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  List of Accepted Contributions - GI10 Informatics: distributed information systems - technology and applications (co-listed in AS, CL, G, CR, GD, GM, GMPV, HS, MPRG, OS, PS, ST, SM, TS, SSP, SSS & NH)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bulow, K
Success Factors in Establishing National Data Centers

Bochneva, A.; Bardeeva, E.
Methods of data reducing for regional mineralogical mapping

Tchistiakov, A.; Jellema, J.; Schubert, G.; Heylen, C.; Capova, D.; Belickas, J.; Rotar-Szalakai, A.; Ballofet, E.; Heirman, A.; Rodríguez, J.
eWater : the European distributed hydrogeological information system

Bykov, A.D.; Fazliev, A.Z.; Filippov, N.N.; Sinitsa, L.N.; Tonkov, M.V.; Tretyakov, M.Yu.; Privezetsev, A.I.; Kozodoev, A.V.
Distributed information system on atmospheric spectroscopy

Höck, H.; Waszkewitz, S.; Toussaint, F.; Lautenschlager, M.
Publication and Citation of Scientific Primary Data at WDC Climate

Zhang, Y.; Kihlman, M.; Rivera, C.; Johansson, M.; Galle, B.; Morales, A.; Herrera, M.; Strauch, W.; Zamarripa , C. M.; Granados, H.D.
Global wireless sensor network for volcano gas monitoring

Kaminski, M; Judy, C; Fetterer, F; Scott, D
Scientific Data Management: Options for Research Projects

Diviacco, P
Seismic data and Geosciences Infrastructures for Scientific Research.

Diviacco, P
Data Systems and the social aspects of Scientific Research

Cander, Lj.; Belehaki, A.; Zolesi, B.; Bremer, J.; Juren, C.; Stanislawska, I.; Dialetis , D.; Hatzopoulos, M.
The DIAS system: A distributed information system for monitoring, predicting and forecasting ionospheric conditions over Europe

Stockhause, M.; Kindermann, S.; Ramthun, H.
Data Networking in Earth System Sciences (C3-Grid)

Klump, J.; Conze, R.; Wächter, J.
Data Publication through the Scientific Drilling Database

Horn, N.; Pesaresi, D.; Costa, G.; Zivcic, M.
Testing the Antelope software suite to realize a distributed seismic database among Austria, Northeastern Italy and Slovenia

Carraro, F.
Web archive for planetary data

Som de Cerff , W.; Petitdidier, M.; Lonjaret, M.; Hluchy, L.; Fusco, L.; Linford, J.; Schwichtenberg , H.; Zhinzhin, M.; Renard, P.; Tran, V.
Dissemination and exploitation of Grids in earth science

Schroeder, P.; Szabo, A.; Narock, T.; Davis, A.; Ho, G.; Kasper, J.; Raines, J.; Roberts, A.; Vandegriff, J.
Taming the data wilderness with the VHO: Integrating heliospheric data sets

Toussaint, F.; Lautenschlager, M.
World Data Center for Climate: Web Based Data Access

Centella , A.; Bezanilla , A.; Borrajero , I.; Jones, R.; Intsiful, J.
A PRECIS internet-based climate data provision system for climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation research in Central America and the Caribbean regions

Stergiopoulos, C.; Tsiakas, P.; Stavrakas, I.; Anastasiadis, C.; Triantis, D.; Vallianatos, F.
MILDMAP MEDIA* : A geoenvironmental data exchange information system.

Huber, R; Klump, J
TaxonRank a synonymy ranking algorithm for earth science data networks

Farnaghi, M; Mansourian, A
Development of a Typical WMS for Disaster Management SDI of Iran

Sheleiby, M; Farnaghi, M; Malek, M R; Alesheikh, A A
Design and Development of Typical Mobile GIS for Disaster Management

Moder, C.; Bunge, H.-P.; Igel, H.; Schuberth, B.
Visualisation of large datasets with Paraview

Batanov, O; Mogilevsky, M; Nazarov, V; Parrot, M; Lagoutte, D; Brochot, J-Y
Distributed processing system of heterogeneous data for DEMETER mission

Hosseini, S. M.; Kholghi, M.
Estimation of aquifer transmissivity using kriging, artificial neural network, and neuro-fuzzy models

Balestro, G.; Bruciatelli, L.; De Donatis, M.; Piana, F.
Conceptual tools for the management of geological interpretations in GIS databases

Neuhaus, P.; Klar, C.; Schneider, K.
An object-oriented framework for a process-based soil-nitrogen model component

Palm, H.
Personalized delivery from millions of data

Ritschel, B.; ISDC TEAM
Interoperability in geosciences – networking of metadata, data and applications

Bose, R.; McGarva, G.
Safeguarding the Citation Lifecycle for Global Geospatial Repositories

Fazliev, A.Z.; Starchenko, V.A.; Lavrent'ev, N.A.; Vrazhov, D.A.
Global and regional climate models in the Atmos web-portal

Fox, P.; Cinquini , L.; McGuinness, D.; West, P.; Garcia, J.; Benedict, J.; Darnell, J.A.; Middleton, D.
The Production Virtual Solar-Terrestrial Observatory: Semantic Web in Practice.

Conte, D.; Marra, G.P.; Parmiggiani, F.; Quarta, G.
A prototype of information system for remotely sensed data management developed using Open Source technologies

Euchner, F; Schorlemmer, D; Becker, J; Heinloo, A; Kästli, P; Saul, J; Weber, B; Wiemer, S; Wössner, J
QuakeML--XML concepts for a European seismological data exchange infrastucture

Chiodetti, A.G.; Ferrara, G.; Cascone, M.; Leone, F.; Barba, S.; Baroux, E.; Basili, R.; De Martini, P. M.
Earth-prints: a digital tool to share Geosciences information and data

Petitdidier, M.; Weissenbach, D.; Som de Cerff, W.; Schwichtenberg, H.
EGEE, Grid infrastructure for geosciences data services

Zeilinger, G.; Burg, J.-P.
Images of geologic structures served by a relational digital image database (DIoGeneS)

Kirsch, P; Breen, P
Retrieval, examination and dissemination of Antarctic data

Snyder, W.S.; Lehnert, K.
Community infrastructure and market place for geoinformatics

Breen, P; Judge, D; Kirsch, P
Accessing oceanographic data using a geo-browser

Kiani, T.; Barrier, E.; Brunet, M-F.; Saidi, A.
Tectonic database structure of Iran (case studies: Baladeh & Kermanshah areas in Alborz & Zagros mountains) (withdrawn)

Amirian, P
Using XML database systems and GML in the context of Geospatial Web services

Agarwal, D; Baldocchi, D; van Ingen, C
A Next Generation Flux Network Data Server

Bentley, R.; EGSO team, the
EGSO - A Tool for the Solar Community

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