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  Poster Programme - ST6 The time varying Sun

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Convener: Amory-Mazaudier Christine, C.
Co-Convener: Schröder, W., Gregori, G.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 19 April 2007 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Thursday, 19 April 2007 08:00 -
Thursday, 19 April 2007 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: AMORY-MAZAUDIER, C.

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EGU2007-A-00624;  ST6-1TH3P-0784
Cornélissen, G; Halberg, F; Otsuka, K
Do heliogeomagnetics override the effect of a harsh winter? No calendar year but non-photic transyear and cishalfyear components characterize sudden cardiac death (SCD) in Minnesota

EGU2007-A-01687;  ST6-1TH3P-0785
Mirmomeni, M.; Lucas, C.; Nadjar Araabi, B.
Long-term prediction of solar activity using spectral analysis and multi input multi output neuro-fuzzy models

EGU2007-A-01688;  ST6-1TH3P-0786
Mirmomeni, M.; Lucas, C.; Shafiee, M.; Nadjar Araabi, B.
Solar activity forecasting using spectral analysis and fuzzy descriptor models

EGU2007-A-00584;  ST6-1TH3P-0787
Kuznetsova, T.
The time varying Sun in the solar wind velocity and in the Inteplanetary Magnetic Field in near Earth space

EGU2007-A-02571;  ST6-1TH3P-0788
Solar Wind auroras and comets during the Maunder-minimum

EGU2007-A-03625;  ST6-1TH3P-0789
Flatjord, J. R.; Østgaard, N.
The characteristics of theta aurora and implications for its production mechanisms

EGU2007-A-05520;  ST6-1TH3P-0790
Komitov, B.
The Sun's variability during last 2200 years by historical data: The solar wind and sunspots

EGU2007-A-06538;  ST6-1TH3P-0791
Demetrescu, C.; Dobrica, V.
Long-term variations in the external ingredients of the geomagnetic field

EGU2007-A-06043;  ST6-1TH3P-0792
Wang, X.; Wurz, P.; Bochsler, P.; Klecker, B.; Inpavich, F.
Solar wind composition and charge states with different solar magnetic activity

EGU2007-A-04547;  ST6-1TH3P-0793
Hnat, B.; Chapman, S. C.; Kiyani, K.; Rowlands, G.; Watkins, N. W.
On the fractal nature of the magnetic field energy density in the solar wind

EGU2007-A-07046;  ST6-1TH3P-0794
Rezaei Yousefi, M. M.; Vahabie, H.; Falahi, M.; Lucas, C.; Nadjar Araabi, B.
Input selection based on mutual information for solar activity prediction

EGU2007-A-09127;  ST6-1TH3P-0795
Barkin, Yu.V.
Inversion model of the Sun shape varying

EGU2007-A-00275;  ST6-1TH3P-0796
Dimitrijevic, M.S.
Variations of the Solar irradiation of the Earth and Milutin Milankovic

EGU2007-A-10986;  ST6-1TH3P-0797
Halberg, F.; Cornélissen, G.; Sothern, R.; Mikulecky, M.; Kovac, M.; Florida, P.; Watanabe, Y.; Otsuka, K.; Mazaudier, C.; Schroeder, W.
Solar wind's ~15-month cycle's signature in the human blood circulation: partly built-in, partly driven?

EGU2007-A-02278;  ST6-1TH3P-0798
Tavares, M .; Azevedo, A.
Hazard natural events and consequent connections with the solar flares during last three solar cycles

EGU2007-A-04849;  ST6-1TH3P-0799
Ouattara, F.; Amory-Mazaudier, C.; Legrand, J-P.; Simon, P.
On the geomagnetic activity change from 1900 to 2000

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