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  List of Accepted Contributions - GM9 Submarine erosion (co-listed in SSP, NH & OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Mitchell, NC; Huthnance, JM
Diffusive tendencies in continental slope bathymetry

Mitchell, NC
Form of submarine erosion from confluences in Atlantic USA continental slope canyons

McAdoo, B.; Simpson, G.
Morphometric dating of submarine landslide scarps

Urgeles, R.; Amblās, D.; Lastras, G.; Canals, M.; Loubrieu, B.; Hughes-Clarke , J. E.
Submarine erosion: insights from the NE Iberian margin

Antobreh, A.A.; Krastel, S.; Spiess, V.; von Lom-Keil, H.
Sedimentation processes on the slope and rise offshore Uruguay inferred from reconnaissance high resolution seismic reflection survey

Alvarez, R.
Bahía de Banderas, México:evidence of on going submarine erosion induced by faulting

Estrada, F.; Ercilla, G.; Alonso, B.
Large-scale mass-flows in the Magdalena Turbidite System (withdrawn)

Ercilla, G.; Marconi Team
Submarine erosion on the Cantabrian continental margin and Biscay abyssal plain (Atlantic N Iberian)

Casas, D.; Prestige Team
Submarine erosion on the Prestige sinking area (SW Galicia Bank)

Georgiopoulou, A.; Masson, D.G.; Wynn, R.B.; Rohling, E.J.; Meggers, H.
Debris flow and turbidite deposits off Northwest Africa

Straub, K.; Mohrig, D.
Control of mass-failure events on the evolution of a submarine channel network, offshore Brunei Darussalam

Krastel, S.; Antobreh, A.A.; Wynn, R.B.; Hanebuth, T.; Henrich, R.; Schulz, H.D.; Koelling, M.; Holz, C.; Wien, K.
Sediment transport within canyons and open-slope systems off Mauritania

Vizcaino, A.; Grācia, E.; Pallās, R.; Terrinha, P.; Diez , S.; Daņobeitia, J.J.; Masson , D.
Active tectonic and sedimentary processes along the Sao Vicente Canyon (SW Iberian Margin): High-Resolution Imaging

Gafeira, J.; Grācia, E.; Terrinha, P.; Vizcaino, A.; Daņobeitia, J.
Morphostructural Mapping of the Marques de Pombal Fault Area (SW Portuguese Margin)

Draganits, E.; Grasemann, B.; Schlaf, J.
Giant striations at the base of submarine landslides (Late Proterozoic, NW Himalaya): implications for their formation

Joanne, C.; Lebourg, T.; Collot, J.-Y.; Migeon, S.; Lamarche, G.; Jomard, H.
Measurements of mechanical parameters on sediment cores collected in the Matakaoa avalanches system, South Kermadec subduction, New Zealand

Unnithan, V.; Øvrebø, L.; Haughton, P.; Shannon, P.
Rockall Bank Mass Flow: Evidence for mass wasting episodes, west of Ireland

Budillon, F.; Ferraro, L.; Hopkins, T.S.; Iorio, M.; Tonielli, R.; Bellonia, A.; D'Isanto, C.; Scotto, P.
Morphology and surface geology of the Augusta Bay (Eastern Ionian Sea): results of geophysical surveys.

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