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  Poster Programme - SM7 Groundshaking scenarios, ground motion models and site effects (co-listed in NH)

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Convener: Cotton, F.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 3 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Monday, 3 April 2006 08:00 -
Monday, 3 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: COTTON, F.

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EGU06-A-07038;  SM7-1MO4P-0343
Parolai, S.; Richwalski, S. M.; Zschau, J.; Durukal, E.; Özel , O.; Birgören, G.; Ansal, A.; Erdik, M.
Project ‘Megacity Istanbul’: Estimation of site effects and ground motion scenarios

EGU06-A-08611;  SM7-1MO4P-0344
Di Giulio, G.; Calderoni, G.; Cara, F.; Fracassi, U.; Improta, L.; Lancieri, M.; Milana, G.; Rovelli, A.; Valensise, G.; Zollo, A.
Estimates of ground motions in the Phlegraen Fields produced by potential seismogenic sources of major interest for the city of Naples, Italy

EGU06-A-08159;  SM7-1MO4P-0345
Zare, M.
A Comprehensive Seismic Hazard Zoning of Iran

EGU06-A-09103;  SM7-1MO4P-0346
Luzón, F.; Pérez-Ruiz, J.A.; García-Jerez, A.; Navarro, M.; Posadas, A.
Geophysical characterization of the Zafarraya Basin (south of Spain) and modelling of its seismic response for incident elastic waves

EGU06-A-09163;  SM7-1MO4P-0347
Oprsal, I.; Zahradnik, J.
The Turkey-Flat strong motion "blind" prediction experiment

EGU06-A-10042;  SM7-1MO4P-0348
Harmandar, E.; Durukal, E.; Erdik, M. ; Ozel, O.
Spatial variation of ground motion in Istanbul: preliminary results based on data from the Istanbul earthquake rapid response system

EGU06-A-10043;  SM7-1MO4P-0349
Durukal, E.; Gunduz, A.S; Sanli, B. ; Sorensen, M.; Richwalski, S.; Sesetyan, K.; Atakan, K.; Madariaga, R.; Wang, R.
A ‘benchmarking’ exercise on the performance of kinematic ground motion simulation codes

EGU06-A-01248;  SM7-1MO4P-0350
Sokolov, V.; Bonjer, K-P.; Wenzel, F.; Radulian, M.; Grecu, B.
Site-specific probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for Romania and Bucharest caused by deep seismicity in Vrancea zone

EGU06-A-02628;  SM7-1MO4P-0351
Carniel, R.; Barazza, F.; Malisan, P.
Innovative techniques to improve Nakamura spectral ratio method for site effect estimation

EGU06-A-03608;  SM7-1MO4P-0352
Grecu, B.; Radulian, M.; Popa, M.; Bonjer, K.-P.; Bala, A.; Raileanu, V.; Tataru, D.
Site effects in Romania based on ambient vibration measurements and small earthquake recordings

EGU06-A-04206;  SM7-1MO4P-0353
Bonnefoy-Claudet, S.; Kristeková, M.; Kristek, J.; Moczo, P.; Di Giulio, G.; Rovelli, A.
Site effects in Colfiorito basin (central Italy) observed from joint accurate time frequency and high resolution array analysis

EGU06-A-05684;  SM7-1MO4P-0354
Giampiccolo, E.; Langer, H.; Patanč, D.; Tusa, G.
Peak ground motion attenuation relationship at Mount Etna volcano (Italy)

EGU06-A-06377;  SM7-1MO4P-0355
Richwalski, S. M.; Oprsal, I.; Parolai, S.; Mucciarelli, M.; Wang, R.; Gallipoli, M. R.
3D hybrid modelling of site effects in Tricarico (Italy)

EGU06-A-07028;  SM7-1MO4P-0356
Bindi, D.; Parolai, S.; Durukal, E.; Görgün, E.; Bohnhoff, M.; Grosser, H.; Milkereit, C.
Ground motion models for north-western Turkey using the 1999 Izmit aftershocks

EGU06-A-07200;  SM7-1MO4P-0357
Bindi, D.; Parolai, S.; Görgün, E.; Bohnhoff, M.; Grosser, H.; Milkereit, C.; Durukal, E.
Aftershocks of the Mw 7. 4, 1999 Izmit earthquake: hypocentre determination and local magnitude calibration

EGU06-A-06433;  SM7-1MO4P-0358
Ritter, J.R.R; Balan, S.F.; Bartlakowski, J.; Diehl, T.; Jaskolla, B.; Sebe, O.; Sudhaus, H.; Wenzel, F.
URS - URban Seismology in Bucharest, Romania

EGU06-A-04173;  SM7-1MO4P-0359
Kohrs-Sansorny, C.; Courboulex, F.; Bertrand, E.; Deschamps, A.
Small earthquakes summation for a better estimation of the seismic hazard in the south-east of France

EGU06-A-02863;  SM7-1MO4P-0360
Oth, A.; Wenzel, F.; Radulian, M.
A source parameter study of the October 27th, 2004 Vrancea (Romania) earthquake from empirical Green's functions modeling

EGU06-A-01831;  SM7-1MO4P-0361
Grandin, R.; Borges, J. F.; Caldeira, B.; Bezzeghoud, M.; Carrilho, F.; Oliveira, C. S.
Strong ground motion in southern Portugal due to the 1755 Lisbon earthquake

EGU06-A-07405;  SM7-1MO4P-0362
Yudakhin, F.N.; Kapustian , N.K.; Antonovskaya , G.N.; Shakhova , E.V.
Research of geodynamic processes on natural model of block medium

EGU06-A-07511;  SM7-1MO4P-0363
Yudakhin, F.N.; Kapustian, N. K.; Antonovskaya, G. N.; Shakhova, E. V.
Research of geodynamic processes on natural model of block medium

EGU06-A-08121;  SM7-1MO4P-0364
Zare, M.
Towards an Integrated Seismic Hazard Zoning Map for South Asia

EGU06-A-04670;  SM7-1MO4P-0365
Convertito, V.; De Matteis, R.; Cantore, L.; Lancieri, M. ; Zollo, A. ; Iannaccone, G.
Real time ground shaking scenarios for early-warning applications in the Campania Region, Southern Apennines, Italy.

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