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  Information - G6 Geodetic and Geodynamic Programmes of the CEI (Central European Initiative)

Event Information

Reasons for the inclusion of the session
“Geodetic and Geodynamic Programmes of the CEI”
into the programme of the EGU General Assembly,
Vienna, Austria, 2-7 April 2006

• CEI Section C has launched lately several new programmes specific for the area of Central Europe;

• CERGOP-2 (Central Europe Geodynamics Project) – second phase of the Project CERGOP (establishment of the GPS reference network of 65 stations covering the area of Central Europe); project supported financially by EC as a CERGOP-2/Environment (A multipurpose and interdisciplinary sensor array for environmental research in Central Europe) Project; involved about 150 scientists from 14 countries.

• intensive work of 10 CERGOP-2 workpackages (subprojects) and seven subgroups of the CERGOP-2 workpackages “Geodynamics of Central Europe”; they concern the following European regions:
• Eastern Alps and the North and Eastern Adriatic,
• Plate kinematics in Romania,
• Pannonian Basin,
• Croatian Plitvice Lakes,
• Tatra Mountains (project “Tatra without border”),
• Northern Carpathians and
• Balkan Peninsula;

• post-UNIGRACE action - Unification of Gravity Systems in Central and Eastern European countries and studies of gravity time variations at the gravimetric observatories in Central Europe in CEI countries. The action is related to the IAG/EUREF Projects "EUVN densification action" and "ECGN Project".

• creation of CEGRN Consortium (Central European GPS Reference Network) of institutions contributing to the creation and maintenance of the GPS reference network in Central Europe; the Consortium is also a seedbed of new European projects and initiatives;

• Several programmes of cross-border and local geodetic and geodynamic projects;

• Results of geodynamic studies of the CEI Section C “Geodesy” are conveyed to the IAG Permanent Group „Geodynamics of Central Europe” and to the IAG Subcommission “Crustal Deformation”. Presentation of these results at the EGU Symposia and related discussions can be considered as a “scientific review” of the results;

• Very active work of two CEI Section C "Geodesy" Working Groups on "University Education Standards" and on "Satellite Navigation Systems" is presented every year at the EGS/EGU sessions;

• Presentation of papers and publication in the symposium proceedings from a renowned scientific event is a good reference for any request for financial support from national sources asked by institutions realising the CEI scientific projects. This is a crucial problem for some institutions from Central and Eastern European countries.

• The EGS sessions “Geodetic and Geodynamic Programmes of the CEI (Central European Initiative)” have been organised at the EGS/EGU General Assemblies since 1997 and were organised as

1997: Session G14, Vienna, Austria, 21-25 April 1997;
1998: Session G16, Nice, France, 20-24 April 1998;
1999: Session G4, The Hague, The Netherlands, 19-23 April 1999;
2000: Session G12, Nice, France, 24-29 April 2000;
2001: Session G 9, Nice, France, 26-30 March 2001;
2002: Session G10, Nice, France, 22-26 April 2002;
2003: Session G 17 Nice, France, 6-12 April 2003;
2004: Session G11 Nice, France, 25-30 April 2004
2005: Session G9 Vienna, Austria, 24-30 April 2005

The EGU Session G6 “GEODETIC AND GEODYNAMIC PROGRAMMES OF THE CEI (Central European Initiative)” will give a good opportunity to present results of scientific studies and investigations in geodesy and geodynamics of all geoscientists from Central Europe and in particular to present progress reports and review of all geodetic and geodynamic projects realised in the frame of international cooperation of 17 countries assembled within the Central European Initiative (CEI).
Papers covering the following activities are particularly welcome: Programme CERGOP (Central Europe Regional Geodynamics Project), actions of CEGRN (Central European GPS Reference Network) Consortium, EC Project CERGOP-2/Environment workpackages, post-UNIGRACE (Unification of Gravity System in Central and Eastern Europe) action and the Working Groups of the CEI Section C "Geodesy" (WG on Satellite Navigation Systems and on University Education Standards), projects of new EUREF (European Reference Frame) and EUVN (European Unified Vertical Network) campaigns in CEI countries, new role and contribution of permanent GPS stations to the maintenance of the geodetic reference frame in Central Europe, determination of geoid in this region as well as results of cooperation among universities of CEI countries.

It will be a good chance to inform the broad community of geophysicists, geodesists and all other specialists in Earth sciences on results of your research related to the CEI international projects and actions such as geodynamical studies based on permanent satellite GPS observations, establishment and maintenance of satellite navigation systems, precise determination of the (quasi) geoid, various interesting applications of satellite positioning system GPS and others.

Oral and poster sessions are foreseen; a session of short oral announcements of all posters is planned.

Preliminary List of Solicited Speakers
CERGOP-2/Environment by P. Pesec and I. Fejes

Institute of Geodesy and Geodetic Astronomy of the Warsaw University of Technology - publication of the proceedings.

General Statement
The information contained hereafter has been compiled and uploaded by the Session Organizers via the "Organizer Session Form". The Session Organizers have therefore the sole responsibility that this information is true and accurate at the date of publication, and the conference organizer cannot accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be made, and he makes no warranty, expressed or implied, with regard to the material published.

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