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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS2 Remote sensing retrieval techniques and data assimilation

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Haguma , D; Van Griensven , A.; Van Andel , S.J.; Anctil , F.; Price , R.
Development of hydrologic model of Kagera River basin using Remote sensing data

Pilloni, S.; Heinl, M.; Hammerle, A.; Gianelle, D.; Vescovo, L.; Tappeiner, U.; Wohlfahrt, G.
Estimating the Plant Area Index of Mountain Grasslands from Multi spectral Reflectance

Conradt, T.
Temperature patterns of land use types in the Elbe River basin -- Application of remote sensing data for refined hydrological modelling on the regional scale

Strobl, R.O.; Forte, F.
Stream network detection using remotely sensed data and an artificial neural network

Verhoest, N.; Vernieuwe, H.; De Baets, B.
Uncertainty assessment on soil moisture retrieval from ALOS PALSAR data

Scipal, K; Drusch, M
Assimilation of scatterometer derived soil moisture in the ECMWF land surface scheme (withdrawn)

De Lannoy, G.; Houser, P.; Verhoest, N.; Pauwels, V.
Assimilation of soil moisture observations in the OPE$^3$ field with horizontal information propagation in the Community Land Model

Timár, G.; Székely, B.
Anisotropic influence of leafless deciduous forests on SRTM DEM reliability in mid-latitude slopes: a case study of two Hungarian sites

Meier, P; Milzow, C; Kinzelbach, W
Recognition of flooding patterns in the Okavango Delta using ASAR images

Stöckli, R.; Lu, L. ; Denning, A. S.; Thornton, P. E.
Remote sensing data assimilation for a prognostic model of vegetation phenology

Bobylev, L.P.; Zabolotskikh, E.V.; Mitnik, L.M.; Johannessen, O.M.
Neural networks-based algorithms for atmospheric water parameter retrievals from satellite passive microwave data: development and validation

Schulz, K. ; Samaniego, L. E.; Bardossy, A.
A Generalized-Nearest-Neighbor (GNN) technique for the improved classification of remote sensing data

Troemel, S.; Simmer, C.
Integral Radar Volume Descriptors for Quantitative Areal Precipitation

Chanzy, A.; Cros, S.; Weiss, M.; Berthelot, B. ; Berger, M.; Calvet, J.-C.; Wigneron, J.-P.
Improving soil moisture retrieval from SMOS using the synergy with other sensors or meteorological data.

Gellens-Meulenberghs, F.; Wagner, W.; Arboleda, A.; Ghilain, N.; Kuenzer, C.; Hasenauer, S.
Towards assimilation of METOP-ASCAT derived superficial Soil Moisture into a MSG-SEVIRI driven land surface model: a first LSA-SAF – H-SAF activity.

Muzylev, E.L.; Uspensky, A.B.; Startseva, Z.P.; Volkova, E.V.; Kukharsky, A.V.
Using AVHRR/NOAA and MODIS/Terra information on land surface characteristics for modeling vertical water and heat fluxes from river basin area

Baroncini, F.; Castelli, F.; Caparrini, F.; Ruffo, S.
A dynamic cloud masking and filtering algorithm for MSG retrieval of land surface temperature

Shieh, M.L.; Liu, C.C.; Shieh, C.L.
A quantitative study of the red-shift effect for turbid water dominated by suspended sediment using radiative transfer model

McCallum, I.; Wagner, W.; Schmullius, C.; Shvidenko, A.; Obersteiner, M.; Nilsson, S.
Earth observation data for terrestrial Carbon flux modeling over Siberia

Carreńo, F.; de Pablo, M.A.; Martín-González, F.
Assessment and potential uses of the SRTM DEM (90 m) for geosciences: Some cases in Spain.

Bechini, R.; Cremonini, R.; Campana, V.; Tomassone, L.; Cassardo, C.; Terzago, S.
MSG cloud mask algorithm validation using data by MODIS Terra and Aqua satellites

Rasmussen, M. O.; Sandholt, I.; Stisen, S.
Comparison between land surface temperatures derived from MSG-1 and MSG-2

Colombi, A; De Michele, C; Pepe, M; Rampini, A; Rossi, S
Estimation of daily mean air temperature from MODIS Land Surface Temperature data in Alpine areas

Camporese, M.; Paniconi, C.; Putti, M.; Salandin, P.
Ensemble Kalman filter vs. Newtonian nudging for a coupled model of surface and subsurface flow: a comparison of data assimilation approaches

Gafurov, A; Bárdossy, A
Snow modeling using remote sensing data

Tedesco, M.; Kokhanovsky, A.
Grain size retrieval from MODIS data using a semi-analytical retrieval algorithm (SARA) and a fractal snow grain model

Seeling, S.; Buddenbaum, H.; Schlerf, M.; Nink, S.; Sauer, T.
Effects of insufficient validation data on retrieval of land surface information and uncertainty assessment

Wood, E.; Pan, M.; Sheffield, J.; Crow, W.
A new approach to validating remote sensing products at regional to large scales

Boni, G.; Caparrini, F.; Castelli, F.; Delogu, F.; Entekhabi, D.; Sini, F.
Mapping of soil moisture through a land temperature assimilation scheme under different surface conditions: an application to Central Italy

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