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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH3.04 Remote sensing and geophysical techniques for investigating unstable slopes (co-listed in GM & GI)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Fourniadis, I.G.
Lithological mapping for landslide hazard assessment: an example from the Three Gorges, China, using ASTER imagery data

Komac, M; Jemec, M
Detection of mass movements in Alpine Slovenia using Permanent Scatter InSAR data

Roberts, N.J.; Evans, S.G.
Khait rock avalanche / mud flow, Tajikistan: validation of a remote sensing-based methodology for characterization and analysis of catastrophic landslides

Wasowski, J.; Gallo, D.; Florio, N.G.; Dabbicco, G.
Geophysical surveying for mapping areas susceptibile to landsliding: case study from Italy

Grandjean, G.; Malet, J.P.; Bitri, A.; Meric, O.
Geophysical tomographies fusion by fuzzy logic for imaging the geomechanical behaviour of mudslides

Ardalan, A.; Gharebaghi, A.
A proposal for establishment and application of multi-sensor geodesy stations for geodynamics studies

Danneels, G.; Havenith, H.B.; Pirard, E.
Landslide detection from remote sensing images using statistical and ANN classification methods

Del Gaudio, V.; Venisti, N.; Pierri, P.; Wasowski, J.
Application of the Refraction Microtremor technique to investigate the characteristics of seismic response of landslide-prone hillslopes

Abdel-Hafez, T; Sultan, A; Shaaban, F; Hafez, M; Abd-Alla, M
Geophysical studies to investigate the reasons behind the tilting of the power line cable pillar at Borg Al-Arab, Alexandria, Egypt (withdrawn)

Jonsson, S.; Agustsson, K.
A Survey of active Landslide Movement in Iceland from SAR Interferometry

Farina, P.; Casagli, N.; Ferretti, A.
How space-borne InSAR can provide insights into coastal instability problems: the Cirò Marina case (Italy)

Mora, P.; Berti, M.; Simoni, A.
Observations of soil moisture from thermal infrared data (withdrawn)

Taboga, A; Brabham, P J; Harris, C
Development of high-resolution geophysical monitoring of landslides in the South Wales Coalfield

Lebourg, T.; Jomard, H.; Guglielmi, Y.; Tric, E.
Electrical imaging of the sliding geometry and fluids associated to a large rockslide

Shieh, C.L.; Chen, Y.S.; Tsai, Y.J.; Lai, J.C.; Lee, S.P.
A Comparision of Landslides Caused by Rainfalls and Earthquakes

Rosser, N.J.; Dunning, S.A.; Petley, D.N.
Multi-spectral terrestrial laser scanning for interpreting the controls on and changes to unstable rock faces

@START_TITLE@Use of spatial remote sensing and d.e.m. for the fracturing analysis in the humid mountain in the rifan chain at the morocco: relationship with the distribution of the landslides. @END_TITLE@

Wiesmann, A.; Wegmüller, U.; Strozzi, T.; Werner, C.; Rhyner, J.; Meister, R.; Klingler, C.
Application of Interferometric Radar techniques for survey and monitoring of unstable slopes in the Alps in the frame of the EC Framework 6 GMES project ASSIST

Lamanna, C; Casarano, D; Wasowski, J.
Land use and landslide activity in the Rocchetta San Antonio area (Daunia region, Italy)

Petley, D.N.; Dunning, S.A.; Rosser, N.J.
On the application of TOPSAT for the rapid assessment of landslide impacts

Caracciolo, T.; La Pietra, T.; Pellegrino, A.
First outcomes from the challenge between conventional geomorphological tecniques

Wang, K.-L.; Lin, M.-L.; Dowman, I.
The observation of landslide coupling uplift of earthquake with Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar ¡V the case study of Chi-Chi earthquake and Ju-Fen-Err mountain area

Supper, R.; Römer, A.; Avian, M.; Kellerer-Pirklbauer , A.
Geoelectrical measurements for permafrost monitoring at the Hoher Sonnblick, Salzburg, Austria

Teza, G.; Genevois, R.; Pesci, A.; Galgaro, A.
Ground surface strain field computation of an unstable slope

Travelletti, J; Demand, J; Marillier, F; Jaboyedoff, M
Landslide investigation in the Swiss Alps using the seismic refraction and reflection techniques together with a numeric method based on the sloping base-level concept

Relationships between tectonic and gravity: case studies in central Apennines

Turner, G.; Ingham, M.; Bibby, H.
Electrical resistivity monitoring of seepage and stability of the Tephra Barrier at Crater Lake, MT Ruapehu, New Zealand

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