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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV08 Controls on metamorphic processes

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bento dos Santos, T.; Munhá, J.; Tassinari, C.; Fonseca, P.; Dias Neto, C.
Metamorphic evolution of central Ribeira Belt (SE Brazil) based on pseudosections and P-T-t paths

Gaidies, F.; de Capitani, C.; Abart, R.; Krenn, E.; Schuster, R.
Numerical simulation of garnet growth with THERIA_G: theory and applications

Ague, J.
Metamorphic processes: what do we really know?

Phillips, G.; Offler, R.; Hand, M.
The affect of bulk rock chemistry and fugacity on phase equilibria in low-temperature moderate-high-pressure metamorphic environments

Mirwald, P. W.; Scola, M.; Tropper, P.
Experimental study on the incorporation of Na in Mg-cordierite in the presence of different fluids (Na(OH), NaCl-H2O, albite-H2O)

Tropper, P.; Manning, C.
Experimental constraints on the role of brines in the transformation of granulite-facies metapelites to eclogites

Kunze, R.; Tropper, P.; Konzett, J.
The gabbro-eclogite transformation as a function of fO2: constraints on the gabbro-eclogite transition in the Bärofen metagabbros (Koralpe, Eastern Alps, Austria)

Franzolin, E.; Schmidt, M.W.
CaCO3-MgCO3-FeCO3 phase diagram at upper mantle P,T conditions

Ferrando, S.; Frezzotti , M.L.; Compagnoni , R.
The UHP metamorphism in Dora-Maira whiteschists, western Alps: new data from the peak mineral assemblage and the multiphase solid inclusions in pyrope (withdrawn)

Abart, R.; Fischer, F.D.
Thermodynamic model for diffusion controlled reaction rim growth in spherical geometry: Application to the forsterite-enstatite-quartz system

Petrishcheva, E.; Abart, R.
Spinodal decomposition in ternary feldspar.

John, T.; Vrijmoed, J.C.; van der Straaten, F.; Podladchikov, Y.; Jamtveit, B
Hydration of eclogite at the slab-wedge interface: an example of fluid infiltration into a swelling system

Traskine, V.; Skvortsova, Z.; Muralev, A.
Pressure solution creep under cyclic loading

Llana-Fúnez, S; Rutter, E; Brodie, K
Experimental dehydration and deformation of serpentinite under controlled pore pressure

Konrad-Schmolke, M.; Zack, T.; O'Brien, P.J.; Jakob, D.
Major- and Trace-element modelling in Garnet along Eclogite P-T Paths

Vrijmoed, J.C.; Austrheim, H.; John, T.; Podladchikov, Y.Y.
Metasomatism of the UHP Svartberget olivine-websterite body in the Western Gneiss Complex, Norway

Padrón-Navarta, J. A.; Garrido, C. J.; Sánchez-Navas, A.
Oriented growth of garnet by topotactic reactions in high-Pressure, mafic garnet granulite during dehydration melting of hornblende-gabbronorite

Marocchi, M.; Mair, V.; Tropper, P.; Bargossi, G.M.
Metasomatism in the Hochwart peridotite (Ulten Zone, Italy): a natural window into the processes affecting crust-mantle interaction at subduction zones

Wheeler, J; Llana-Funez, S; Faulkner, D; Healy, D
Dehydration reactions and stress

Dégi, J.; Abart, R.; Török, K.
The role of Fe–Ti-oxides in the study of lower crustal garnet granulite xenoliths from the Central Pannonian Basin

Habler, G.; Thöni, M.; Grasemann, B.
Deformation-related reaction and (re)equilibration processes: Natural examples from the southern Ötztal-Stubai Complex (Eastern Alps, Italy/Austria)

Milke, R.; Kolzer, K.; Abart, R.
Reaction rim growth in a thermal gradient

Bousquet, R; Oberhänsli, R; Moazzen, M
Understanding of the mineralogy of jadeitites: natural and theoretical studies from a new occurrence of blue jade (Sorkhan area, Iran)

Camacho, A.; Yang, P.; Frederiksen, A.
Constraints on the duration of high-strain deformation in the lower crust

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