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  List of Accepted Contributions - G7 Monitoring of the troposphere and ionosphere by space geodetic techniques (co-listed in AS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bender, M.; Raabe, A.
Ground-based GPS water vapour tomography

Goncharenko, Yu.; Kivva, F.; Gutnik, V.
UHF signal structure changes during strong solar proton events

Hobiger, T.; Kondo, T.; Schuh, H.
Time series of vertical total electron content from VLBI

Hobiger, T.; Kondo, T.; Schuh, H.
Detection of short period ionosphere variations by VLBI

Boehm, J.; Schuh, H.
Linear horizontal gradients from ECMWF for GPS and VLBI analysis

Abdullah, K; Tan, WK; Lim, WH
Ionospheric Modeling in the Tropic Using the Malaysian GPS Reference Network Data (withdrawn)

Angling, M.
On the development and testing of an ionospheric data assimilation system

Todorova, S.; Hobiger, T.; Schuh, H.
Combined global ionosphere maps from GPS and satellite altimetry

Heinkelmann, R; Boehm, J; Schuh, H
Comparison of global trends of integrated water vapour observed by VLBI, GPS, and ECMWF

Mayer, M.; Boehm, J.; Heck, B.; Schuh, H.
Comparison of numerical weather models in the area of the Antarctic Peninsula

Lutz, S.; Troller, M.; Somieski, A.; Brockmann, E.; Geiger, A.; Kahle, H.-G.
Advances in high-resolution GPS-Tomography: First results in regional mountainous networks of Switzerland

Elgered, G.
Monitoring the troposphere by space geodetic techniques

Krankowski, A.; Shagimuratov, I.I.
Use of GNSS-derived TEC maps with high spatial and temporal resolution to detecting different ionospheric effects

Krankowski, A.; Sieradzki, R.; Zakharenkova, I.E.; Shagimuratov, I.I.
Study of the traveling large-scale ionospheric irregularities associated with earthquake precursors using GNSS

Wickert, J.; Schmidt, T. ; Michalak, G.; Beyerle, G.; Heise, S.; Tapley, B.; Flechtner, F.; Rothacher, M.
GPS based atmospheric sounding with CHAMP and GRACE: Preliminary results of comparative data analysis

Dousa, J.; Filler, V.
Statistical properties of the tropospheric parameters estimated by GPS

GPS-based atmospheric sounding with CHAMP: Near real-time provision of occultation data for numerical weather prediction

Song, S.l.; Wickert, Jens
GPS radio occultation with CHAMP:Derivation and validation of atmospheric excess phase data

Liou, Y.A.; Wang, C.S.
A study on precision GPS height determination and its potential improvement with microwave radiometry

Champollion, C.; Bock, O.; Masson, F.; Flamant, C.
Validation and use of mesoscale GPS water vapour tomography during an IHOP_2002 severe convection case

Heise, S. ; Dick, G.; Gendt, G.; Wickert, J.; Leiterer, U.; Dier, H.; Vogel, B.
Comparison of total column water vapour estimates from ground-based GPS and sun photometer observations

Heise, S.; Wickert, J.; Beyerle, G.; Schmidt, T.; Smit, H.; Cammas, J.-P.; Rothacher, M.
Comparison of water vapour and temperature results from GPS radio occultation aboard CHAMP with MOZAIC aircraft measurements

Poli, P.; Moll, P.; Rabier, F.; Healy, S.; Andersson, E.
Assimilation of GPS data over Europe in Meteo France global forecasting system

Hulley, G.; Pavlis, E.; Kuzmicz-Cieslak, M.
Improved atmospheric refraction modeling for Satellite Laser Ranging: Horizontal gradients’ effects at optical wavelengths.

Ichikawa, I; Kuboki, K; Tsutsumi, T; Koyama, K; Fujisaku, F; Kokado, K; Ishimoto, I; Takashima, T
Atmospheric parameter comparisons at the Tsukuba and Kashima VLBI stations during the CONT05 VLBI campaign

Schön, S.; Brunner, F. K.
Power –law behaviour of GPS phase observations reflecting atmospheric turbulence

Potts, L.; Schmidt, M.; Shum, C.; von Frese, R.; Zeilhofer, C.; Kim, H.
Multi-resolution ionospheric electron density and external field over Antarctica from altimetry and CHAMP magnetic observations

Schmidt, M.; Shum, C.; Bilitza, D.; Zeilhofer, C.; Potts, L.; Ge, S.; Karslioglu, M.
Regional multi-resolution representation of the ionospheric electron density

Combrink, AZA; Fernandes, RMS; Bos, MS; Combrinck, WL; Merry, CL
Monitoring of PWV over South Africa using GPS

Eresmaa, R.; Järvinen, H.; Salonen, K.
Potential of Ground-based GPS Slant Delays for Numerical Weather Prediction

Soehne, W.
Near real-time estimation of tropospheric path delay from European permanent GPS Sites

Garcia, R.; Crespon, F.; Godet, P.-E.; Jeansou, E.; Moreaux, G.; Helbert, J.; Lognonné, P. : Continuous 2D monitoring of the ionosphere by GPS data, 3D tomographic developments, database evaluation and applications.

Vedel, H.; The TOUGH team
Using GPS ZTDs in NWP. Impact results from the TOUGH project.

Dick, G.; Song, S.L.; Ge, M.; Wickert, J.; Gendt, G.; Heise, S.; Rothacher, M.; Schraff, C.
Retrieval of Water Vapor Slant Delays for Numerical Weather Predictions in Germany

Vespe, F.; De Cosmo, V.; Guzzi, R.; Perona, G.; Notarpietro, R.; Casotto, S.; Materassi, M.; Petitta, M.; Spalla, P.; Speranza, A.
ROSA on board the Indian OCEANSAT-2 satellite mission: an Italian opportunity

Keshin, M.; de Haan, S.
Using sequential GPS ZTD time series combination on operation datastreams for quality control (withdrawn)

Ineichen, D.; Brockmann, E.; Schaer, S.
Improved troposphere modeling for near real-time and post-processing GPS applications at swisstopo

Bock, O.; Bouin, M.N.; Doerflinger , E.; Masson , F.; Collard , P.; Walpersdorf , A.; Guichard , F.
Analysis of precipitable water vapour from GPS data in West Africa: first results from the AMMA project

Orliac, E. J.; Dodson, A. H.; Bingley, R. M.; Teferle, F. N.
Azimuth dependent mapping functions for GNSS data processing

Bilitza, D.
International Reference Ionosphere – Status, Plans and Potential Benefits to and from Geodetic Observing Techniques

Pugliano, G.; De Martino, P.; Obrizzo, F.; Pingue, F.; Sepe, V.; Tammaro, U.
Analysis of GPS ionospheric signals in the Campi Flegrei volcanic area

Borbas, E; Menzel, W.P.; Weisz, E; Li, J; Woolf, H.M.
Monitoring the atmospheric temperature and humidity of the tropopause region using GPS radio occultation data and high spectral resolution infrared measurements

Vespe, F.; Pacione, R.
Assessment of the uncertainties of Near Real Time Estimates of the Zenith Tropospheric Delays by GROUND GPS Network

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