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  List of Accepted Contributions - GM3.6 Periglacial and paraglacial processes (co-listed in CR)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Beylich, A.A.; Kneisel, C.
Postglacial sediment budget and relief development in Hrafndalur, Eastern Iceland

Kellerer-Pirklbauer, A.; Kaufmann, V.; Krobath, M.; Lieb, G.K.; Avian, M.
10 Years of Monitoring the Rock Glacier Kinematic and Surface Temperature at Weissenkar Rock Glacier, Austria (1997-2007)

Sass, O.; Willimzik, C.
Assessing talus Activity Patterns using Lichenometry in the Stubaier Alps - some Results and many Problems

Beylich, A.A.; Hansen, L.; Liermann, S.; Gintz, D.; Laute, K.; Vatne, G.; Fredin, O.; Burki, V.; Berthling, I.; Schmidt, K.-H.
Sub-recent sediment dynamics and sediment budget of the braided sandur system at Sandane, Erdalen (Nordfjord, Western Norway)

Schneider, D.; Allen, S.; Christen, M.; Huggel, C.; McArdell, B.W.; Bartelt, P.
Application of the RAMMS model to recent and potential rock-ice avalanches in the Mount Cook region (New Zealand)

Moore, J.R.; Sanders, J.W.; Dietrich, W.E.; Glaser, S.D.
The influence of rock mass strength on the erosion rate of alpine cliffs in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Juliussen, H.; Christiansen, H.H.
Active Layer Monitoring using Geoelectrical Resistivity Tomography

Delmas, M.; Calvet, M.; Gunnell, Y.
Variability of denudation rates in the eastern Pyrenees during the last glacial cycle

Zech, R.; Zech, W.; Kubik, P.W.; Karki , K.
Glaciation and landslide history around the Annapurna, Nepal, based on 10Be surface exposure dating

Védie, E.; Font, M.; Lagarde, J.-L.
Slope morphodynamics in periglacial environments: data from physical modelling

Gruber, S.; Hoelzle, M.
The thermal conductivity related cooling effect of coarse block

Cossart, E. ; Fort, M.
Differentiated pathways of debris removal along a trunk valley during accelerated glacial recession. Examples from Vallouise area (Southern French Alps) since 1950.

Ghysels, G.; Heyse, I.; Buylaert, J.-P.
Composite-wedge pseudomorphs and relict sand wedges in lowland Belgium: growth and decay history, optically stimulated luminescence dating and palaeoenvironmental implications

Friedlein, M.; Kneisel, C.
Geomorphological and geophysical investigations on the complexity of periglacial landforms in a subarctic-alpine geosystem (northern Sweden)

Draganits, E. ; Gier, S.; Hofmann, C.C.; Janda, C.; Grasemann, B.; Hager, C.
The sedimentary record of an early Holocene landslide-dammed lake (Baspa Valley, NW Himalaya)

Farbrot, H.; Kellerer-Pirklbauer, A.; Frauenfelder, R.
Towards an understanding of rock glacier initiation in the Gaissane Mountains, Northern Norway

Deline, P.
Paraglacial control on rock avalanches in the Mont Blanc massif occurred during the recent Holocene

Fauque, L.; Hermanns, R.L.; Rosas, M.; Wilson, C.; Baumann, V.; DiTommasso, I.; Hewitt, K.
Redefinition of the Horcones Deposit as related to postglacial Collapse of Cerro Aconcagua makes necessary redefining glacial Stratigraphy of Horcones-, Las Cuevas- and Mendoza valley, Argentina

Ferbar, M. ; Sřrbel, L.
Data from the Haukskardmyrin palsa mire, Southern Norway

Etzelmuller, B.; Odegard Strand, R.; Humlum, O.; Schuler Vikhamar, T.; Isaksen, K.
CRYOLINK - Permafrost and seasonal frost in Southern Norway

Schlunegger, F.; Badoux, A.; Gwerder, C.; Schnydrig, D.; Rieke-Zapp, D.; Molnar, P.; McArdell, B.W.
Controls, mechanisms and limits of sediment transfer in of the most active debris flow catchments in the Alps, the Illgraben catchment

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