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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSP26 Focused fluid migration at continental margins: initiation, evolution and modelling (co-listed in OS & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Naudts, L.; Granin, N.; Khlystov, O.; Chensky, A.G.; Poort, J. ; De Batist, M.
What is controlling shallow active methane seeps in Lake Baikal? Posolsky Bank case-study

Plaza, A; Bünz, S; Mienert, J
Fluid distribution within the Nyegga area, northern flank of the Storegga slide, inferred from P-wave velocity anomalies

Gay, A.; Berndt, C.; Planke, S.
The Gjallar Giant Vent (GGV): A huge cold seep on the Norwegian Margin driven by the reactivation of ancient hydrothermal hot vents

Conti, S.; Fontana, D.; Mecozzi, S.; Panieri, G.
Miocene seep-carbonates as indicators of fluid migration in the northern Apennines

Pinet, N.; Duchesne, M.; Bolduc, A.; Lavoie, D. ; Campbell, C.
Linear pockmark trains linked to bedrock features in the St. Lawrence Estuary (eastern Canada)

Mourgues, R.
Numerical and sandbox modelling of various failure patterns caused by pore fluid overpressures – consequences for fluid migration

Kopf, A.
On the nature and episodicity of fluid expulsion in mud volcanoes

Missenard, Y.; Bertrand, A.; Benedicto, A.; Cushing, M. E.; Vergély, P.
Paleofluid circulation through fractured multilayer porous platform carbonates. Example from the Maltese Islands: draining fractures versus hydraulic fracturing.

Henry, P.; Zitter, T.A.C; Le Pichon, X.; Geli, L.; Tryon, M. D.; Mercier de Lepinay, B.; Cagatay, M. N.; Sengor, A.M.C; Gorur, N.; Bourlange, S.; The Marnaut Scientific Party
Cold seeps in the North Anatolian Fault zone, Sea of Marmara: hints for a deep connection

Hjelstuen, B.O.; Haflidason, H.
Norwegian margin fluid escape structures - sedimentary environments and evolution

Scholz, F; Hensen, C; Haeckel, M; Liebetrau, V; Reitz, A; Romer, R
Origin and geochemical history of fluids in Gulf of Cadiz mud volcanoes: A multi-isotopic approach

Gisler, G.; Svensen, H. ; Mazzini, A.; Polteau, S. ; Galland, O.; Planke, S.
Simulations of the Explosive Venting of Supercritical Fluids through Porous Media

Marsset, T.; Marsset, B.; Vagner, P.; Simplet, L.; Voisset, M.; Drapeau, D.
Fluid escape re-occurrence in the Niger Delta: a possible link with sea level variations

Petersen, C. J.; Buenz, S.; Hustoft, S.; Mienert, J.
High-Resolution 3D Seismic Investigation of Fluid Flow Structures in hydrated Sediments of the Vestnesa Ridge, W-Svalbard Margin

Nermoen, AN; Galland, OG; Fristad, KF; Podladchikov, YP; Malthe-Sorenssen, AMS
Experimental modelling of piercement structure formation in sedimentary basins

Bourry, C.; Charlou, J.L.; Donval, J.P.; Henry, P.; Geli, L.; Chazallon, B.; MARNAUT Scientific Team, The
UV-Raman spectroscopic study of new gas hydrates collected from the Marmara sea.

Bünz, S; Petersen, C.J.; Hustoft, S.; Mienert, J.
Gas hydrates and fluid focussing in sediments of the Vestnesa Ridge on the W-Svalbard margin

Yarushina, V.M.; Podladchikov, Y.Y.
Chimney-like porosity waves as a mechanism for fluid expulsion

Tubular carbonate concretions: fluid expulsion structures in the Hikurangi accretionary prism (New Zealand)

Mazzini, AM; Gisler, GG; Krotkiewski, MK; Nermoen, AN; Svensen, HS; Planke, SP; Akhmanov, GGA
Multidisciplinary approach for mud volcano eruptions

Heeschen, K.; Haeckel, M.; Berndt, C.; Teagle, D.; Palmer, M.; Green, D.; Cooper, M.; Vanneste, H.; Liebetrau, V.
Origin of fluids and salts at the Mercator mud vulcano, Gulf of Cadiz

Huebscher, C.; Betzler, C.; Luedmann, T.; Reijmer, J.; Lindhorst, S.; Roemer, M.
Giant pockmarks in the inner sea of the Maldives carbonate platform (Indian Ocean)

Perez-Garcia, C; Berndt, C; Masson, D; Planke, S; Kläschen, D; Depreiter, D; Mienert, J
Mud extrusion dynamics constrained from 3D seismics in the Mercator Mud Volcano. El Arraiche mud volcano field, Gulf of Cadiz.

León, R.; Somoza, L.; Dabrio, C.J.; Ercilla, G.; Medialdea, T.; Díaz-del-Río, V.; Gimenez-Moreno, C.J.; González, F.J.
GIS modeling of gas hydrate stability along the continental margin of Gulf of Cadiz: influence of focused fluid migration and Mediterranean undercurrents

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