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  List of Accepted Contributions - MPRG3 Thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling and imaging in rock deformation

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Heap, M; Baud, P; Meredith, P
The Influence of Effective Stress and Pore Fluid Pressure on Brittle Creep in Water-Saturated Darley Dale Sandstone

Baud, P.; Vinciguerra, S.; David, C.; Cavallo, A.; Reuschlé, T.
Mechanical compaction, microstructures and physical properties in two highly porous carbonate rocks

King, H; Cameron, S; Dunsmuir, J; Herhold, A; Olgaard, D; Gooch, M
Combined diagenesis and compaction of reservoir rocks studied via X-ray tomography

Renard, F.; Bernard, D.
Imaging of a rupture path by X-ray microtomography when hydro-fracturing a porous limestone

Ghabezloo, S.; Sulem, J.
Thermal pressurization of a fluid-saturated granular rock

Benson, P.M.; Vinciguerra, S.; Meredith, P.G.; Young, R.P.
Laboratory simulation of coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical induced microseismicity as an analogue for volcanic seismic signals

Prasad, M.; Batzle, M.; Kramer, K.
Applications of Acoustic Imaging to Map and Quantify Rock Deformations

David, C.; Menéndez, B.; Louis, L.; Mengus, J.M.
X-ray CT scanning imaging of capillary imbibition processes in intact and damaged rock samples

Misra, S; Burlini, L
Synthetic Quartz-Muscovite rocks: preparation and microstructures

Neuville, A.; Toussaint, R.; Schmittbuhl, J.; Flekkøy, E.G.
Hydro-thermal flows in a rough fracture

Elsworth, D.; Marone, C.; Niemeijer, A.; Saffer, D.; Min, K.-B.; Faoro, I.; Samuelson, J.; Taron, J.; Liu, J.; Yasuhara, H.
Roles of stress and chemistry in the evolution of mechanical and transport properties of fractures and granular aggregates

Suetnova, E.
Fluid filtration and sediment compaction dynamic under a condition of local gas hydrate accumulation

Zlagnean, L.; Lungu, A.; Besutiu, L.
Rock physics properties of the upper crust within Vrancea active seismic region

Niemeijer, A.R.; Elsworth, D.; Marone, C.
Effects of Grain Size Distribution on the Permeability of Compacting Aggregates: Results from Rock-analogue Experiments and Microphysical Model

Marone, C.; Saffer, D. M.; Ikari, M. J.; Haines, S.
Frictional properties and hydro-mechanical processes in clay rich fault gouge

Dresen, G.; Stanchits, S.
Borehole breakouts and sand production in porous sandstone

Bornert, M.; Dautriat, J. ; Gland, N.; Dimanov, A.; Raphanel, J.
Post-mortem and in-situ imaging analysis of micro-mechanisms responsible for the evolution of petrophysical properties under deviatoric stresses

Chizhova, I.; Lobanov, K.
Logic-information methods in analysis of petrophysical diagrams of rock samples from Precambrian tectonic structures of Baltic Shield

Nasseri, M.H.B; Young, P.Y.; Mohanty, B.
Three-dimensional observation of the fracture process zone in anisotropic granitic rock by X-ray CT scan

Rinaldi, A. P.; Todesco, M.; Bonafede, M.
Ground displacement associated with hydrothermal fluid circulation

Toussaint, R.; Johnsen, O.; Flekkoy, E.G.; Vinningland, J.L.; Niebling, M.; Schmittbuhl, J.; Maloy, K.J.; Goren, L.; Aharonov, E.; Sparks, D.
hydromechanical coupling in hydrofracture, sedimentation and friction weakened by fluid flow: application of hybrid granular / continuous fluid flow modeling.

Grob, M.; Schmittbuhl, J.; Santucci, S.; Maloy, K.J.; Toussaint, R.; Rivera, L.
Dynamics of an interfacial crack propagation: analyses of quake catalogs

Corvisier, J.; Fabbri, A.; Bernard, S.; Brunet, F.; Schubnel, A.; Goffé, B.; Rimmelé, G.; Barlet-Gouédard, V.
Mineral distribution of carbonated Portland cement, an indicator of the coupled effects of transport, chemistry and mechanics

Sulem, J.; Famin, V.
Thermal decomposition of carbonates and fluid pressurisation during seismic slip

Hall, S.A.; Lenoir, N.; Viggiani, G.; Bésuelle, P.; Desrues, J.
X-ray μCT and 3D digital image correlation to study localised deformation in geomaterials under triaxial compression

Louis, L.; Baud, P.; Rolland, A.; Wong, T.-f.
Influence of pore space heterogeneity on compaction localization: X-ray CT imaging and mercury porosimetry data

Trippetta, F.; Vinciguerra, S.; Collettini, C.; Meredith, P.G.
Physical properties of seismogenic Triassic Evaporites in the northern Appennines (Central Italy)

Gasc, J.; Brantut, N.; Schubnel, A.; Brunet, F.; Rouzaud, J.-N.; Müller, H.-J
Acoustic emissions imaging and synchrotron x-ray diffraction analysis of calcite at high pressure and temperature

Méndez-Delgado, S.; Medina-Ferrusquia, E.L. ; García-Peña, A.
Physical modelling with the GMS-2 magnetic susceptibilitymeter of Geoinstruments, Ltd.

Wassing, B.; Ter Heege, J.; Orlic, B.
thermo-mechanical modelling of behaviour of rocks overlying a UCG cavity (withdrawn)

Settari , A.; Walters, D.A.; Bagheri, M.A.
Coupled simulation of geomechanics and multiphase flow in fractured and faulted rock masses with application to petroleum reservoirs

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