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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV17 Magmatic differentiation: theory, experiments, and examples

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Borges, M.; Sen, G.; Hart, G.; Wolff, J.
Application of single crystal Sr isotope diffusion modeling to determine timescales of flood basalt eruptions (withdrawn)

Famin, V.; Welsch, B.; Okumura, S.; Bachèlery, P.; Nakashima, S.
Three differentiations of a single magma at Piton de la Fournaise volcano (Reunion hotspot)

Perchuk, L.; Bindeman, I.
Magma mixing in nature and experiments: a review

White, J.C.; Parker, D.F.; Ren, M.
Thermodynamic modeling of the origin of trachyte and pantellerite, Pantelleria, Italy.

Latypov, R.; Chistyakova, S.
Phase equilibria testing of a multiple pulse mechanism: a case study of the Shiant Isles Main Sill, NW Scotland

Chistyakova, S.; Latypov, R.
Anomalous compositional profiles across small mafic dykes of the Åland-Åboland dyke swarm, SW Finland

Martel, C.; Radadi Ali, A.; Pichavant, M.
Mafic magma recharge recorded in microlites: evidence from Mt Pelée (Martinique, lesser Antilles)

Vigneresse, JL
Discrete building of felsic magma chambers with implications from ore genesis to crustal growth

Ferlito, C.; Viccaro, M.; Nicotra, E.; Cristofolini, R.
Relationship between magma supply and eruptive behavior at Mt. Etna volcano during the 2006-2007 period

Marszalek, M.
Pseudomorphs after amphiboles in Zalas volcanic rocks (South Poland)

Egorova, V.; Kalugin, V.; Shelepaev, R.
Composition and genesis of clinopyroxene and feldspar megacrysts from alkaline basalts of Mongolia

Lukanin, O.; Dernov-Pegarev, V.; Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry
Behavior of Cl and REE during granite melts degassing caused by pressure decrease

Rasskazov, S.; Chebykin, E.; Chuvashova, I.; Zhuchenko, N.; Stepanova, O.
Isotope Disequilibrium of 238U-series in latest Pleistocene through Holocene volcanic rocks from Hangay, Central Mongolia and Eastern Sayans, Siberia

Ivanov, A.V.; He, H.; Pan, Y.; Qin, H.; Ryabov, V.V.; Shevko, A.Y.
Siberian Traps: long and episodic?

Poli, G.; Miller , J.S.; Wooden, J.L.; Perugini, D.; Mazdab , F.
Insights on genesis and thermal evolution of rhyolitic magmas beneath Lipari Island (Aeolian Islands, Italy) by ion microprobe U/Th dating and trace element analysis of zircons

Charlier, B.; Wilson, C.
Characteristics of rhyolite generation at Taupo volcano, New Zealand: implications for the nature of the sub-surface plutonic system

Sigmarsson, O.
The importance of analytical precision in deciphering magma differentiation processes: the case of Hekla volcano, Iceland

Troll, V. R.; Blythe, L. S.; Freda, C.; Dreossi, D.; Gardner, M.
Magma-sediment interaction at Anak Krakatau, Indonesia: contamination of solid, liquid and gaseous phases

Sigmarsson, O.
Magmatic timescales after assessment of fractional crystallization on 210Pb-226Ra disequilibria

Iezzi, G.; Mollo, S.; Ventura, G.; Cavallo, A.; Romano, C.
Experimental solidification of anhydrous latitic and trachytic melts at different cooling rates:

De Campos, C. P.; Perugini, D.; Dingwell, D. B.; Poli, G.; Ertel-Ingrisch, W.; Hess, K. U.
Mixing haplogranite and haplobasalt : first experimental results under controlled chaotic conditions (withdrawn)

Freda, C.; Gaeta, M.; Giaccio, B.; Marra, F.; Palladino, D.M.; Sottili, G.; Scarlato, P.
Differentiation of potassic, silica-poor magma systems and implications on eruptive styles: the Pozzolane Rosse event (Alban Hills, Central Italy)

Deegan, F.; Troll, V.; Freda, C.; Misiti, V.; Chadwick, J.
Magma-carbonate interaction processes at Merapi volcano, Indonesia: insights from High-P High-T experiments

Boettcher, I.; Mengel, K.
Trace element and isotopic information for the evolution of the Chaîne des Puys magmatic systems, Massif Central, France

Galerne, C.Y.; Neumann, E.-R; Aarenes, I.
Post-emplacement melt flow in saucer-shaped sills: a mechanism for the generation of S-, D-, and I-shaped compositional profiles

Wiesmaier, S.; Troll, V. R.; Hart, G. L.; Ellam, R.; Carracedo, J.C.; Wolff, J.A.
The role of assimilation and mixing in differentiation of post-collapse lavas on Tenerife, Canary Islands

Merle, R.; Jourdan , F. ; Girardeau , J.; Marzoli , A. ; Renne , P.
Evidence of multi-phase Cretaceous to Quaternary alkaline magmatism on Tore-Madeira Rise seamounts from 40Ar/39Ar ages

Lourenco, N.; Abreu, M. P.; Madureira, P.; Ribeiro, L. P.
The Azores - G3 cruise: Multidisciplinary studies from the Azores rift zone to the Great Meteor seamount

Ribeiro, L. P.; Franca, Z.; Forjaz, V. H.; Abreu, M. P.
Estimated pressure and temperature during magma extraction beneath São Jorge Island, Azores

Madureira, P.; Ribeiro, L. P.; Lourenco, N.; Martins, S.; Abreu, M. P.
Preliminary chemical data from basaltic rocks dredged at Great Meteor, Hyeres and Plato seamounts

Galerne, C.Y.; Tantserev, E.; Podladchikov, Y.Y.; Neumann, E.-R
Modeling of porous reactive flow in cooling igneous sills: the role of near solidus melt segregation in magmatic differentiation

Kiss, B.; Harangi, S.; Vinkler, A.P.; Ntaflos, T.; Mason, P.R.D
Magma evolution and magma ascent rate beneath Ciomadul, the youngest volcano in the Carpathian-Pannonian region

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