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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS13 Soil erosion on agricultural land (co-listed in GM)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kinnell, P
Modelling event erosion using a modification of the Universal Soil Loss Equation

Flanagan, D
Erosion prediction technology development in the United States.

Flanagan, D.
Use of anionic polyacrylamide to control runoff, soil erosion, and nutrient loss

Kinnell, P
Modelling event erosion using a modification of the Universal Soil Loss Equation (withdrawn)

Cerdŕ, A.
Herbicide versus Tillage. Soil and water losses at the El Teularet soil erosion experimental station

Cerdŕ, A.
Citrus production and soil loss in Eastern Spain

Bilotta, G.S.; Brazier, R.E.; Haygarth, P.M ; Granger, S.; Butler, P.
The influence of subsurface drainage on sediment and phosphorus export from intensively managed grasslands

Gomez, J.A.; Giraldez, J.V.; Fereres, E.
Cover crop effect on soil conservation in olive orchards.

Fowler, R.M.
Conserving soil or water: accelerating the adoption of Conservation Agriculture in South East Africa.

Mataix-Solera, J.; García-Orenes, F.; Guerrero, C.; Sempere, J.G.; Cerdŕ, A.
Organic matter, aggregate stability and soil erosion after one year of applications of different agricultural and rangeland managements.

Mabit, L; Li , L ; Toloza , A; Bernard , C
Soil erosion processes and soil quality variability evaluated using fallout radionuclides

Mavlyanov, G.N.
Agricultural pollution of underground waters.

Taboada, M.A.; Barbosa, O.A.; Cosentino, D.J.
Soil cracking and shrinkage in a silty loam under different management regimes

Taboada, M.A. ; Barbosa, O.A.; Casentino, D.J.
Soil cracking and shrinkage in a silty loam under different management regimes

Popov, L.; Ion, C.
Development of erosion hazards and elaboration of erosion prevention plans in Southern region of the Republic of Moldova

Duseja, D.; Dennis, S.
Long-term zero-tillage effects on soybean growth and soil properties

Levy, G.J.; Warrington, D.N.; Bhardwaj, A.K. ; Mamedov, A.I.
Particle size distribution of eroded material from semi-arid soils

Lewis, L.; Chen, H.; El Garrouani , A.
Modeling soil erosion and deposition utilizing remote sensing and GIS in the Tlata river basin, Morocco

Lobb, D.A.
Pushing and pulling tillage erosion into the future

Sadiki, A.; Faleh, A.; Navas, A.; Bouhlassa, S.
Using magnetic susceptibility to qualitatively assess soil erosion on cultivated slopes of the Eastern Rif, Morocco

Casadei, M.; Farabegoli, E.; Tosi, M.
Modelling the effect of agricultural practice on soil loss and surface hidrology in mediterranean clayey hillslopes

Houben, P.
Vast erosion, vast colluviation, - but the way of sediment flux accounts for a success story of sustainable land use? Lessons learned from a 7500 years sediment budget in an agricultural loess catchment, Germany.

González-Hidalgo, J.C.; de Luis, M.; Batalla, R.J.
Effects of largest daily events on soil erosion by rainwater. An analysis of USLE database.

Martínez-Mena, M; Almagro, M; López, J; Boix-fayós, C; Albaladejo, J
Effect of soil water erosion and cultivation on the carbon stock in a Semiarid Area of Southeast Spain.

Zorn, M.; Miko, M.; Petan, S.; Mikoš, M.
Measurements of interrill erosion on flysch soil under different land use (SW Slovenia)

Mahmoodabadi, M.; Rafahi, H.G.
Evaluation of soil erodibility using rainfall simulation in comparison to the USLE estimation

Ries, J. B.; Iserloh, Th.; Fister, W.
Rainfall simulation experiments – drop size distribution and fall velocity of artificial rainfall

Ries, J. B.; Wistorf, S.; Fister, W.
Rainfall simulation experiments – drop size, drop size distribution and distribution pattern of a small mobile nozzle-type simulator

Levy, G.J.; Warrington, D.N.; Bhardwaj, A.K.; Mamedov, A.I.
Changes in Eroded Material and Runoff as Affected by Rain Depth and Aggregate Slaking in Three Semi-arid Region Soils

Kertész, Á.; Tóth, A.; Szalai, Z.; Booth, C.A.; Fullen, M.A.; Davies, K.
The role of geotextiles in soil erosion and conservation

Alves, T; Gomez, H. A.; Gomez, J.A.
Portable rainfall and overland flow simulator.

Trümper, G.; Klik, A.
Impacts of different soil tillage systems on soil respiration

Bertol, I.; Mirás Avalos, J.M.; Sande Fouz, P.; Vidal Vázquez, E.; Paz González, A.
Runoff, sediment yield, and nutrient losses as affected by crop residues on a loamy soil prone to crusting

Andrieux, P.; Le Bissonnais, Y.; Trambouze, W.; Coulouma, G.; Zante, P.
Erosion as affected by agricultural practices in the Mediterranean vineyard

Lado, M; Ben-Hur, M
Effluent irrigation effects on seal formation and soil loss under simulated and natural rainfall

Ciubotaru, V.; Biol, E.
Participatory approach to soil erosion and poverty

Lo Curzio, S.; Magliulo, P.; Russo, F.
Soil erosion assessment using Geomorphological Remote Sensing techinques: an example from Southern Italy

Laloy, E.; Bielders, C.
Effects of destruction and burial dates of cover crops on runoff and erosion in a maize cropping system: measurements and modelling

Zoldan, W.A.; Bertol, I.; Pegoraro, R.; Fabian, E.L.; Barbosa, F.T.; Vidal Vázquez, E.
Effect of tillage history on soil surface roughness decay

Rodríguez-Blanco, M. L.; Taboada-Castro, M. M.; Taboada-Castro, M. T.
Sources and suspended solid load in a rural catchment, NW Spain

Taboada-Castro, M. M.; Taboada-Castro, M. T.; Rodríguez-Blanco, M. L.
Soil surface conditions: effect on runoff and erosion in agricultural areas of Galicia (NW, Spain)

Govers, G.; Van Oost, K.; Peeters, I. ; Poesen, J.; Verstraeten, G. ; Van Rompaey, A.
Erosion on arable land : a reflection on what we know, what we do not know and what we should know

Mahler, C.; Mendes, C.; Granato, A.
Surface Erosion on a Steep Slope under perennial crop and fallowing in Bom Jardim County, Rio de Janeiro State

Seeger, M.; Lana-Renault, N.; Regües, D.; Garcia-Ruiz, J. M.
Runoff generation, erosion and soil redistribution in a catchment with abandoned agriculture in the Central Spanish Pyrenees (withdrawn)

de Lima, JLMP; Souza , CS ; Singh , VP; Azevedo, JMM ; de Lima , MIP
Granulometric characterization of sediments transported by runoff generated by moving storms

Farabegoli, E.; Casadei, M.; Tosi, M.; Rossi, P.; Bittelli, M.; Salvatorelli, F.; Cassabi, G.; Zani, O.; Cimatti, R.; Baldelli, C.; THE SLID TEAM
The SLID project: tools and methods to estimate agricultural soil loss in clayey Mediterranean hillslopes

Dantas-F., M.; Pejon, O.; Zuquette, L.; Cendrero, A.
The Role Of Terrain Variables And Human Activity On The Development Of Erosion Features; A Case Study In The State Of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kertész, A.; Tóth, A.
Soil erosion susceptibility map of Lake Velence Catchmen

Jakab, G.; Kertész, A.; Dezső, Z.; Madarász, B.; Szalai, Z.; Bádonyi, K.
The role of gully erosion in total soil loss at catchment scale

González-Hidalgo, J.C.; de Luis, M.; Batalla, R.J.; Cerdŕ, A.
Precipitation and runoff that causing the largest daily erosion events. An introductory analysis using the USLE data base

Molina, M.J.; Soriano, M.D.; Llinares, J.V.; Pons, V.
Organic matter, aggregate stability and infiltration relationships in agricultural semiarid soils of Valencia

Bertol, I.; Zoldan, W.A.; Zavaschi, E.; Bosetti, E.; Luciano, R.V.; Paz González, A.
Selected erosion parameters as influenced by tillage history

Le Gouée, P.; Delahaye, D.
SCALES : a large-scale assessment model of soil erosion hazard in Basse-Normandie (France)

Mirás Avalos, J. M.; Vidal Vázquez, E.; Paz González, A.; Dafonte Dafonte, J.; Valcárcel Armesto, M.
Rates of soil erosion in an Atlantic area of NW Spain

de Alba, S.; Barbero, F.; Lucía, A.; Guerro, G.; Talavera, M.; Martín, C.
Soil redistribution and erosion by tillage: Remodelling agricultural landscapes

de Alba, S.; Guerro, G.; Lacasta, C.; Benito, G.; Pérez-González, A.
Influence of soil management on water erosion in a Mediterranean semiarid climate

de Alba, S.; Borselli, L.; Torri, D.; Lindstrom, M.J.; Schumacher, T.E.
Field evidence of soil redistribution and soil erosion by tillage

de Alba, S.; Barbero, F.
Effectiveness of contour tillage to reduce water erosion during extreme rainfall events

Silgram, M.; Jackson, B.; Quinton, J.; Stevens, C.; Bailey, A.
Can tramline management be an effective tool for controlling sediment loss from arable agriculture?

Zhang, J.H.; Ni, S.J.
Variation of chemical properties as affected by soil redistribution due to water and tillage erosion

López-Vicente, M.; Navas, A.; Machín, J.
Assessing soil losses in mountain agricultural fields by applying the RUSLE and the MMF model

Lo Curzio, S.; Magliulo, P.; Russo, F.
Soil erosion in Southern Italy: the case study of Saccione Stream basin

Taguas, E.V.; Peńa, A.; Ayuso, J.L.; Giráldez, J.V.; Pérez, R.
Testing of AnnAGNPS (Annualized Agricultural Non Point Source) on olive orchards at microcatchment scale

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