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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG1.08 Analysis and Characterization of Black Carbon in the Environment (co-listed in AS, HS, OS & SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Lehmann, J.; Liang, B.; Solomon, D.
Properties and Function of Black Carbon in Soil

Yang, Y.; Pies, C.; Hofmann, T.
Desorption of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from heterogeneous geosorbents

Cheng, C.; Lehmann, J.; Thies, J.
Biotic and abiotic influences on black carbon properties in soil

Liang, B.; Lehmann, J.; Solomon, D.
Long-term C mineralization studies in high black carbon Anthrosols and adjacent low black carbon Oxisols

Wang, G.; Grathwohl, P.; Kleineidam, S.
Sorption/desorption characteristics of hydrophobic organic compounds on black carbon containing soil and carbonaceous materials

Knicker, H.; Hilscher, A.; González-Vila, F.J.; González, J.A. ; Almendros, G.
Transport of black carbon in fire-affected soils

Sánchez-García, L.; de Andrés, J.R.; Martín-Rubí, J.A.; González-Vila, F.J.; de la Rosa, J.M.; Hames, K.
Detection of humic forms contribution to black carbon in marine sediments using BPCA as molecular markers

Muckenhuber, H.; Grothe, H.
The heterogeneous reaction between soot and NO2 at elevated temperatures

Hockaday, W.C.; Hatcher, P.G.
Black carbon determination by chemical oxidation and 13C NMR spectroscopy

Hammes, K; Skjemstad, J.O.; Smernik, R.J.; Schmidt, M.W.I
Chemical characterisation of the black carbon reference materials - validating appropriateness based on elemental, spectral and isotopic analyses

Hammes, K.; Kägi, B.; Heim, A.; Schmidt, M.W.I
Using microwave oven technology to improve the benzenepolycarboxylic acid (BPCA) method of determining black carbon

Louchouarn, P.; Houel, S.
Soot/black carbon vs. chars in environmental media: Potential discrimination between these combustion by-products through elemental, molecular, and bulk isotopic analyses

Bucheli, T.D.; Blum, F.; Desaules, A.; Gustafsson, Ö.
Application of the chemothermal oxidation method for the analysis of black carbon in Swiss soils

Currie, L. A.
Elemental and isotopic carbon metrology: the critical role of reference materials (RMs) and RM-based intercomparisons

Shindo, H.; Nishimura, S.; Hirota, T.; Hirahara, O.
Contribution of charred and buried plant fragments to humic and fulvic acids in Japanese volcanic ash soils

ALEXIS, M. A.; Rasse, D. P.; Rumpel, C.; Bardoux, G.; Péchot, N.; Schmalzer, P.; Drake, B.; Mariotti, A.
Vegetation fire impacts on carbon stocks in a scrub oak ecosystem

Eckmeier, E.; Gerlach, R.; Roesch, M.; Ehrmann, O.; Schulze, E.; Schier, W.; Schmidt, M.
Slash-and-burn in neolithic agriculture - conversion of biomass to charred organic carbon

Quénéa, K.; Derenne, S.; Largeau, C. ; Rumpel, C.; Rouzaud, J.N.; Gustafsson, O.; Carcaillet, C.
Characterisation and quantification of black carbon (BC) in forest and cultivated sandy soils. Parallel study on reference chars of the BC ring trial

Leifeld, J.; Fuhrer, J.
Thermal properties of Plant Tissues, Soil Organic Matter, and Black Carbon measured by Differential Scanning Calorimetry: Indicators to rank biochemical Stability?

Peralta, O; Baumgardner, D; Raga, G. B.
A method for estimating the carbon fraction in atmospheric particles produced by gasoline and diesel combustion

Baumgardner, D.; Kok, G.
A comparative study of the properties of individual black carbon particles measured in urban, marine, and stratospheric environments

Smernik, R.; Skjemstad, J.
Potential and pitfalls of using solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy for the analysis of BC-containing materials

Rumpel, C.; Chaplot, V.; Largeau, C.; Valentin, C.; Mariotti, A.
Fate of BC in tropical sloping soils managed by slash and burn agriculture in Northern Laos

Balabane, M.; Rumpel, C. ; Bardoux, G.; Largeau, C.; Mariotti, A.
Coal particles in agricultural soils: quantification, characterisation and significance

Werth, CJ; Kleineidam, S; Silvers, K; Jeong, S; Grathwohl, P
Comparison of physiochemical treatment and petrographic methods to identify organic matter facies that control sorption in soils and sediments

Elmquist, M.; Kukulska, Z.; Cornelissen, G.; Gustafsson, Ö.; Andersson, P.
The chemothermal oxidation BC method: evaluation of ex situ pretreatments, matrix-catalyzed effects, standard addition approaches, and thermal stability of various black carbons

Schmidt, MWI; Skjemstad, JO; Masiello, C; Ball, WP; Currie, L; Smith, DM; The Black Carbon Ring Trial
Comparative analysis of reference materials for organic geochemical studies of black carbon

DiCosty, R.J.; Stanturf, J.A.
Nitric acid as an oxidant for determining black carbon in soil

Masiello, C.; Czimczik, C.
Building a black soil

Gustafsson, Ö.; Elmquist, M.; Kukulska, Z.; Cornelissen, G.; Mandalakis, M.; Persson, J.; Bucheli, T.; Reddy, C.
On the analysis of black carbon in sediments: Evaluation of field data for geochemical consistency

Cornelissen, G.; Gustafsson, Ö.
The role of black carbon in sediment sorption of organic pollutants

González-Vila, F.J.; De la Rosa, J.M.; Polvillo, O; Terán, A; González-Pérez, J.A.
A Chemical degradative analysis of BC reference materials and BC samples isolated from marine sediments

De la Rosa, J.M.; González-Vila, F.J.; Polvillo, O; Verdejo, T; Terán, A; González-Pérez, J.A.
Pyrolytic behaviour of BC-like reference materials

Ellerbrock, R. H.; Gerke, H.H.
FTIR spectroscopic analysis of organic matter originating from pedogenetic and geogenic processes

Brodowski, S.; Grootes, P.M.; Zech, W.; Amelung, W.
Tracing black carbon in soil using SEM/EDX, biomarker analyses, and compound-specific radiocarbon analyses

Rethemeyer, J.; John , B.; Flessa, H.; Brodowski, S.; Amelung, W.; Grootes, P.M.
Influence of lignite on soil organic carbon turnover estimated by natural 13C labelling: a dual carbon isotopic tracer study

Mogo, S.; Cachorro, V.; Sorribas, M.; de Frutos, A.; Vilaplana, J.; de la Rosa, J.; Fernández, R.; de la Morena, B.
UV-Visible light absorption and size distribution of particulate matter collected in ``El Arenosillo'' (Spain)

Harvey, M. C.
Aciniform Black Carbon at the K-T boundary

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