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  List of Accepted Contributions - G4/GD17 What constraints do earth rotation, shape, and gravity measurements place on the dynamical processes of the solid earth? (co-organized by GD)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kudryashova, M.; MacMillan, D.; Titov, O.
Comparison of sub-diurnal variations of the Earth orientation parameters from different VLBI solutions (withdrawn)

Barkin, Y. V.; Zotov, L. V.
Investigation of the Chandler motion ellipticity (withdrawn)

Grötzsch, A; Thomas, M; Dobslaw, H
Operational estimates of transient hydrospheric effects on Earth rotation parameters

Hatam, H; Bayer, B; Djamour, D; Vanicek, V; Le Moign, LM; Mohammad karim, MK; Abolghasem, A; Karpychev, K; Sadat, S; Rafiey, R
The new (tele cabin /land) national gravity calibration line for Iran

Kalarus, M; Kosek, W; Schuh, H
Current Results of the Earth Orientation Parameters Prediction Comparison Campaign

Rosat, S.; Florsch, N.; Hinderer, J.; Llubes, M.
A comparison between Bayesian and least-squares method for the inversion of the FCN parameters

SALSTEIN, D.; Nastula, J.; MacMillan, D.; Quinn, K.; Mendes Cerveira, P.
Excitations of Earth rotation parameters at high frequencies

Seoane, L.; Bizouard, C.; Gambis, D.
What brings GRACE gravimetric data in the interpretation of the Earth rotational changes?

Vondrak, J.
Determination of the Earth fluid core flattening from resonance effects in nutation as observed by VLBI

Dill, R.; Rothacher, M.
Impact of the Earth's core on Earth's rotation

Englich, S.; Mendes Cerveira, P.J.; Weber, R.; Schuh, H.
Tidal variations in length of day and UT1 observed with GPS and VLBI – Impact of different processing strategies

Gross, R. S.; Blewitt, G.; Clarke, P. J.; Lavallée, D.
Low-degree surface mass loads estimated from geodetic measurements and geophysical models

Petrov, L.; Bizouard, Ch.
VLBI Intensive observations for UT1: accuracy and usability

Wu, X.; Dong, D.; Ivins, E.; Owen, S.; Bettadpur, S.; Ries, J.
Solid Earth signatures of surface mass variations and improved global monitoring using multi-satellite data combination

Kalarus, M
Optimal multivariate autoregressive predictions of the Earth rotation based on atmospheric angular momentum data

Niedzielski, T.; Kosek, W.
The comparison of performances of several stochastic techniques in the process of forecasting length of day and UT1-UTC time series

Han, Y.B.; Qiao, Q.Y.; Zhang, P.Y.
Chinese ancient observations of lunar eclipses and secular variation of the Earth rotation

Cannelli, V.; Melini, D.; Piersanti, A.
Signature of asthenospheric viscosity on long wavelength postseismic gravity perturbations after the 2004 Sumatra earthquake

Thaller, D.; Krügel, M.; Meisel, B.; Artz, T.; Steigenberger, P.; Tesmer, V.; Wünsch, J.; Rothacher, M.
Long time-series of GPS- and VLBI-derived EOP consistently combined including the TRF

Rosat, S.; Ducarme, B.; Florsch, N.
Bayesian estimation of the FCN parameters from Superconducting Gravimeters data of the GGP network using a mean ocean tide model

Capitaine, N.; Bourda, G.; Zerhouni, W.
Precession-nutation and the Earth's dynamical flattening

Barkin, Yu.V.
To explanation of gravity variations at Potsdam and Antarctic Syowa station

Wziontek, H. ; Falk, R.; Wilmes, H.; Wolf, P.
Improved combination of superconducting and absolute gravity measurements

Wziontek, H.; Ihde, J.; Wilmes, H.
A database for absolute gravity measurements at BKG - a basis for geophysical interpretation at global scale.

Mendes Cerveira, P.J.; Weber, R.; Schuh, H.
Geometric interpretation of the Earth rotation vector from the non-linearized skew-symmetric tensor

Korbacz, A.; Brzezinski, A.; Thomas, M.
Atmospheric and nontidal oceanic excitation of polar motion estimated from the output of the models ERA-40 and OMCT

Gorshkov, V.
About low-frequency amplitude modulation of chandler wobble of the Earth polar motion

Brzezinski, A.; Korbacz, A.; Thomas, M.
Geophysical excitation of the free core nutation: comparison of results from two different models of the atmospheric and oceanic angular momenta

Gorshkov, V.
Near six-year oscillations of the length-of-day and mean sea level

Barkin, Yu.V.
Geocenter oscillations with hour periods and observed variations of the natural processes

Rothacher, M.; Neilan, R.; Plag, H.P.
GGOS: the Global Geodetic Observing System

Krien, Y. ; Fleitout, L.
Kinetics of phase transformation and Love numbers

Ali, I; Pagiatakis, S
A new Canadian gravity anomaly database consistent with global models derived from gravity space missions (withdrawn)

Malkin, Z.; Miller, N.
An analysis of celestial pole offset observations in the free core nutation frequency band

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