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  Information - PS4.0 Outer planets and satellites

Event Information
This session will include solicited, contributed and poster papers with
the focus on observations from the earth and spacecraft, together with
papers on theoretical interpretations, results of modelling and pertinent
laboratory measurements. Neutral atmospheres and their relationship to
surface, interior and magnetospheres of the outer planetary systems will
be emphasized. Presentations on new results from the Cassini-Huygens and
Galileo missions and from earth-based observations will receive special

Objects included in the session are the giant planets, Titan, Triton,
Enceladus, Galilean satellites with atmospheres and Pluto. Comparative
planetology approach is encouraged, where applicable.

Abstracts on rings and icy satellites without atmosphere should be
sent to Session PS3.1.

Preliminary List of Solicited Speakers
Atreya, S.K.; Lunine, J.I.; Niemann, H.B.; Wilson, E.H.
Where have Titanís ethane oceans gone?

Baines, K.; Momary, T.; Roos-Serote, M.; Showman, A.; Atreya, S.; Brown, R.; Buratti, B.; Clark, R.; Nicholson, P.
Saturnís zonal structure at depth: Dimensional characteristics and constraints on temporal variability over 3 years of Cassini/VIMS mapping

Coustenis, A.; The CIRS Investigation Team, The TandEM Consortium,
Titanís chemical composition from current and future exploration

Davies, A. G.; Matson, D. L.; Castillo, J. C.; Johnson, T. V.; Sotin, C.
Cryolava Emplacement on Titan and Resulting Morphology: Modelling Strategy

Encrenaz, Th.; Owen, T.
Jupiter and the Giant Planets

Flasar, F. M.; Schinder, P. J.; Marouf, E. A.; Achterberg, R. K.; French, R. G.; McGhee, C. A.; Kliore, A. J.; Rappaport, N. J.
The thermal structure of Titanís atmosphere

Jaumann, R.; VIMS Titan Team
Erosion on Titan

Johnson, T.;
Geophysics of icy Saturnian satellites

Khurana, K. K.; Mitchell, D. G.; Arridge, C.S.; Dougherty, M. K.; Russell, C. T.; Paranicas, C.; Krupp, N.
The mystery of rotational signals from Saturnís magnetosphere revealed

Lebreton, J.-P.
Recent Results On Titan From Huygens

Lopes, R.M.; Stofan, E.R.; Wood, C.; Radebaugh, J.; Kirk, R.; Lorenz, R.; Lunine, J.; Wall, S.D.; Mitchell, K.L.; Mitri, G.
New views of Titanís surface geology from the Cassini RADAR

Lorenz, R.; Waite, J. H.
Key Titan Science Drivers for the Titan Explorer and TandEM Missions

Orton, G.; Encrenaz, T. ; Leyrat, C.; Pantin, E.; Fletcher, L.; Moses, J.; Burgdorf, M.; Meadows, V.; Mainzer, A.; Hammel, H.
Mid-infrared Imaging of Uranus from the VLT and spectroscopy from the Spitzer IRS

Sotin, C.; Le Corre, L.; LeMouelic, S.; Barnes, J.W.; Brown, R.H.; Jaumann, R.; Soderblom, J.; Baines, K.; Buratti, B.; Clark, R.
CASSINI/VIMS observations of cryo-volcanic features on Titan: implications for the methane cycle

Waite, J.H.
Titan and Enceladus: Through the Eyes of the Cassini Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer

West, R
Clouds and Haze on Saturn


General Statement
The information contained hereafter has been compiled and uploaded by the Session Organizers via the "Organizer Session Form". The Session Organizers have therefore the sole responsibility that this information is true and accurate at the date of publication, and the conference organizer cannot accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be made, and he makes no warranty, expressed or implied, with regard to the material published.

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