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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS6 Ocean Remote Sensing (co-listed in BG, CL, CR & GD)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bakhanov, V.V.; Bogatov, N.A.; Ermoshkin, A.V.; Kazakov, V.I.; Kemarskaya, O.N.; Lobanov, V.N.; Repina, I.A.; Titov, V.I.; Troitskaya, Yu.I.; Zuikova, E.M.
Subsatellite studies of ocean upper layer and atmospheric near-surface layer variability in a shelf area (withdrawn)

Nakamura, S.
Satellite Thermal Monitoring of Ocean Front Evolution

Ho, C. R.; Su, F. C.; Kuo, N. J.; Tsao, C. C.
Distribution of Internal Waves in the South China Sea from Satellite Ocean Color Imagery

Bruck, M.; Silva, J. ; Pontes, M.T.
Is there a correlation between chlorophyll-a concentration and wave climate?

Lin Mingsen, Pro.; Zou Juhong, Dr.; Pan Delu, Pro.
A high wind GMF for QuikSCAT wind retrievals and application to typhoon IOKE

Kuo, N.-J.; Ho, C.-R.; Lo, Y.-T.; Huang , S.-J.; Tsao, C.-C.
Observation of sea surface water in the northwestern South China Sea by satellite data

Knudsen, P.; Andersen, O.
Optimal Filtering of Mean Dynamic Topography Models

Knudsen, P.; Benveniste, J.; Teams, 2
GOCE in Ocean Modelling, GUT and the GOCINO project.

Pavlis, E. C.; Mertikas, S. P.
Absolute calibration of the JASON-1 altimeter from the GAVDOS project

Isern-Fontanet, J.; Lapeyre, G.; Klein, P.; Chapron, B.; Hecht, M.
3D Reconstruction of oceanic mesoscale currents from a single snapshot of sea surface temperature

Lee, T; McPhaden, M. J.
Atmospheric and oceanic bridges that link the variability of meridional circulations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans

Bonekamp, H.; Anderson, C.; Wilson, J.J.; Figa, J.
Calibration and Validation of ASCAT Backscatter

Barale, V.
Optical remote sensing of ecological dynamics in the Red Sea (withdrawn)

Sedlacek, S.; Ziemer, F.
Bottom stress estimation based on Radar Observed Currents

Astoreca, R.; Rousseau, V.; Ruddick, K.; Lancelot, C.
Development and application of an algorithm for detecting undesirable Phaeocystis globosa blooms from space

Clarizia, M-P; Gommenginger, C.P.; Gleason, S.; Galdi, C.; Unwin, M.
Global Navigation Satellite System-Reflectometry (GNSS-R) from the UK-DMC satellite for remote sensing of the ocean surface

Bracher, A.; Vountas, M. ; Dinter, T.; Burrows, J.; Röttgers, R.; Gehnke, S.; Peeken, I.
Observation of cyanobacteria and diatoms from space using Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy on SCIAMACHY data

Piskozub, J; Neumann, T; Wozniak, L
On the correct choice of depth weighting function in optical remote sensing of vertically inhomogeneous waters.

Bashmachnikov, I.; Machin , F.; Martins, A.; Mendonca, A.
Remote sensing signature of three Meddies east of the Mid-Atlantic ridge

Le Dimet, F.X.; Souopgui, I.; Titaud, O.; Vidard, A.
Assimilation of Images in Numerical Models

Brajard, J.; Santer, R.; Thiria, S.
Remote sensing of MERIS data of coastal waters

Bosch, W.; Savcenko, R.
Instantaneous ocean dynamic topography profiles – assessment through smoothed GRACE geoids and altimetric sea surface height profiles

Homberg, A.; Esselborn, S.; Flechtner, F.
Determination of oceanic mass changes with radar altimetry, Argo profiles and GRACE measurements

Andersen, O. B.; Knudsen, P.
The DNSC07MSS global Mean Sea surface and mean dynamic topography from multi-mission radar altimetry.

Fehlau, M.; Ferri, L.; Fenoglio-Marc, L.; Gao, Y.; Becker, M.
Coastal sea surface heights from improved altimeter data in the Mediterranean Sea

Ebert, K.; Schaale, M.; Fischer, J.
Radiative transfer sensitivity studies for detection of oceanic coccolithophore blooms from ENVISAT MERIS data

Thomas, M.; Cipollini, P.; Benveniste, J.
Separating planetary waves from mesoscale eddies in altimetric dynamic topography maps

Gommenginger, C.P.; Cipollini, P.; Martin-Puig, C.; Marquez, J.; Cotton, P.D.; Raney, R.K.; Benveniste, J.
SAR Altimetry numerical simulations over water surfaces

Christine Gommenginger, C.P.; Quartly, G.D.; Challenor, P.G.; Rogers, C.; Benveniste, J.
On the coherence of nadir altimeter signals over water with ENVISAT RA-2 Individual Echoes

Cipollini, P.; Gomez-Enri, J.; Gommenginger, C.P.; Martin-Puig, C.; Vignudelli, S.; Woodworth, P.; Benveniste, J.
Developing radar altimetry in the oceanic coastal zone: the COASTALT project

A. Ardalan, A.; Torabi, M.
Along track spectral analysis of satellite altimetry observations for Mean Sea Level modeling

Pontes, M. T.; Bruck, M.
Satellite data for wave energy resource assessment

Quartly, G.D.
Intermittency in the East Madagascar flow

Martins, A.; Bashmachnikov, I.; Mendonça, A.
Multi-sensor (SeaWiFS/MODIS/AVHRR) surface signature of the Azores current

Jonsson, B; Salisbury, J; Campbell, J; Mahadevan, A
Large reversals in continental shelf phytoplankton carbon dynamics revealed by satellite

Quilfen, Y.; Prigent, C.; Chapron, B.
The potential of QuikSCAT and WindSat observations for the estimation of sea surface wind vector under severe weather conditions

Paturi, S.; Han, G.; de Young, B.
A 3-D Data-Assimilative Tidal Model of the Northwest Atlantic

Brusch, S.; Lehner, S.; Stellenfleth, J.-S.
Sar derived wind and ocean wave fields of mesoscale cyclones

Karimi, R.; A. Ardalan, A.
An iterative Lagrangian approach to Sea Surface Topography and marine geoid computations following exactly the definition of the geoid according to Gauss and Listing

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