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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.3 Landslides monitoring and characterization using high resolution DEM, LIDAR and other DEM techniques (co-listed in GI)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Doshida, S; Chigira, M; Nakamura, T
Application of airborne laser scanner to the analysis of slope development by shallow landslides in mud rock area

Kalbermatten, MK
Landscape characterization using wavelet detail coefficients – the landslide case study

Lee, S.T.; Wang, C.L.; Yu, T.T.; Chen, Y.C.
The fractal dimension of topographic surface associated with landslide distribution: a case study in Tseng-Wen reservoir basin in Taiwan

Travelletti, J.; Oppikofer, T.; Malet , J.-P.; Jaboyedoff, M.
Monitoring of landslide deformation during controlled rainfall experiments using a Long-range Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)

Martha, T.R.; Kerle, N.; Westen, C.V.; Kumar, K.V.
High resolution DEM from Cartosat – 1 for landslide investigation in the Himalayan region, India

Matsuzawa, M; Chigira, M; Doshida, S
Denudation fronts detected by airborne laser scanner

Al-Ruzouq, R; Al-Zoubi , A; Abueladas, A; Akawwi, E; Camerlynck , C; Ezarsky, M
Hazard mapping along the Dead Sea shoreline, Jordan

Otto, J C; Schneider, M
Semi-automatic landform mapping in 3D – Applications for rapid, high-accurate hazard zonation in high mountain terrain using high resolution DEM data.

Regmi, R; Giardino, G; Vitek, V; Briaud, B
Three-Dimensional Visualization of the Andy Gump Landslide, Grand Mesa, Colorado, USA (withdrawn)

Derron, M.-H.
The Norwegian susceptibility mapping program for rock falls, shallow landslides, debris flows and snow avalanches

Piryaei, Z; Ghanavati, E
Statistical modeling of landslide hazard using GIS, a case study Jajroud, Iran

Oppikofer, T.; Metzger, R.; Jaboyedoff, M.
Structural analysis of cliffs using terrestrial laser scanning and field measurements

Trevisani, S.; Cavalli, M.; Marchi, L.
Use of geostatistics for the processing of LiDAR data and the characterisation of landforms in a small basin in the Dolomites (eastern Italian Alps)

Avian, M.; Proske, H.; Schardt, M.
Results and examples of a geomorphological interpretation key based on high resolution LIDAR and optical data in the Eastern Alps

Sanin, O.; Aschauer, F.; Acharya, M.S.; Wu, W.
Large scale field test on a filigree surface system combined with vegetation

Metzger, R.; Jaboyedoff, M.
COLTOP 3D: A software dedicated to analyze relief using large DEM and massive 3D-imaging cloud points

Surace, I.; Pedrazzini, A.; Breguet, A.; Dubois, J.; Jaboyedoff, M.; Loye, A.
Regional landslides susceptibility classification based on LiDAR-DEM hillshade, 3D visualization and geological maps

Squarzoni, C.; Galgaro, A.; Teza, G.; Acosta, C.A.T; Pernito, M.A.; Bucceri, N.
Terrestrial laser scanner and infrared thermography in rock fall prone slope analysis

Corsini, A.; Borgatti, L.; Ronchetti, F.; Sterzai, P.
Estimating mass-wasting processes in active earth slides – earth flows with time-series of high-resolution DEMs from photogrammetry and airborne LiDAR

Fischer, L.; Huggel, C.; Haeberli, W. ; Eisenbeiss, H.; Züblin, M.; Vallet, J.
Helicopter-borne LIDAR and multi-platform aerial photogrammetry for stability-related terrain analysis of steep high-mountain areas: Monte Rosa east face

Oppikofer, T.; Rossier, G.; Bardou, E.
Methodology to survey landscape evolution of a gorge-like topography by LiDAR technique

Kniess, U.; Van Westen, C. J.; Villemin, T.; Bievre, G.; Pathier, E.; Jongmans, D.; Schwartz, S.
Analysis of a high resolution LIDAR DEM over two large landslides within glaciolacustrine clays (Trieves area, French Alps)

Norman, E; Rosser, N; Petley, D; Lim, M
Influence of rock mass structure on the character of rockfalls from hard rock cliffs

Avian, M.; Bĺrd Romstad, B.
An approach on automatic landform mapping using high resolution DTMs derived from LiDAR: a case study in the Italian Eastern Alps

Gigli, G.; Mugnai, F.; Falorni, G.; Manzo, G.; Morelli, S.; Leoni, L.; Lombardi, L.; Casagli, N.
Integration of terrestrial laser scanning and the Permanent Scatterers technique for instability analyses in urban areas.

Prokop, A.
Terrestrial laser scanning data post processing for monitoring landslides

Abellán, A.; Oppikofer, T.; Jaboyedoff, M.
An experimental essay to detect small displacements on rockslopes

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