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  List of Accepted Contributions - CR2 State of the Cryosphere

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Braun, M.; Humbert, A.; Moll, A.
Structure and dynamics of Wilkins Ice Shelf (Antarctic Peninsula) by means of multi-sensor remote sensing

Krabill, W.; Thomas, R.; Sonntag, J.; Fredrick, E.
Recent ice sheet and glacier elevation changes in Greenland from aircraft laser altimetry.

Slobbe, D. C.; Lindenbergh, R.C.; Ditmar, P.G.
ICESat based elevation change estimates of Greenland's ice sheet

Wallis, D. ; Wingham, D.
Accelerated Thinning of Pine Island Glacier Between 1995 and 2006

Kaser, G.
State of glaciers in the mid and low latitudes

Stroeve, J; Drobot, S; Holland, M; Maslanik, J; Meier, W; Serreze, M
Vanishing Arctic Sea Ice

Zemp, M.; Haeberli, W.; GEO4ICE-Team
Global overview on distribution and changes of glaciers and ice caps

Fettweis, X.; Gallée, H.; Tedesco, M.; Hanna, E.; Erpicum, M.
A record negative Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance rate in 2007

Horwath, M.; Dietrich, R.
GRACE inferences on the large ice sheets' mass changes: results and uncertainties

Kerschner, H.; Knoll, Ch.; Dinale, R.
Modelling future glacier change south of the Alpine Main Ridge - an inventory based approach

Luthcke, S.B.; Rowlands, D.D.; McCarthy, J.J.; Zwally, H.J.; Arendt, A.; Hall, D.; Boy, J.P.; Lemoine, F.G.
Recent land ice mass changes determined from GRACE mascon solutions

Narama, C.; Kääb, A.; Moholdt, G.; Abdrakhmatov, K.
Recent change of glacier volume in the Chon-Kyzylsuu river basin, Teskey Ala-Too range, Tien Shan mountains, using airphotos, topographic maps, and ALOS PRISM satellite stereo data

Thomas, R.
Recent and future contributions from the ice sheets to sea-level rise

Das, I; Lingle, C; Larsen, C; Echelmeyer, K; Zirnheld, S
Accelerated wastage of the Wrangell Mountain Icefields, Alaska, U.S.A., during 2000-`07 relative to 1957-2000, from Airborne Laser Altimetry (withdrawn)

Kääb, A.; Karstensen, J.
Glacier volume changes 1970-2006 on Edgeøya, Eastern Svalbard, using ASTER satellite stereo and ICESat GLAS data

Tedesco, M.; Serreze, M.; Fettweis, X.
The causes of Greenland’s Record Surface Melt in 2007

Maslowski, W.; Clement Kinney, J.; Jakacki, J. ; Zwally, J.
State of the Arctic Sea Ice

Shahgedanova, M.; Stokes, C. R.; Khromova, T.; Nosenko, G.; Popovnin, V.; Aleynikov, A.; Narozhny, Y.; Muraveyev, A.
State of glaciers in the Caucasus and southern Siberian mountains and their links with climate oscillations since the 1950s (withdrawn)

Miller, M. M.; Molnia, B. F.
The implication of accelerated greenhouse effects on Alaskan glaciers, Juneau Icefield - 1946-2007

Paul, F.; Kaab, A.; Rott, H.; Shepherd, A.; Strozzi, T.
GlobGlacier: A new ESA project to map the worlds glaciers from space

Urban, T; Catania, G; Harpold, R; Schutz, B; Webb, C
Basin-scale elevation changes across Antarctica from five years of ICESat (2003-2007)

Molnia, B. F.
State of the Alaskan cryosphere – glaciers

Ferrigno, J.; Williams, R.
Satellite image atlas of glaciers of the world (withdrawn)

Pritchard, H. D.; Arthern, R. J.; Vaughan, D. G.
Dynamic thinning of outlet glaciers of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets

Vavrus, S. ; Hibler, W. D.
Pre-Industrial and current coupled Atmosphere sea-ice Simulations with ice dynamics

Cogley, J.G.
Measured rates of glacier shrinkage

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