thöni, M.; Klötzli, U.; Zamolyi, A.; Rambousek, C.
Serifos: New Constraints on Cycladic Exhumation and Magmatism - Implications for Aegean Geodynamics

EGU05-A-10318;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0034
GEODAC, -.; Zerbini, S.
GEODAC: A service to support geodynamic studies along the Eurasia-Nubia plate boundary

EGU05-A-10337;  G11/GD12-1MO5P-0035
Ambrosius, B.; Simons, W.; Vigny, C.; Socquet, A.; Abu, S.; Satirapod, Ch.; Hashizume, M.; Subarya, C.
GPS measurements in SE Asia: Sundaland motion and deformation before and after the December 26, 2004, magnitude 9.0 earthquake

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