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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV2 New monitoring techniques applied to active volcanoes

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Coppola, D.; Staudacher, T.; Cigolini, C.
The Radiative Thermogramme: a useful way to visualize field thermal data

Galle, B.; The NOVAC team
NOVAC – Network for Observation of Volcanic and Atmospheric Change

Meier, V.; Scuderi, L.; Fischer, T.; Realmuto, V.; Hilton, D.; Yuhas, A.
Comparisons of satellite and ground-based sulfur dioxide retrievals

Martínez , M. ; van Bergen, M. J.; Fernández, E. ; Takano, B.; Sáenz, W
Tracing changes in SO2/H2S ratios in subaqueous fumarolic discharges by monitoring polythionates in the ultra-acidic crater lake of Poás Volcano, Costa Rica (withdrawn)

Amantia, A.
Past and new analysis of the morphological changes at the summit of Mt. Etna volcano (Italy) through use of aerial photographs: 1976 - 2006

Neri, M.; Behncke, B.; Burton, M.; Galli, G.; Giammanco, S.; Pecora, E.; Privitera, E.; Reitano, D.
The July 2006 eruption of Mount Etna (Italy) monitored through continuous soil radon measurements

Wiersberg, T.; Somma, R.; Rocco, A.; De Rosa, M.; Zimmer, M.; Quattrocchi, F.; De Natale, G.; De Natale, P.
Continuous in-situ measurements of gases (H2, H2S, CH4, N2, O2, Ar, He, and CO2) at the fumarole “Soffionissimo” (Solfatara volcano, southern Italy)

Cannata , A. ; Di Grazia , G.; Gresta , S.
Cross correlation analysis between infrasonic and seismic signals related to the explosive activity occurring at Mt. Etna in October-November 2006

Masotti, M.; Falsaperla, S.; Langer, H. ; Spampinato, S.; Campanini, R.
Activity regimes inferred from automatic classification of volcanic tremor at Mt. Etna, Italy

Ibs-von Seht, M.; Kniess, R.
Event detection for seismic signals recorded at Krakatau volcano using artificial neural networks

Biale, E.; Mangiagli, S.; Neri, M.; Pecora, E.; Reitano, D.; Behncke, B.
The recent eruptive activity of Mount Etna (Italy) monitored by a network of visible and thermal video cameras

Mangiagli, S.; Neri, M.; Pecora, E.; Reitano, D.; Amantia, A.; Biale, E.; D'Agostino, M.; La Via, M.; Torrisi, O.
The 2006 eruption of Mt. Etna (Italy): new multidisciplinary approach implemented by the UFSO staff of INGV Catania Section

Odbert, H.M.; Wadge, G.; Macfarlane, D.G.; James, M.; Robertson, D.A.; Pinkerton, H.
Frequent remote topographic mapping and lava flux measurement using AVTIS

Zeni, L; Minardo, A; Petrillo, Z; Piochi, M; Scarpa, R; Bernini, R
Distributed optical fiber sensors: an approach for monitoring the thermal gradient at the Campi Flegrei caldera

Lombardo, V.; Taddeucci, I.; Spinetti, C.; Buongiorno, M.F.; Zimanowski , B.
Experimental measurements of spectral emissivity of basaltic melt

Martínez , M. ; Takano, B.; Sáenz, W.; Fernández , E.; van Bergen, M.J.; Barboza, V. ; Duarte, E.
Tracing changes in SO2/H2S ratios in subaqueous fumarole gases by monitoring polythionates in the ultra-acidic crater lake of Rincón de la ViejaVolcano (Costa Rica) (withdrawn)

Dangerfield, A.; Radebaugh, J.; Carling, G.; Tingey, D.; Keith, J.; South, J.
Accuracy of MODIS on Kilauea eruption temperatures

Masotti, M.; Campanini, R.; Mazzacurati, L.; Falsaperla, S.; Langer, H.; Spampinato, S.
TREMOrEC: a software utility for automatic classification of volcanic tremor

Alparone, S.; Cammarata, L.; Cannata, A. ; Gambino, S.; Milluzzo, V.; Rapisarda, S.; Zuccarello, L.; Gresta, S.
New insights on classification and location of microseismicity at La Fossa (Vulcano, Italy)

Di Grazia , G.; Cannata , A.; Alparone , S.; Gresta , S.
Time variations of the Long Period events recorded at Mt. Etna during November 2003 - May 2006

D'Anna, G.; Mangano, G.; D'Alessandro, A.; Amato, A.
The new INGV broadband OBS/H: test results on submarine volcano Marsili and future developments.

Meurers, B.; Schattauer, I.; Stotter, Ch.; Supper, R.
Assessment of temporal magnetic field variations on the Aeolian Islands

Contrafatto , D.; Ferrari, F.
Automatic fine leveling system for generic triaxial seismic sensor

Diliberto, I. S.; Alparone, S.; Liotta, M.; Madonia, P.
Relationship between surface temperature and seismic activity at Vulcano (Aeolian Island)

Caputo, T.; Giudicepietro, F.; Martini, M.; D’Auria, L.; Esposito, A. M.
Temporal evolution analysis of the Stromboli volcano seismicity

Carling, G.; Saito, T.; Dangerfield, A.; Radebaugh, J.; Tingey, D.; Keith, J.; South, J.
Measuring lava eruption temperatures with a digital camcorder at Kilauea volcano, Hawaii, USA

Andronico, D. ; Spinetti , C. ; Cristaldi, A.; Buongiorno, M.F.
Mt. Etna ash plume during 2006 eruptions: integrated approach from satellite remote sensing and ground-based monitoring system

Lokmer, I.; Bean, C.J.; Saccorotti, G.
Long period activity at Mount Etna in 2004 – Green's function computations and moment-tensor inversion

Bobrowski, N.; Inguaggiato, S.
Continuous SO2 flux measurements at Vulcano Island, Aeolian Archipelago (Italy)

Kniess, R; Ibs von Seht, M
GPS deformation measurement from the Krakatau volcano (Indonesia)

Ryan, G.; Loughlin, S. C.; Strutt, M.; Luckett, R.; Jones, L.; Devine, J. D.
Onset of the third episode of lava dome growth at Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat (withdrawn)

Romeo, G.; Urbini, G.; Benedetti, P.; Mari, M.
Modular thermal gradiometer

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