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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG1.2 Climate variability and the carbon cycle (past, present and future): The EuroCLIMATE Programme on multi-proxy reconstructions and coupled climate models at European and regional scales (including Outstanding Young Scientist Award Lecture)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Verschuren, D.; Sinninghe Damste, J.S.; Haug, G.; Kristen, I.; Moernaut, J.; Milne, I.; Wolff, C.; Fagot, M.; van Geel, B.; Blaauw, M.
A 25,000 years climate record from the East African equator: Half-precessional climate forcing and the history of temperature and hydrological change

Bauwens, M.; Poulain, C.; Beelaerts, V.; Servaes, F.; Schoukens, J.; Dehairs, F.
A non-linear multi-proxy approach for climate reconstruction based on archaeological shells

Lauterbach, S.; Brauer, A.; Dulski, P.; Plessen, B.; Zamelczyk, K.; Milecka, K.; Andersen, N.; Hüls, M.; DecLakes Participants, and
Multi-proxy evidence for delayed early Holocene warming in Northeastern Poland from Lake Hańcza sediments

Dissard, D.; Reichart, G.J.; Bijma, J.
Development of a mechanistic understanding of trace elements incorporation into biogenic calcite (benthic foraminifera)

Kern, Z.; Popa, I.; Varga, Zs.
Dendrochronological comparison of Carpathian stone pine tree ring width chronologies and biogeochemical reason of their recent deviation

Blaga, C.I.; Reichart, G-J.; Heiri, O.; Sinninghe Damste, J.S.
Tetraether membrane lipid distributions in lake particulate matter and sediments: A study of 47 European lakes along a North-South transect

Felis, T.; Suzuki, A.; Kuhnert, H.; Kawahata, H.
Amplification of inferred temperature changes on interannual timescales – implications from a long-term calibration study of coral Sr/Ca and U/Ca using local temperatures

Naughton , F. ; Sanchez Gońi , M. F.; Kageyama, M.; Bard, E. ; Duprat, J.; Cortijo, E.; Malaizé, B.; Joly , C.; Rostek, F.; Turon, J-L.
Alternative mechanisms explaining the complex pattern of Heinrich events in the North Atlantic mid-latitudes

Garreta, V.; Miller, P.; Guiot, J.; Hély, C.
Climate and vegetation dynamics reconstructed by inverse vegetation modeling

Triantaphyllou , M.V.; Ziveri , P.; Lianou, V.; Mortyn , G.; Lykousis , V.; Dermitzakis , M.D.
Sea water äO18 variability surrounding sapropel S1 deposition in the Aegean Sea

Finsinger, W.; Wagner-Cremer, F.
Atmospheric CO2 concentration changes inferred from stomatal frequencies: a calibration and validation approach for palaeoatmospheric reconstructions

Kontakiotis, G.; Antonarakou, A.; Mortyn, P.G.; Triantaphyllou, M.V.; Bouloubassi, I.; Ziveri, P.; Lykousis, V.; Dermitzakis, M.D.
Temperature and water column conditions linked to sapropel S1 formation in the Aegean Sea: planktonic foraminiferal, Mg/Ca, and Uk’37 evidence

Rampen, SW; Schouten, S; Koning, E; Brummer, GJA; Sinninghe Damste, JS
A 90 ky upwelling record from the Northwestern Indian Ocean using a novel long-chain diol index

Auliaherliaty, L.; Stoll, H.M.; Ziveri, P.; Malinverno, E.; Triantaphyllou, M.; Stavrakakis, S.; Lykousis, V.
Coccolith Sr/Ca ratios in the Eastern Mediterranean: production versus export processes

Martinez-Boti, M.A.; Vance, D.; Mortyn, P.G.
Nd/Ca ratios in plankton-towed and core-top foraminifera confirm the water column acquisition of Nd

Fletcher, W.J.; Sánchez Gońi , M.F.
Modulation of millennial-scale climate variability by orbital-scale forcing factors during the last 48 ka in the Atlantic-Mediterranean transition zone

Grunewald, K.; Scheithauer, J.
Geoarchives in the Pirin Mountains (Bulgaria) (withdrawn)

Mas, R.; Poulain, C.; Claeys, P.; Dehairs, F.; Keppens, E.
Stable isotope (C, N) composition of bivalve shell organic matter and salinity

Martinez-Boti, M.A.; Mortyn, P.G.; Vance, D.; Field, D.B.; Schmidt, D.N.
Factors influencing the Mg/Ca ratio in planktonic foraminifera: new evidence from plankton tows

Van Meerbeeck, C.J.; Renssen, H.; Roche, D.M.
Strong seasonality in the northern high latitudes is a prerequisite for glacial abrupt climate change: perspectives from the 3-D earth system model LOVECLIM

Klünder, M. H.; Hippler, D.; Frei, D.; Witbaard, R.; Immenhauser, A.; Eisenhauer, A.
Ontogenetic influence on Mytilus edulis growth rates and calcite Mg/Ca ratio

Engels, S.; Bohncke, SJP; Heiri, O; Vandenberghe, J
Exploring Middle Weichselian climate variability in NW Europe by applying chironomids as a proxy

Wit, J.C.; Reichart, G.-J.; Jung, S.J.A; Kroon, D.
Seasonality in the Mediterranean Sea: A calibration study using paired single specimen δ18O and Mg/Ca measurements of G. ruber alba

Wolff, C.; Haug, G.; Plessen, B.; Verschuren, D.; CHALLACEA Participants, &
Lake Challa (Kenya/Tanzania) sediments as archive of climate and environmental variability in equatorial East Africa

Ziveri , P.; Thoms , S.; Langer , G.; Probert , I.; Rost , B.
Delta18O vital effects and cell physiology: link to species-specific response to ocean acidification

Filipsson, H.L.; Lincoln, S.A.; McCorkle, D.C.; Bernhard, J.M.
A first multi-temperature culture study of benthic foraminiferal shell chemistry: oxygen and carbon isotopic results

Rickaby, R.E.M.; Elderfield, H.; Roberts, N.; Hendry, K.R.; Hildebrand, C.-D.; Mackensen, A.
A more alkaline Glacial Southern Ocean? Evidence from an 800 kyr record of foraminiferal trace metals in the Weddell Sea

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