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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH8.03 Natural and anthropogenic hazards in karst areas (co-listed in GM & HS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bonacci, O.; Rubinic, J.
Water losses from the reservoir built in karst: Example of the Boljuncica reservoir (Istria, Croatia)

Urich, P; Day, M
Natural and anthropogenic hazards in the Bohol karst

Lopez, N.; Sciannamblo, D.; Spizzico, M.; Spizzico, V.; Tinelli, R.
Influence of the bad realization of pumping wells on the intirinsic vulnerability degree of a confined carbonatic aquifer: the Brindisi Plain case

De Waele, J.
The environmental impacts of human activities on the karst of Sardinia (Italy)

Galve, J.P.; Bonachea, J.; Remondo, J.; Gutiérrez, F.; Guerrero, J.; Lucha, P.; Cendrero, A.
A probabilistic approach to sinkhole hazard modelling. The case study of the Ebro Valley evaporite karst (NE Spain)

Guerrero, J.; Gutiérrez, F.; Lucha, P.
Subsidence susceptibility zonation based on the analysis of paleokarst exposures in a high-speed railway built on a salt-bearing evaporite karst (Ebro Valley, NE Spain)

Lopez, N.; Sciannamblo, D.; Spizzico, M.
Advantages and disadvantages of Georadar used for hydrogeological investigations: case of study of shallow aquifer in the Brindisi Plain (Southern Italy).

Lopez, N.; Spizzico, V.
Hydrologic and hydrogeologic characterization of karst lakes around Conversano (Apulia, ITALY), for estimating a right water balance.

Kaufmann, G.; Jacobs, F.
Geophysical investigations of a sink in the northern Harz Foreland (North Germany)

Parise, M.; Donno, G.; De Pascalis, A.; De Pascalis, F.; Inguscio, S.
Subsidence and sinkholes related to quarrying in karst

Van Den Eeckhaut, M.; Poesen, J.; Dusar, M.; Martens, V.; Duchateau, Ph.
Spatial patterns, causal factors and initiation mechanisms of sinkholes above underground limestone quarries: a case-study in South Limburg (Belgium)

Molerio Leòn, L.; Parise, M.
Managing environmental problems in Cuban karstic aquifers

Aldana Vilas, C.; Farfan Gonzalez, H.; Molerio Leòn, L.; Parise, M.
Self-purification capability of underground water courses in the humid tropics: results of a tracing experiment at the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomàs, Cuba

Nkhuwa, D.C.W; Ahmed, A.H.; Kafula, T.; Silembo, O.
Effect of filling stations and toxic waste dumps on the karstified marble aquifer in Lusaka

Polemio, M.
The hazard of anthropic amplification of flooding damages in a karstic environment (Southern Italy)

Mancini, F.; Stecchi, F.; Gabbianelli, G.
Monitoring ground subsidence induced by salt mining activity: the Tuzla (Bosnia & Herzegovina) case

van Beynen, P.; Matusick, J.; Zanbergen, P.
Comparative study of groundwater vulnerability models in a karst aquifer in Central Florida

Tuyukina, T.
Geochemical reasons for high risk of natural and antropogenic hazards in northern taiga karst ecosystems on hard gypsum outcrops

Closson, DC; Abou Karaki, NAK
Overview of the human-induced geological hazards encountered along the Dead Sea coast

Abelson, M.; Yechieli, Y.; Bein, A.; Crouvi, O.; Baer, G.; Shtivelman, V.
Sinkhole swarms along the Dead Sea coast

Zulaikah, SZ
Direction of the grow axis in stalagmite and their linkage to the past seismic events.

Menichetti, M.
Anthropogenic hazards in the show caves in Italy

Fang, G.; Guanghui, J.; Yushi, L.; Dingning, C.
Study on the heterogeneity of water resources in peak cluster depression in karst area (withdrawn)

Chama, A.
Occupational hazards, underground world and occupational diseases in Algeria

Halliday, W.R.
Natural and athropogenic CO2 hazards in karstic and pseudokarstic caves

Delle Rose, M.; Vitale, A.
An approach on the hydrogeological vulnerability of fluvial-karst systems (Lecce province, southern Italy)

Gisbert, J.; Vallejos, A.; Pulido-Bosch, A.
Environmental and geotechnical problems in karstic terrains crossed by tunnels. A case study

v. Liguori, V.L.; g. Manno, G.M.
The Muti Coffari mine: natural and antropogenic hazard in evaporitic area (Sicily)

Andriani, G.F.; Walsh, N.
The effects and importance of anthropogenic changes on karst environment

Griffiths, P.; Ramsey, C.
Legislation, Regulations, Policies and Practice Guidelines for Protection and Management of Caves on Private Lands in British Columbia, Canada: The Case of SPAET Cave

Brinkmann, R.; Parise, M.
The role of rainfall in producing karst depressions in Florida

Pueyo Anchuela, Ó.; Pocoví Juan, A.; Soriano Jiménez, M.A.; Casas Sainz, A.M.; Mochales López, T.
GPR as a tool to detect and characterize subsidence and collapse associated with shallow karst. Examples from the Central Ebro Basin (Spain)

Murphy, P; Craven Pothole Club & Guests
Contextual synthesis of multi-disciplinary data from Gaping Gill, North Yorkshire, UK.

Angelova, D.
Assessment of the natural and antropogenic hazards in karst for the region of Tylenovo, Northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Amanti, M.; Nisio, S.
Deep piping sinkhole in Italian plain areas

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