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  Oral Programme - SSP2 Shallow to Deep-Water Marine Carbonate Systems

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Convener: Reijmer, J.
Co-Convener: Immenhauser, A., Samankassou, E.

Monday, 25 April 2005

Lecture Room: Lecture Room 2

Chairperson: REIJMER, J.J.G.

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15:30 - 16:00
EGU05-A-05986;  SSP2-1MO4O-001
Crevello, P.; Posamentier, H.; Warmath , A.; Laurin, P.
Paleo-geomorphology of Carbonate Systems: Unraveling Sedimentary Geobodies and Facies from Karst Overprint (solicited)

16:00 - 16:15
EGU05-A-07412;  SSP2-1MO4O-002
Fournier, F.; Borgomano, J.; Montaggioni, L.
Development history of a Tertiary shallow water carbonate system (Malampaya, offshore Palawan, Philippines): a new record from high-resolution 3D seismic and well data

16:15 - 16:30
EGU05-A-00102;  SSP2-1MO4O-003
Immenhauser, A.
High-rate sea-level change during the Mesozoic: New approaches to an old problem (solicited)

16:30 - 16:45
EGU05-A-02565;  SSP2-1MO4O-004
The last deglacial sea level rise in the South Pacific : offshore drilling in Tahiti (French Polynesia) – I.O.D.P. Expedition “Tahiti sea level” (solicited)

16:45 - 17:00
EGU05-A-10414;  SSP2-1MO4O-005
Droxler, A. W.; Belopolsky, A. V.; Camoin, G.
Mid Brunhes origin of modern atolls: a model developed in the Maldives and Mururoa atolls (solicited)

Coffee Break

Chairperson: IMMENHAUSER, A.

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17:30 - 17:45
EGU05-A-00741;  SSP2-1MO5O-001
Reuning, L.; Reijmer, J.; Mattioli, E.
Emerging cycles: Diagenesis caught in the act

17:45 - 18:00
EGU05-A-03710;  SSP2-1MO5O-002
Kenter, J.; Harris, P.
Web-based Outcrop Digital Analog Database (WODAD): A Public Relational Database Archiving Carbonate Platform Margins in the Geological Record (solicited)

18:00 - 18:15
EGU05-A-07728;  SSP2-1MO5O-003
Mutti, M.; Weissert, H.; Rasser, M.; Scheibner, C.
Linking Biocalcification to the Global Carbon Cycle: Carbonate Systems during the Paleogene (solicited)

18:15 - 18:30
EGU05-A-06855;  SSP2-1MO5O-004
Wilmsen, M.; Fürsich, F. T.; Seyed-Emami, K.
The Callovian-Kimmeridgian (Jurassic) Carbonate Platform Phase of northern and east-central Iran

18:30 - 18:45
EGU05-A-08386;  SSP2-1MO5O-005
Stemmerik, L.
Depositional model for mixed carbonate-siliciclastic deposition on a wave-dominated ramp,

18:45 - 19:00
EGU05-A-03982;  SSP2-1MO5O-006
j. Gari, j. G.; j. m. Philip, j. m.
Late Cretaceous heterozoan carbonates: palaeoenvironmental setting, relationships with rudist carbonates (Provence, South-East France).


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