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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSP25 Lake systems: sedimentary archives of climate change and tectonics (co-listed in CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Ozturk, K.; Alpar, B.
Stratigraphic Sequence of the Lake Iznik, Turkey

Goldberg, E.L.; Grachev, M. A.; Chebykin, E. P.
Continuous high-resolution Reconstruction of Paleo-Humidity in the catchment Basin of Lake Baikal during the last 100ky. (withdrawn)

Chebykin, E. P.; Goldberg, E.L.; Grachev, M.A.; Fedorin, M.A.
Uranium Isotopes in the Sediments of Lake Baikal as Geochronometers and Proxy for Paleo-Humidity (withdrawn)

Fedorin, M.A. ; Goldberg, E.L.
Comparison of 400-ky paleoclimatic Record from Lake Baikal (withdrawn)

Li, H.-C.; You, C.-F.; Ku, T.-L.; Xu, X.-M.; Shen, M.-L.
Sr and O isotopic compositions and water chemistry in Salton Basin, California: implications for changes in water source and paleoclimate

Kulbe, T.; Anselmetti, F.; Cantonati, M.; Sturm, M.
Sedimentary Evolution and dramatic Lake Level Changes of Alpine Lago di Tovel, Italy, revealed by Sediment Cores and 3.5 kHz Seismic Mapping

Pochat, S.; Van Den Driessche, J.
Late Permian climatic stability: Determination of Kungurian to Tatarian (260 Ma – 250 Ma) palaeowinds direction from lacustrine sediments (Lodčve basin, France).

Heiri, O.; Lotter, A.F.; Peeters, W.M.; Engels, S.; Hoek, W.Z.; Cremer, H.
Late Glacial palaeoenvironments at Hijkermeer (The Netherlands) reconstructed using fossil chironomids, pollen, and diatoms

Sabato, L.; Pieri, P.; Tropeano, M.
A lacustrine system controlled by a fault propagation fold in the Sant’Arcangelo Basin

Bessems, I.; Verschuren, D.
Paleolimnological evidence for widespread late-18th century drought across equatorial East Africa.

Loutre, M.F.; Boës, X.; Fagel, N.; Charlet, F.; De Batist, M.
Climate oscillations recorded in Chilean lacustrine sediments (Lago Puyehue)

climate variability and land-use changes since medieval times inferred from the laguna zońar sedimentary record (andalucia, spain)

Doublet, S.; Garcia, J.-P.
Tectonic and climatic controls on the stratigraphic record of a nonmarine rift basin: the Cameros Basin (Upper Jurassic-Early Cretaceous), Soria-La Rioja provinces, Spain

Boes, X.; Fagel, N.
Lake system in Southern Chile: Climatic and volcanic controls for the last 600 yr.

Valero-Garcés, B.; Morellón, M.; Limnocliber team
LIMNOCLIBER: A Transect of High-Resolution Lacustrine Records of Climate and Environmental Variability in Spain since the Last Glacial Maximum.

González-Sampériz, P.; Valero-Garcés, B.; Moreno, A.; Navas, A.; Machín, J.; Delgado-Huertas, A.
Holocene palaeoenvironmental reconstruction in the Central Ebro Basin (NE Spain): vegetation changes and hydrological fluctuations from saline lakes ( La Playa and La Salineta records)

Granina, L.Z.; Fagel, N.
Buried Fe/Mn sedimentary Layers as Markers of past Conditions in Lake Baikal

Schwab, M.J.; Werner, P.; Hill, N.; Leroy, S.
Identification of historic earthquakes in surface sediments by means of multi-proxy-analyses (Lake Sapanca, West-Anatolia, Turkey)

Bertrand, S.; Charlet, F.; Charlier, B.; Renson, V.; Fagel, N.
Climate variability of Southern Chile since the Last Glacial Maximum: a continuous sedimentological record from Lago Puyehue (40°S)

Roberts, SJ; Hodgson, DA; Smith, JA; Bentley, MJ; Fretwell, PT; Bryant, C ; Leng, MJ
Holocene climate of the Antarctic Peninsula from lake sediment cores

DETRICHE, S.; Bréhéret, J.G.; Zarki, H.; Macaire, J.J.; Karat, L.; El Ouadeihe, K.
Holocene evolution of the lake Afourgagh environment (Middle-atlas mountains, Morocco) from the sediment study.

Mayr, C.; Lücke, A.; Fey, M.; Haberzettl, T.; Janssen, S.; Ohlendorf, C.; Schäbitz, F.; Schleser, G.; Wille, M.; Zolitschka, B.
Lacustrine isotope records reflect environmental changes in southern Patagonia (Argentina) since the Late-Glacial

d. Fanetti, d. F.; f.s. Anselmetti, f. A.; e. Chapron, e. C.; l. Vezzoli, l. V.
Mega-turbidite events and sedimentologic history in Lake Como (Italy)

Charlet, F.; Verschuren, D.; De Batist, M.; Bessems, I.; Olago, D.; Muzuka, A.
Two glacial-interglacial cycles of lake-level change in equatorial East Africa documented by high-resolution seismic sequence stratigraphy from Lake Challa (Kenya)

Chapron, E.; Charlet, F.; Bertrand, S.; De Batist, M.; Pino, M.; Arnaud, F.; Magand, O.; Urrutia, R.
Normal versus earthquake-induced clastic sedimentation processes in Lago Puyehue, Chilean Lake District, 41°S

Wagner, B.; Daut, G.; Wessels, M.; Matzinger, A.; Schwalb, A.; Spirkovski, Z.; Sanxhaku, M.
Shallow seismic survey of Lake Ohrid, Macedonia and Albania, and initial results from surface sediment investigations

Brauer, A.
The role of micro-facies variations in lake sediment research

Demirel-Schlueter, F.; Krastel, S.; Niessen, F.; Demirbag, E.; Imren, C. ; Toker, M.; Litt, T.; Sturm, M.
Seismic Pre-Site Survey for a potential new ICDP site – PaleoVan - at Lake Van, Turkey

Solovieva, N; Jones, V; Nazarova, L; Brooks, S; Birks, J; Grytnes, J-A; Appleby, P; Kauppila, T; Renberg, I; Kondratenok, B
Palaeolimnological evidence for recent climate change in lakes from the northern Urals, Arctic Russia

Beck, C.; Schneider, J.-L.; Mercier de Lépinay, B.; Cremer, M.; Çađatay, N.; Boutareaud, S.; Schmidt, S.; Weber, O.; Armijo, R.; Pondard, N.; MARMACORE Scientific Party
Co- seismic sedimentation during the last lacustrine stage of the Sea of Marmara, North-Anatolian Fault, Turkey.

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