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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST4.6 Pc1 Pearl Waves: Discovery, Morphology and Physics

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Guglielmi, A.; Kangas, J.
Pc1 waves in the system of solar-terrestrial relations

Potapov, A.
Siberian input into understanding of the Pc1 phenomenon (withdrawn)

Demekhov, A.
Recent progress in understanding Pc-1 pearl formation

Guglielmi, A.; Zotov, O.
Human impact on the natural geophysical phenomena: Pc1 electromagnetic activity

Fälthammar, C.-G.
The discovery of magnetohydrodynamic waves

Kurazhkovskaya, N.A.; Klain, B.I.
Conformities of simultaneous observations of high-latitude magnetic impulses (MIEs) and impulsive bursts in a band Pc1-2

Matveyeva, E.T.; Shchepetnov, R.V.
Geomagnetic pulsations of type Pc1 in a range 0.2 - 5.0 Hz: temporal characteristics and medical aspects

Feygin, F.Z.; Nekrasov, A.K.; Kangas, J.; Pikkarainen, T.
Pc1 (pearl) pulsations with inverse dispersion

Russell, C. T.
Upstream and downstream waves in subsonic and supersonic flowing plasmas

Fraser, B. J.; Singer, H. J.; Goldstein, J.; Gallagher, D. L.; Thomsen, M.
Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves, Plasma Plumes and Cold Ion Density Measurements in the Magnetosphere (withdrawn)

Fraser, B. J.; Ponomarenko, P. V.; Olson, J. V.
Do Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves Propagate as Bouncing Wave Packets? (withdrawn)

Bösinger, T.; Kangas, J.; Haldoupis, C.; Turunen, T.
On observations of Pc1/IPDP type geomagnetic pulsations at low latitude

Kangas, J.; Bösinger, T.; Mursula, K.; Turunen, T.; Kultima, J.; Manninen, J.; Guglielmi, A.; Trakhtengerts, V.; Yahnin, A.; Potapov, A.
International networking in Pc1 studies - Russian-Finnish cooperation as an example

Lundin, R.; Guglielmi, A.
Ponderomotive forces and pc1 waves

Klain, B.I.; Zotov, O.D.; Kurazhkovskaya, N.A.
On the possibility of the Pc1 artificial excitation by a powerful radio wave

Zolotukhina, N.; Pilipenko, V.; Engebretson, M.; Roger, A.
The response of the inner and outer magnetosphere to the solar wind density fluctuations at the recovery phase of the moderate magnetic storm on April 11, 1997

KLeimenova, N.G.; Kozyreva, O.V.; Breus, T.K.; Rappoport, S.I.
Season variations and possible effects of Pc1 geomagnetic pulsations on the human cardiovascular system

Dovbnya, B.V.
On the earthquake effects in the regime of Pc1

Mogilevsky , M.; Zelenyi, L.; Trakhtengerts, V.; Demekhov, A.; Yampolski, Y.; Sinitsin , V.; Bösinger, T.
The ultimate for Pc1 pulsation research, continuous multi-point space observations within a common flux-tube volume: the RESONACE project

Raita, T.; Kultima, J.
Discovery of the Pc1 pearl waves by Eyvind Sucksdorff

Raita, T.; Bösinger, T.; Turunen, T.
From Sucksdorff to the present measurements

Parkhomov, V.A.; Zastenker, G. N.; Ryazantseva, M.O.; Tsegmed, B.; Ermolaev, Y.I.
Sharp and large solar wind density pulses as a source of bursts quasi-regular geomagnetic pulsations in range of the periods 5 – 20 s.

Yahnin, A.G. ; Yahnina, T.A.
Energetic proton precipitation related to Pc1

Semenova, N.V.; Yahnin, A.G.; Vasilyev, A.N. ; Noskov, S.P. ; Voronin , A.I.
Signatures of the Ionospheric Alfven Resonator in the polar cap region

Yahnina, T.A.; Yahnin, A.G.; Boesinger, T.; Voronin, A.N.
Particle precipitation related to Pc2 pulsations: A case study

Trakhtengerts, V.; Demekhov, A.
Generation of Pc~1 pulsations in the regime of Backward Wave Oscillator

Zolotukhina, N.; Cao, J.
The transition from Pc1 to IPDP under the conditions of enhanced magnetospheric convection

Nilsson, H.; Waara, M.; Marghitu, O.; Yamauchi, M.; Rème, H.; The CIS Team
Cluster CIS observations of polar cap O+ outflow; A relation to pc1 waves?

Polyakov, A.R.; Klain, B.I.
Definition of the magnetospheric resonator characteristics on the amplitude and phase fluctuations of the Pc1 and Pg geomagnetic pulsations

Safargaleev, V; Kozlovsky, A
Using Pc1 micropulsations excited during a sudden magnetosphere compression in the diagnostics of the magnetosphere

Minorsky, P.V.; Bronstein, N.B.
Do Geomagnetic Variations Affect the Foliar Spiral Direction of Coconut Palms?

Mursula, K.
Satellite observations of Pc1 pearl waves

Prikner, K.; Kangas, J.; Feygin, F.
Effective domain of the Ionospheric Alfven Resonator for filtration of the Pc1 waves

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