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  List of Accepted Contributions - ERE8 Aggregates – the most widely used geological material

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Habert, G.; Marden Torres, S.; Perazzo Barbosa, N.; Azeredo, G.; Araujo Porto Vieira (de), A.; Morel, J.C.
Use of ceramic waste materials as aggregate and pozolan binder in adobes: mineralogical, hydrologic and strength resistance investigations

Marrocchino, E.; Koulouris, A.
Petro-chemical investigation as a tool for quality control in the production of recycled aggregates for concrete

Gammelsćter, E
Building Europe’s future with Aggregates

Marrocchino, E.; Toffano, A.; Vaccaro, C.
Chemical-mineralogical characterisation of construction and demolition waste: the case study of Fenza Daniela plant.

Miskovsky, K
Enrichment of Fine Mica Originating from Rock Aggregate Production and its Influence on the Mechanical Properties of Bituminose Mixtures

Miskovsky, K.; Taborda Duarte , M.; Kou , S. Q.; Lindqvist, P. A.
Influence of the Mineralogical Composition and Textural Properties on the Quality of Coarse Aggregates

Lukschová, Š; Přikryl, R; Pertold, Z
Study of the alkali-silica reactivity potential of sands and gravels from Czech quarternary deposits by petrographical and dilatometrical methods

Rübner, K.; Haamkens, F.; Linde, O.
Use of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Bottom Ash as Aggregate in Concrete

Török, Á.
Volcanic rocks and carbonates; the two common aggregate resources of Hungary

Kasina, M.; Michalik, M.
Mineralogical composition of fresh slag

Miskovsky, K.; Prikryl, R.; Loorents, K. J.; Göransson, M.; Török, A.
Establishment of database for mechanical characteristics of the common rock materials used for aggregate production

Kárpáti, L.; Gálos, M.; Török, Á.
Classification of Hungarian aggregates for railway ballast according to EN 13450: 2002

Pfleiderer, S; Untersweg, T; Heinrich, M; Weber, L
The Austrian mineral resources plan - evaluation of aggregates

Miskovsky, K.
Enrichment of Fine Mica Originating from Rock Aggregate Production and its Influence on the Mechanical Properties of Bituminous Mixtures

Loorents, KJL; Said, SS
Impact of mica content on water sensitivity of asphalt concrete

Prikryl, R.
Are rock fabric coefficients applicable for evaluation of the mechanical performance of the rocks?

Johansson, EJ; Loorents , KJL; Miskovsky , KM
A method for estimation of free mica particles in aggregate fine fraction by image analysis of grain mounts

Holzer, R.; Laho, M.; Greif, V.; Bednarik, M.; Wagner, P.
Engineering Geological Atlas of Rocks in Slovakia – interactive database of the crushed stone

Prikryl, R.; Svoboda, F.
Influence of petrographic parameters and the test conditions on the assessment of fines by loss-in-weigh drying method

Svorc, P.; Prikryl, R.; Lukschova, S.
Effect of sampling and sample preparation on the determination of alkali-silica reactivity of sands

Jeffrey, K
Next Generation Aggregates – the shape of things to come

Jeffrey, K
Aggregate product quality maps for sand and gravel deposits

Jeffrey, K.
Variogram analysis for sand and gravel deposit evaluation - implications for reserve definition

Martinec, P.; Vavro, M.; Safrata, J.
Granodiorite (Litice type) – building stone, gravel aggregates for HPC and HSC concrete and crushed stone for road works

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