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  Poster Programme - CR2 Open session on permafrost (co-listed in CL, GM & NH)

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Convener: Gruber, S.
Co-Convener: Etzelmueller, B.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y


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EGU06-A-05319;  CR2-1TU2P-0362
Romanovsky, V.; Smith, S.; Brown, J. ; Humlum, O.; Marchenko, S.
The Thermal State of Permafrost: A Contribution to the International Polar Year (solicited)

EGU06-A-09828;  CR2-1TU2P-0363
Sueyoshi, T.; Ikeda, A.; Matsuoka, N.; Ishii, T.
Thermal state of degrading permafrost in the source region of Yellow River, China.

EGU06-A-01616;  CR2-1TU2P-0364
Sharkhuu, A.; Sharkhuu, N.; Etzelmuller, B.; Heggem, E.; Nelson, F.; Shiklomanov, N.I.; Goulden, C.
Monitoring of Permafrost in the Hovsgol Mountain Region, Mongolia

EGU06-A-01631;  CR2-1TU2P-0365
Etzelmüller, B.; Goulden, C.; Ariuntsetseg, L.; Nandintsetseg, B.; Avirmed, O.; Batkhishik, O.; Sharkhuu, A.; Sharkhuu, N.
Permafrost thermal properties and thaw and its relationship to soil and plant cover characteristics at Lake Hövsgöl, Mongolia.

EGU06-A-01628;  CR2-1TU2P-0366
Etzelmüller, B. ; Farbrot, H.; Schuler, T. V.; Guðmunðsson, A.; Humlum, O.
Permafrost distribution and ground temperatures in Iceland - evidence for wide-spread mountain permafrost in a highly oceanic climate

EGU06-A-04226;  CR2-1TU2P-0367
Kneisel, Ch.; Sæmundsson, T.; Beylich, A.A.
Permafrost environments in central Iceland

EGU06-A-09982;  CR2-1TU2P-0368
Kellerer-Pirklbauer, A.; Farbrot, H.; Etzelmüller, B.
The potential of volcanic eruptions for permafrost aggregation: Hekla volcano in Iceland

EGU06-A-01982;  CR2-1TU2P-0369
Harris, C.; Luetschg, M.; Cleall, P.; Butterfield, K.; Thomas, H.
Modelling mass movement on periglacial slopes (solicited)

EGU06-A-02982;  CR2-1TU2P-0370
Couture, R.; Riopel, S.
Regional landslide mapping in a permafrost environment: landslide inventory database and case studies in the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories, Canada (solicited)

EGU06-A-08570;  CR2-1TU2P-0371
Brulhet, J.; van Vliet Lanoë, B.; Teles , V.
Modelling of permafrost penetration, permafrost properties over one climate cycle on the Meuse/Haute-Marne underground laboratory site, East of France

EGU06-A-07524;  CR2-1TU2P-0372
Kääb, A.; Frauenfelder, R.; Roer, I.
Response of rockglacier creep to surface temperature variations: models, observations, consequences

EGU06-A-06929;  CR2-1TU2P-0373
Bodin, X.; Schoeneich, P.; Fort, M.
The use of topoclimatic data to derive ground surface temperature during winter equilibrium period: permafrost distribution prediction on the Combeynot Massif, French Alps. (cancelled)

EGU06-A-06652;  CR2-1TU2P-0374
Belò, M.; D'Agata, C.; Guglielmin, M.; Smiraglia, C.
The use of GPS measurements to define the surface morphology of a rock glacier. The case of Foscagno Rock Glacier (Italian Central Alps)

EGU06-A-04718;  CR2-1TU2P-0375
Hausmann, H.; Krainer, K.; Brückl, E.; Mostler, W.
Dynamics of Alpine rock glaciers in the context of global warming

EGU06-A-01856;  CR2-1TU2P-0376
Nyenhuis, M.
Modeling alpine permafrost distribution using rock glacier inventory data and logistic regression analysis

EGU06-A-02585;  CR2-1TU2P-0377
Damm, B.; Langer, M.
Rockglacier Surface Kinematics over a 50-years Period - Examples from the South Tyrolean Alps (Italy)

EGU06-A-09446;  CR2-1TU2P-0378
Vieira, G.; Hauck, C.; Gruber, S.; Blanco, J.J.; Ramos, M.
Geophysical surveying for permafrost research in the Maritime Antarctic. First results from Livingston and Deceptions Islands.

EGU06-A-05855;  CR2-1TU2P-0379
Sokratov, S.A.; Golubev, V.N.; Rzhanitsyn, G.A.; Shishkov, A.V.
Possible mechanism of tabular ice formation

EGU06-A-05096;  CR2-1TU2P-0380
Leibman, M.O.; Kizyakov, A.I.
Massive ground ice and corresponding relief in the Kara sea region

EGU06-A-00454;  CR2-1TU2P-0381
Ulrich , M.; Grosse , G.; Schirrmeister , L.; Heinrich , J.
Characteristics and spectral properties of periglacial landforms in the lena delta, arctic russia

EGU06-A-01439;  CR2-1TU2P-0382
Glover, PWJ
Increased domestic radon exposure caused by permafrost thawing due to global climate change

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