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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS4 - BG7.2/SSP34 The Early Earth: inside, out and alive (co-sponsored by the ESF research network "Archean Environment" & EAG; co-organized by BG & SSP; co-listed in GD, GMPV, MPRG & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Wolstencroft, M.; Davies, J Huw
The influence of convective vigour on phase change induced layering at 660 km in early Earth’s mantle

Medvedev, P.V.; Javaux, E.J.
Palaeoproterozoic microfossils from the Kondopoga Formation (Eastern Fennoscandian shield).

Love, G.D.; Stalvies, C.; Bowden, S.A.; Grosjean, E.; Marshall, C.P.; Meredith, W.; Snape, C.E.; Summons, R.E.
Utilizing molecular biomarkers bound into kerogen to follow biological evolution and environmental change in the Precambrian ocean

Dokukina, K.; Konilov, A.N.
Archaean high pressure subduction-collision transition zone (Belomorian eclogite province)

Sharkov, E.; Bogatikov, O.
Formation and evolution of the Earth and the Moon: evidence from petrological data

Rollinson, H
The Oman ophiolite – some useful analogues for the very early Earth

Rozanov, A.; Astafieva, M.; Melezhik, V.; Lepland, A.
Eucaryots and Procaryots from the Early Proterozoic (2.04 GA) phosphorites from Pechenga Greenstone Belt

Samuel, H.; Tackley, P.
Heat partitioning during core formation in terrestrial planets

Cavalazzi, B.; Westall, F.; Barbieri, R.; Foucher, F.
Astrobiological implications of microbes in basaltic pillow lava crusts (Atlantic Ocean)

Westall, F.; Lemelle, L.; Simionovici, A.; Southam, G.; salomé, M.; MacLean, L. ; Wirick, S. ; Toporski, J.; jauss, A.
Vertical geochemical profile across a 3.33 Ga microbial mat from the Barberton Greenstone Belt.

Hofmann, A.; Bekker, A.; Rumble, D.; Master, S.
Multiple sulphur isotope analysis of detrital pyrite as a tool for provenance analysis in Archaean sedimentary rocks

Moyen, JF; Stevens, G; Belcher, R; Kisters, A
High- and low- pressure sub-series in archaean TTGs: a case study from the mid-archaean Barberton Granite—Greenstone Terrain, South Africa.

Wilson, A
The volcanology of the White Mfolozi inlier of the c. 3.0 Ga Pongola Supergroup, South Africa: an example of repeated transgressive shallow water to subaerial volcanism on a stable continental margin

Benzerara, K.; Bernard, S.; Lepot, K.; Miot, J.; Meibom, A.; Lopez-Garcia, P.; Beyssac, O.; Philippot, P.; Kazmierczack, J.; Brown Jr., G.E.
Preservation of microbial structures in modern and ancient fossil assemblages: a microscopy and spectroscopy assessment

Lepot, K; Benzerara, K; Brown, G.E.; Philippot, P.
Nanoscale evidence for microbial mineralization of 2.7 Ga stromatolites

Benn, K.; Kamber, B. S.; Moyen, J.-F.
The Late Archean Abitibi-Opatica terrane, Superior Province: a modified oceanic plateau

Zhong, S. J.
A Case for Degree-1 Mantle Convection During and Shortly After Pangea Formation

Brandt, S.; Rasskazov, S.; Brandt, I.; Saranina, E.; Fefelov, N.; Ivanov, V.
Conjugate Holmes-Houtermans and Concordia-Discordia model for common lead: Constraints for geological history of terrains with ore deposits in East Asia

Flament, N; Rey, P; Coltice, N
Modeling the thermal and mechanical response of 3.4-2.2 Ga continental crust to the emplacement of sills

JIMENEZ-LOPEZ, C.; Romanek, C.; Rodriguez-Navarro, A.; Perez-Gonzalez, T. ; Rodriguez-Navarro, C.
Cation incorporation in magnetites formed upon thermal decomposition of ankerites

Arndt, N.T.
Temperatures in the Archean mantle

Tarduno, J A; Cottrell, R D; Watkeys, M K; Hofmann, A
Strength of the Archean geomagnetic field, the paleomagnetosphere, and magnetic shielding against the young active Sun

Monteux, J.; Coltice, N.; Dubuffet, F.; Ricard, Y.
Thermo-mechanical adjustement after impact during planetary growth.

Boyet, M.; Carlson, R.W.
Terrestrial variation in 142Nd/144Nd and implications for early mantle dynamics

van Hunen, J; van Thienen, P
The evolution of Wilson cycles

Pitcairn, I. K.; Arndt, N. T.
Mineralogical and chemical changes during seafloor alteration in the Archaean

Coltice, N.; Labrosse, S. ; Hernlund, J.
Geochemical consequences of the crystallization of a basal magma ocean

Pietranik, A.; Hawkesworth, C.J.; Storey, C.; Kemp, A.I.S; Sircombe, K.N.; Whitehouse, M.J.
Secular evolution of continental crust: evidence from Hf and O isotopes in zircon from Slave Province, Canada.

Bernard, S.; Beyssac, O.; Brown Jr., G.E.; Benzerara, K.
May traces of life be preserved in metamorphic rocks? A nanoscale structural study of high grade metamorphic vegetal fossils.

Taylor, J; Stevens, G
A case for Archaean S-type granite genesis from metapelites of the Ancient Gneiss Complex; Swaziland

Brown, I. I.; Bryant, D.; Sarkisova, S. A.; McKay, D. S.
Preliminary data on bacterial diversity in iron-depositing host springs: implication for Precambrian iron deposition (withdrawn)

Robin, C.M.I
Recycling early supracrustal metavolcanics to the lower crust by diapiric density inversion.

Parman, S.W.; Grocke, D.R.; Armstrong, H.A.; Pearson, D.G.; Nowell, G.M.; van Hunen, J.
Early Earth catastrophic melting events and biosphere-atmosphere-ocean evolution

Bekker, A.; Barley, M.E.; Fiorentini, M.L.; Rouxel, O.J.; Rumble, D.; Beresford, S.W.
Multiple S and Fe isotope constraints on the origin of NiS mineralization hosted in Archean komatiites

Spadafora, A. ; Perri, E.; Vasconcelos, C.; McKenzie, J.A.
Morphological and geochemical biomarkers in ~3.5 Gyr stromatolites of the Pilbara Block: possible evidence for biomineralization

Leiming , Y. ; Xunlai , Y. ; Fanfan , K.
Archean-palaeoproterozoic graphic discs extracted from highly metamorphosed rocks in North China

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