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  List of Accepted Contributions - G1 Accuracy and stability of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Erol, S.; Erol, B.; Celik, R.
Analysis of ISTA-IGS station using geodetic and non-geodetic techniques

Yanar, R.; Eren, K.; Kartal, F.; Hawarey, M.; Al-Rajhi, M.; Al-Omar, A.
MOMRA Mapping Reference Framework

Tanir, E.; Felsenstein, K.; Heinkelmann, R.; Schuh, H.
Scaling Individual VLBI Solutions by Variance Component Estimation for Intra-technique Combination

Penna, N; King, M; Stewart, M
GPS height time series: short period origins of spurious long period signals

Kouba, J.
Consistency tests of earth rotation parameter and station position series

Granier, J.P.; Auriol, A.; Jayles, C.; Sengenes, P.
DORIS system improvements

Scherneck, H.-G.; Bos, M. S.
Ocean loading tides - a review

Angermann, D.; Drewes, H.; Kruegel, M.; Meisel, B.; Gerstl, M.
Accuracy evaluation of the terrestrial reference frame

Schmid, R.; Steigenberger, P.; Rothacher, M.; Gendt, G.; Ge, M.; Tesmer, V.
Absolute antenna phase center corrections and their impact on GPS results

Petit, G.; Ray, J.
Future of IERS Conventions models

Bourda, G.; Bellanger, A.; Biancale, R.; Charlot, P.
The GINS software for VLBI analyses and geodetic technique combinations: EOP and Reference Systems determination

Ray, J.; van Dam, T.; Altamimi, Z.
Coping with "real" versus "apparent" geocenter motions

Ray, J.; Crump, D.; Chin, M.
New GPS reference station in Brazil

Pavlis, E.; Pavlis, D.; Kuzmicz-Cieslak , M.
The origin of the TRF from Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR)

Drewes, H.
Implementation of the kinematical NNR condition for the terrestrial reference frame

Otsubo, T.; Appleby, G. M.; Gotoh, T.; Kubo-oka, T.
Potential TRF improvements through better understanding of laser ranging target signature effects

Luck, J
Practicalities of local ties and SLR calibration

Kluegel, T.; Schade, C.; Schlueter, W.
Footprint observations at the Fundamental Station Wettzell

van Dam, T.; Ray, J.; Altamimi, Z.
Comparing environmental loading effects and geodetic time series: What is the natural environmental reference frame for surface mass observations?

Altamimi, Z; Collilieux, X; Legrand, J; Boucher, C
Results and Analysis of the ITRF2005 and its contributed techniques

Kierulf, H. P.; Kristiansen, O.
Deformation Studies at Ny-Aalesund, Svalbard

Ziebart, M; Sibthorpe, A; Gulamali, M; Cross, P
Subtle, but insidious: GPS orbit model biases and reference frame realisation

Lavallee, D. A.; Blewitt, G; Clarke, P. J.; Moore, P; van Dam, T; Zhang, Q
The terrestrial reference frame and surface mass loading

Gambis, D.; Carlucci, T.; Saïl, M.; Bizouard, C; Altamimi, Z.
Towards the improvement of the consistency between the ITRF and the IERS EOPs

Koenig, R.; Meixner, H.; Neumayer, K.H.
A 12 years SLR coordinate time series: discontinuities and range bias estimation

Abbondanza, C.; Negusini, M.; Sarti, P.; Vittuari, L.
An investigation on gps based local ties and eccentricity vector estimation

Hugentobler, U.; Dach, R.; Schaer, S.; Urschl, C.; Beutler, G.
The Geocenter in Global GNSS Solutions

Montaguti, S.; Negusini, M.; Sarti, P.; Vittuari, L.
Measuring the VLBI parabolic shape at different elevation steps by means of terrestrial laser scanning: the case studies of Noto and Medicina

Cardellach, E.; Davis, J.; Elosegui, P.
Time-variable distortion of the Earth's shape due to errors in GPS satellite antenna phase-center offsets

Fritsche, M.F.; Dietrich, R.D.; Rülke, A.R.; Rothacher, M.R.; Steigenberger, P.S.
Accuracy and stability of a global GPS network: Analysis of homogeneously reprocessed station coordinate time series

Panafidina, N.; Malkin, Z.; Skurikhina, E.; Kurdubov, S.
Comparison of velocity field and baseline lenth variations for european stations derived from GPS and VLBI data. (withdrawn)

Soudarin, L.; Crétaux, J.-F.
A model of present-plate motions from the DORIS system

Desai, S; Gross, R; Wahr, J
The Impact of the Ocean Pole Tide on Various Geodetic Observables

Steigenberger, P.; Rothacher, M. ; Dietrich, R.; Fritsche, M.; Rülke, A.; Tesmer, V.
GPS-derived long time series of Earth rotation parameters with daily and subdaily resolution

Lemoine, F ; Luthcke, S; Zelensky, N; Pavlis, E; Beckley, B; Ray, R; Petrov, L; Pavlis, D; Rowlands, D
The relationship between global mean sea level rise and the reference frame

Ries, J; Eanes, R; Lemoine, F; Pavlis, E
Improving the determination of the terrestrial reference frame with an enhanced satellite laser ranging network

Ardalan, A.; Grafarend, E.W.
On the geodetic fundamental parameters and the definition of the reference ellipsoid

Tesmer, V.; Boehm, J.; Heinkelmann, R.; Schuh, H.
Impact of different tropospheric mapping functions on VLBI determined TRF, CRF and position time series

Tesmer, V.; Thaller, D.; Rothacher, M.; Steigenberger, P.; Kruegel, M.
Can low-latency UT1 estimates be improved combining VLBI intensive and daily GPS sessions?

Legrand, J.; Altamimi, Z.; Jamet, O.
Interpolating the ITRF velocity field using least squares collocation method

Ardalan, A. ; Safari, A. ; Hashemi-Farahani, H.
An attempt to find the current best estimate of geoid’s potential value $W_0 $ from global mean sea level and geopotential models

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