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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS12 Transport in preferential flow domains of the soil porous system: Measuring, interpretation, models, upscaling (co-listed in HS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Rahimi, G.; Robinson , J.S. ; Nortcliff, S.
The effect of tramlines on distribution of preferentially eroded and deposition of particle size fractions in the cultivated field (withdrawn)

Porebska, D; Slawinski, C
Application a piece-wise linear regression for estimation parameters of van Genuchten’s equation (withdrawn)

Taboada, M.A.; Barbosa, O.A.; Cosentino, D.J.
Soil cracking and shrinkage in a silty loam under different management regimes (withdrawn)

Hincapié, I.; Fässler, J.; Vogt, P.; Germann, P.
Rivulet approach to preferential infiltration in a soil column

Or, D
Limits of applicability of the Richards equation from scaling capillary, gravity and viscous forces in unsaturated porous media

Skierucha, S
Temperature correction of TDR determined soil water content values

Germann, P. F.; Hincapié, I. A.
Rivulet flow puts preferential flow between Darcy's law and Richards'equation.a

Mirzaei, M. ; Das, D.B.
Dynamic effect in Pc-S relationship for two-phase flow in 3D heterogeneous porous media: experiment and modeling

Alaoui, A.; Goetz, B.
Dye tracer and MACRO model to investigate macropore flow

Lehmann, P.; Shokri, N.; Vontobel, P.; Or, D.
Preferential evaporation in the presence of textural contrasts

Lipiec, J.; Siczek, A. ; Nosalewicz, A. ; Kotowska, U.
Leaching of some agricultural chemicals in relation to pore structure and preferential flow

Koehne, J.M.
Model simulation of solute and pesticide transport in soils with preferential flow paths: a review (withdrawn)

Köhne, J.M.; Simunek, J
Modeling surface runoff and infiltration in soil with mobile and immobile water regions (withdrawn)

Kodesova, R.; Kocarek, M.; Kodes, V.; Kozak, J.; Zigova, A.
Impact of varying micromorfology on water flow and solute transport

Kutílek, M.; Jendele, L.; Krejèa, M.
Comparison of empirical, semi-empirical and physically based models of soil hydraulic functions

Stumpp, C.; Maloszewski, P.; Stichler, W.; Fank, J.
Quantification of preferential flow in cropped lysimeters using environmental isotopes

Rajkai, RK; Fodor, FN
Compaction effect on soil hydraulic conductivity

Carminati, A.; Fluehler, H.
Water flow through aggregated soils: the role of the contacts

Martins da Silva, M.; Köhne, S.; Köhne, J.M.; Lennartz, B.
Are redox-patterns of Stagnosol subsoils related to preferential flow paths?

Sander, T.; Gerke, H. H.
Modelling earthworm induced preferential flow in a Paddy rice soil

Gerke, H.H.; Badorreck, A.
Single- and dual-porosity modeling of flow in reclaimed mine soil cores with embedded lignitic fragments

Zehe, E.; Samaniego, L.
Stochastical modelling of preferential transport at the field scale: a structural approach

Deb, S. K.; Miyazaki, T.; Kojima, M.
The diversion capacity of curve-shaped capillary barrier interface

Coppola, A.; Comegna, A.; Basile, A.
Effective hydraulic properties and temporal evolution of soil water content profiles of aggregated soils

Coppola, A.; Comegna, A.; Basile, A.
Water flow in soils related to local-scale heterogeneities: modeling and validation experiments

Böhm, C .; Ellerbrock, R.H.; Gerke, H.H.
Method for characterising small-scale composition of organic matter on structural soil surfaces using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

Tarquis, A.M.; Bird, N.R.; Nobles, M.; McInnes, K.J.; McMichael, B.L.
Statistical description of a structured clay soil using dye infiltration experiments

Dohnal, M.; Dusek, J.; Vogel, T.; Cislerova, M.; Lichner, L.
Dye tracer infiltration into macroporous soil simulated by a dual-permeability model

Vogel, H.-J.
Preferential flow as a consequence of soil structure - measurements, models, predictability

Germer, K.; Braun, J.; Färber, A.
Flow through and around an artificial macropore: experimental investigations in a specific laboratory soil column

Trinks, S.; Stoffregen, H.; Wessolek, G.
Modelling the heterogeneity of artificial debris layers of urban soils

Gärdenäs, A.; Šimùnek, J.; Jarvis, N.; van Genuchten, M. Th
Two-dimensional modelling of preferential water flow and pesticide transport from a tile-drained field.

Braudeau, E.; Salahat, M.; Mohtar, E.H.; Najim, M.A.
Soil water potential: measurement and modeling of the tensiometric curve

Ghanbarian, B.; Liaghat, A.M.
Prediction soil water retention curve from soil particle-size analysis using fractal geometry

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