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  Oral Programme - HS2 Estimation of soil moisture at the regional and global scale using field experiments, remote sensing and land surface modelling (co-listed in AS & CL) (co-sponsored by iLEAPS)

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Convener: de Rosnay, P.
Co-Convener: Wigneron, J., van den Hurk, B., Schwank, M.

Friday, 29 April 2005

Lecture Room: Lecture Room 20 (C)

Chairperson: DE ROSNAY, P. & ROBOCK, A.

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13:30 - 13:45
EGU05-A-05781;  HS2-1FR3O-001
Zeng, N; Yoon, J
A novel method in estimating basin-scale soil moisture variability

13:45 - 14:00
EGU05-A-04780;  HS2-1FR3O-002
van der Schrier, G.; Briffa, K. R.; Jones, P.D.
Summer moisture variability across Europe, 1901-2002: an analysis based on the self-calibrating Palmer Drought Severity Index

14:00 - 14:15
EGU05-A-06498;  HS2-1FR3O-003
Pathe, C.; Wagner, W.
Scaling Effects observed in in-situ Soil Moisture and Remote Sensing Data over an semi-arid Region in Spain

14:15 - 14:30
EGU05-A-01888;  HS2-1FR3O-004
Ludwig, R.; Löw, A.; Mauser, W.
Surface soil moisture retrieval from ASAR imagery to support multiscale hydrological model applications in Global Change research

14:30 - 14:45
EGU05-A-04475;  HS2-1FR3O-005
Kerr, Y.; de Rosnay, P.; Escorihuela, M.-J; Wigneron, J.-P.; Pellarin, T.; Calvet, J.-C.; Wurteisen, P.; Berger, M.; Cabot, F.
Estimation of soil moisture from SMOS data: methods and approaches, first results (solicited)

14:45 - 15:00
EGU05-A-04359;  HS2-1FR3O-006
Hanasaki, N.; Dirmeyer, P.; Gao, X.; Oki, T.
The current status of the Second Global Soil Wetness Project (GSWP-2) (solicited)

Coffee Break

Chairperson: KERR, Y. & ZRIBI, M.

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15:30 - 15:45
EGU05-A-07118;  HS2-1FR4O-001
Drusch, M.; Wilker, H.; Wood, E.F.; Gao, H.
On the impact of microwave observations on analysed soil moisture and turbulent surface fluxes (solicited)

15:45 - 16:00
EGU05-A-01282;  HS2-1FR4O-002
Robock, A.; Li, H.; Mu, M.; Vinnikov, K. Y.
Evaluation of Reanalysis Soil Moisture Simulations Using Newly Updated Soil Moisture Observations from the Ukraine and China (solicited)

16:00 - 16:15
EGU05-A-07686;  HS2-1FR4O-003
de Rosnay, P; Kerr, Y; Wigneron, J.P.; Calvet, J.C.; Lemaître, F.; Escorihuela, M.J.; Munoz Sabater, J.; Saleh, K.; SMOSREX Team
SMOSREX: A Long Term Field Campaign Experiment for Soil Moisture and Land Surface Processes Remote Sensing

16:15 - 16:30
EGU05-A-04023;  HS2-1FR4O-004
Calvet, J.-C.; Munoz Sabater, J.; Vogt, V.; Wigneron, J.-P.; Kerr, Y.; de Rosnay, P.; Prigent, C.; Pellarin, T.
Demonstration of the assimilation of the future SMOS data by using field and airborne campaigns (solicited)

16:30 - 16:45
EGU05-A-08514;  HS2-1FR4O-005
Seneviratne, S.I. ; Reichle, R.H. ; Koster, R.D.; Hirschi, M.
Assimilation of basin-scale estimates of terrestrial water storage variations in a catchment-based land surface model (solicited)

16:45 - 17:00
EGU05-A-02972;  HS2-1FR4O-006
Rüdiger, C.; Walker, J.P.; Kalma, J.D.; Willgoose, G.R.; Houser, P.R.
Assimilation of Streamflow and Surface Soil Moisture Observations into a Land Surface Model


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