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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS10 Transport in preferential flow domains of the soil porous system

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Simunek, J.; van Genuchten, M.Th.; Sejna, M.
Modeling nonequilibrium and preferential flow and transport with HYDRUS.

Allaire, S.E.; Lafond, J.
Measuring preferential flow of gas in soil

Kodesova, R.; Vignozzi, N.; Rohoskova, M.; Hajkova, T.; Kocarek, M.; Pagliai, M.; Kozak, J.
Water flow and chlorotoluron transport affected by varying soil structure of different diagnostic horizons of three soil types

Merdun, H.; Meral, R.; Demirkiran, A.
Stability of time domain reflectometer measurements of water flow and solute transport in different field soils

Jarvis, N
A model of near-saturated hydraulic properties

Germann, P.
Physics of non-equilibrium flow

Dyck, M. F.; Kachanoski, R. G.
Effects of soil horizons on vertical continuity of preferred flow domains

Karpyn, Z.; Piri, M.
Characterization of fluid micro-structures in porous media of mixed wettability (withdrawn)

Or, D; Lehmann, P; Shokri, N
Preferential evaporation from heterogeneous porous media

Czachor, H.
Physical factors of sub-critical soil water repellency

Germer, K.; Stadler, L.; Hinkelmann, R.; Färber, A.; Braun, J.
Studies on infiltration processes in a soil column with a single macropore

Meheust, Y.; Le Gal, N.; Caudal, J.-P.; de Bremond d'Ars, J.
Visualization of solute transport and particle tracking in a three-dimensional porous medium, using optical index matching

Carrick, S.; Almond, P.; Buchan, G.
The reality versus conventional wisdom of measuring infiltration in structured and layered field soils

Comegna, A.; Lamaddalena, N.; Basile, A.; Coppola, A.
Chloride transport in a tile-drained “Terra Rossa” soil : Relationship between local-scale and field-scale transport parameters

Angeli, N.; Dambrine, E.; Boudot, J.P. ; Viville, D.; Nys, C.; Richter, C.; Party, J.P.; Pollier, B.; Guérold, F.; Probst, A.
Stream water composition changes in the Vosges Mountains (NE France): long-term study and liming experiment.

Bell, K. J.; McGrath, G. S.; Hinz, C.
Effects of surface heterogeneity on preferential flow in water repellent sandy soils

Nosalewicz, A. ; Lipiec, J. ; Wojciga, A.
Pore size distribution and water infiltration under different tillage systems

Rossi, M.; Ippisch, O.; Flühler, H.
Is solute transport in heterogeneous soils predictable?

Hincapié, I.; Germann, P.; Vontobel, P.
Spatially averaged approach to heterogeneous flow in sand boxes assessed with neutron radiography

Binner, R.; Kalbe, U.; Berger, W.
Parametrisation and visualisation of the pore structure of gradated soils via 3D image processing.

Leue, M.; Ellerbrock, R.H.; Gerke, H.H. ; Böhm, C.
In-situ characterization of organic matter composition at aggregate surfaces using DRIFT spectroscopy

Durner, W.; Peters, A.; Iden, S.C.
Estimation of soil hydraulic properties of soils with heterogeneous pore-size distribution - on appropriate methods and models

Gerke, H.H.; Ellerbrock, R.H.
Organic matter composition of soil aggregate coatings related to wettability

Kutílek, M.; Germann, P.F.
Converging hydrostatic and hydromechanic concepts of preferential flow definitions

Sanchez, I.; Capilla, J. E.; Llopis-Albert, C.
Modeling effective flow and mass transport in a porous media with preferential flow paths: a lab tank experiment

Ramstad Alme, L.; Fossum, J. O.; Meheust, Y.
Transport of water in a weakly-hydrated model clay soil

Jelínková, V.; Pohlmeier, A.; Císlerová, M.; van Dusschoten, D.; Vereecken, H.
Tracer experiments to study preferential flow in a soil column by means of MRI.

Basile, A.; Coppola, A.; Mele, G.; Terribile, F.
2D and 3D micromorphological analyses for improving soil hydrological characterization

Iversen, B. V.; Børgesen, C. D.; Lægdsmand, M.; Greve, M. H.; Heckrath, G.; Kjærgaard, C.
Model tool for identifying potential risk areas of in situ colloidal-P transport through soil macropores

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