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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.02 Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic phenomena related to earthquakes (co-listed in SM)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Zakharenkova, I.E.; Shagimuratov, I.I.; Yakimova, G.A.
Ionospheric TEC anomalies as precursors of January 8, 2006 earthquake

Ondoh, T.
Study of precursory phenomena before M7.2 Hyogoken Nanbu earthquake of January 17, 1995 around Kobe, Japan for earthquake prediction

Moldovan, I.A.; Enescu, D. ; Moldovan, A.
Results obtained through the geomagnetic method for short-term prediction of Vrancea (Romania) earthquakes. A ten year experience

Moldovan, I. A.; Moldovan, A. S.; Panaiotu, C. G.; Echim, M. M.
The geomagnetic method on precursory phenomena associated with 2004 significant intermediate Vrancea seismic activity

Zakharenkova, I.E.; Shagimuratov, I.I.; Krankowski, A.; Tepenitsina, N.Yu.
Using measurements of navigating system GPS for investigation of preseismic ionospheric effects

Kaya, T.; Tank, S.B.; Tuncer, M.K.; Rokityansky, I.I.; Tolak, E.; Shavchenko, T.
Magnetotelluric imaging of Duzce Fault, Turkey

Biagi, P.F.; Castellana, L.; Maggipinto, T.; Piccolo, R.; Minafra, A.; Ermini, A.; Capozzi, V.; Solovieva, M.; Molchanov, O.; Hayakawa, M.
Decreases in the electric intensity of VLF radio signals and possible connections with the seismicity

Schekotov, A.; Molchanov, O.; Fedorov, E.; Chebrov, V.; Sinitsin, V.; Gordeev, E.; Belyaev, G.; Hayakawa, M.
ULF/ELF magnetic field variations in atmosphere probably induced by

Molchanov, O.; Molchanov
Monitoring of seismo-related ionospheric perturbations using VLF signals received on the ground and satellite DEMETER

Onishi, T.; Berthelier, J.-J.
Automatic detection and recognition of plasma waves and statistical analysis of ionospheric effects of seismic activity

Marquez-Cruz, J.; Ramírez-Rojas, A.; Flores-Marquez, E. L.
Statistical behavior of the seismic electric signals associated to two earthquakes of 1993 in Mexico

Ramírez-Rojas, A.; Cervantes de la Torre, F.; Pavía-Miller, C. ; Angulo-Brown, F.
A comparison of ground electrotelluric activity between three regions of different level of seismicity

Parrot, M.; Li, F.
Statistical study of the variation of ionospheric parameters observed by the satellite DEMETER during seismic activity

Kachakhidze , N. ; Kachakhidze , M.; Ramishvili, G.
atmospheric potential gradient anomaly perturbations as a earthquake precursor (withdrawn)

Telesca, L.; Hattori, K.
Seismic precursory non-uniform scaling behavior in Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) geomagnetic signals

Nemec, F.; Santolik, O.; Parrot, M.; Berthelier, J. J.
DEMETER observations of electromagnetic perturbations connected with seismic activity

Kyriazis, P.; Stavrakas, I.; Anastasiadis, C.; Triantis, D.
Identification of deformation stages in rocks by means of weak electric current emissions using wavelet analysis

Kopytenko, Yu.; Ismaguilov, V. ; Hattory, K.; Hayakawa, M.
Magnetic location of ionosphere and lithosphere sources of ULF geomagnetic disturbances

Ismaguilov, V.; Kopytenko, Yu.; Semenov, N.
Anomaly behavior of correlation coefficients of ULF geomagnetic disturbances before strong earthquake

Masci, F; Palangio, P; Di Persio, M; Meloni, A
Development of the INGV tectonomagnetic network inside the MEM project

Konstantaras, A.; Vallianatos, F.; Varley, M. R.; Makris, J. P.
On the observed EEP signal attributed to the Kythira M 6.9 earthquake in January 2006

Palangio, P; Di Lorenzo, C; Di Persio, M; Masci, F; Santarelli, L
Electromagnetic anomaly associated with Earth crustal activity in the frequency band from 0.001 Hz to 5 kHz

Stavrakas, I.; Kyriazis, P.; Anastasiadis, C. ; Triantis, D. ; Vallianatos, F.
Electric signal relaxation under constant stress on abruptly stressed rocks and on constantly compressed rocks in the vicinity of failure

Mekkawi, M; Elbohoty, M
Delineation of subsurface structures and tectonics of hot spring, central Sinai , Egypt as deduced from magnetotelluric and magnetic data (withdrawn)

Bogdanov, Yu.; Zakharov, I.
Earthquakes appearance in VLF magnetic field variations at regional and global scales

Steinitz, G.; Piatibratov, O.; Barbosa, S.M.
Statistical characteristics of Radon time series in the Elat Granite, Israel

Steinitz, G.; Barbosa, S.M.
Indications for solar influences on the radon system in geogas

Takashi Maeda, T.; Tadashi Takano, T.
Definitive evidence of the earthquake-origin microwave emission in the passive sensor data of a remotesensing satellite

Omori, Y.; Yasuoka, Y.; Nagahama, H.; Kawada, Y.; Ishikawa, T.; Tokonami, S.; Shinogi, M.
Variation of electric parameters in atmosphere due to radon exhalation prior to a large earthquake

Gousheva, M.; Glavcheva, R.; Danov, D.; Hristov , P.; Matova, M.
Quasi-static electric field phenomena in the ionosphere associated with pre- and post-earthquakes effectss

Zeigarnik, V.; Novikov, V.; Avagimov, A.; Klyuchkin, V.; Bogomolov, L.; Tarasov, N.
Release of stresses accumulated in rocks by high-power electric pulses

Horn, M. ; Boudjada, M.Y.; Biernat, H.; Lammer, H.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Prattes, G
Model calculation of the electrostatic field penetration into the ionosphere

Sengor, T
Up-to-dating of genetic codes of seismo-electromagnetic data related to the prediction of the earthquakes at North Anatolian Fault with cavity model: natural regularizations and seismo-electromagnetical resonance effects on the future Marmara Sea earthquakes

Prattes, G.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Magnes, W.; Boudjada, M.; Horn, M.; Vellante, M.
Investigation of electromagnetic ULF/ELF-phenomena possibly related to the july 10th 2005 Podgorica seismic event using South European Ground Magnetometer (SEGMA) and DEMETER data.

Smirnova, N.; Hayakawa, M.; Uritsky, V.; Mezentsev, A.
Extraction of the earthquake precursory signatures from fractal characteristics of ULF emissions

Slominska, E.; Blecki, J.; Parrot, M.; Slominski, J.; Berthelier , J.J.
VLF transmitters signals in the seismic regions-statistical studies of the satellite DEMETER measurements

Márquez-Cruz , J.; Flores-Márquez , E. L.; Ramírez-Rojas , A.
Statistical behavior of the seismic electric signals associated to two earthquakes of 1993 in Mexico

Kotsarenko, A.; Grimalsky, V.; Pérez Enríquez, R.; Valdés-Gonzáles, C.; Koshevaya, S.; López Cruz-Abeyro, J.A.; Yutsis, V.; Villegas Cerón, R.A.
Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico: ULF geomagnetic anomalies observed at Tlamacas station during 2003-2006

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