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  List of Accepted Contributions - PS3.2 Mars Science & Exploration

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kochemasov, G.
Destruction of the martian tropical belt as means of the angular momentum equilibration between the tropiocal and extra-tropical regions

Wendt, L.; Combe, J.-P.; McCord, T. B.; Neukum, G.
The Mapping Potential of the HRSC Color Data

Owen, T.
The Atmosphere of Mars: Sources and Sinks

Majeed, T.; Shinagawa, H.; Bougher, S. W.
An analysis of MGS-RSS electron density profiles with an improved 1-D MHD model

Depiesse, C.; Willame, Y.; Muller, C.; Moreau, D.; Daerden, F.; Gillotay, D.
Ozone maps and Martian surface UV from more than one Martian year of SPICAM data.

Lundin, R; Barabash, S; Holmström, M; Nilsson, H; Yamauchi, M; Fraenz, M; Dubinin, E.M.
Solar Forcing and the Comet-like Escape of Ionospheric Plasma from Mars

Jaumann, R.; Reiss, D.; Sander, T.; Tirsch, D.; Gwinner, K.; Hauber, E.; Neukum, G.
Source regions and multiple water release events in Valley Networks of the Libya Montes Region on Mars

Michel, N.; Baratoux, D.; D'Uston, L.; Rabinowicz, M.; Forni, O.
Martian crust heterogeneities: implications for its thermal and physical properties

Jian, J. J.; Ip, W. H.
A study of the seasonal variations of the Cryptic Region on Mars using multi-spacecraft observational data

Safaeinili, A; Plaut, J; Holt, J; Phillips, R; Gim, Y; Orosei, R; Biccari, D; Seu, R; Picardi, G
Recent results from MARSIS and SHARAD radar sounders

Hsu, H. J.; Jian, J. J.; Ip, W. H.
Morphological and Spectral Study of Rampart Craters on Mars

Atreya, S.; Delory, G.; Encrenaz, T.; Formisano, V.; Farrell, W.; Mahaffy, P.; Mumma, M.; Renno, N.
Martian methane: faster destruction, bigger source

Gómez-Elvira, J.; REMS Team
Mars Environmental Monitoring Instrument for MSL rover

Kartashov, D.V.; Turchin, V.I.; Orosei, R.; Ivanov, A.; Schuko, O.B.
Direct reconstruction of dielectric constant profile from orbital based radar sounder data

Hiesinger, H.; Reiss, D.; Dude, S.; Ohm, C.; Head III, J. W.; Neukum, G.
Rheologic Properties of Young Lava Flows on the Tharsis Montes, Mars

Chassefiere, E.
Possible atmospheric science objectives for the MarsNEXT mission (withdrawn)

Taylor, F.W. ; McCleese, D.J. ; Schofield, J.T. ; Kleinböhl, A.; The Mars Climate Sounder Team
The current Martian climate observed by the Mars Climate Sounder on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Combe, J-Ph.; McCord, T. B.
Mars-Express/HRSC spectral data analyzed by a Multiple-Endmember Linear Spectral Linear Unmixing Model (MELSUM)

Diez, B.; Maurice, S.; Gasnault, O.; d'Uston, L.; Feldman, W. C.; Baratoux, D.; Mangold, N.
Comparison of the Mars Odyssey GRS results with geological mapping at the Cerberus Plains

Chicarro, A. F.
Mars Express Ð Scientific results at the end of the extended mission

Chicarro, A. F.
Mars-NEXT Ð A future step in the European exploration of Mars

Cabane, M.; Coll, P.; Szopa, C.; Coscia, D.; Stalport, F.; Mahaffy, P.; the SAM-GC team
The Sample Analysis at Mars experiment of the NASA/MSL 2009 mission: search for organic molecules and traces of a (pre)biotic activity at the surface of Mars

Gómez, F.; Prieto-Ballesteros, O.; Fernández-Remolar, D.; Rodriguez, N.; Amils, R.
Halophilic habitats: earth analogs to study Mars habitability and Mars surface simulation conditions with extremophiles

Geminale, A.; Formisano, V.; Giuranna, M.
Methane in martian atmosphere: average spatial, diurnal and seasonal behaviour

Mitrofanov, I.; Boynton, W.; Litvak, M.; Demidov, N.
Studies of content of phyllosilicates in different regions of Mars based on data from Gamma-Ray Spectrometer suite (Mars Odyssey)

Cartacci, M.; Frigeri, A.; Orosei, R.; Pettinelli, E.
Surface and subsurface radar backscattering coefficient over the Martian South Polar Layered Deposits from MARSIS data

Schmidt, F.; Douté, S.; Schmidt, B.; Vincendon, M.; Langevin, Y.; Bibring, J.-P.; OMEGA TEAM, THE
Total accumulation of the seasonal south polar cap of Mars

Poulet, F.; Jouglet, D.; Boubin, G.; Arvidson, R.E.; Langevin, Y.; Bibring, J.-P.; Gondet, B.
Mineralogy of high latitudes of Mars

Cicchetti, A.; Calabrese, D.; Flamini, E.; Giuppi, S.; Nenna, C.; Noschese, R.; Orosei, R.; Plaut, J.J.; Safaeinili, A.; Seu, R.
Closest radar observation of Phobos by MARSIS

Carrozzo, F. G.; Bellucci, G.; Altieri, F.; D'Aversa, E.; Bibring, J.-P.
Search for thermal anomalies on Mars with MEX/OMEGA

Harri, A.-M.; Linkin, V.; Pichkadze, K. ; Schmidt, W.; Polkko, J.; Pellinen, R.; Vazquez, L.; Guerrero, H.; Uspensky, M.; Lipatov, A.
MMPM - MetNet Mars Precursor Mission

Langlais, B. ; Begaudeau, K. ; Le Mouelic, S.
Magnetic anomalies in and around Hellas Basin, Mars

Orosei, R.; Federico, C.; Flamini, E.; Frigeri, A.; Holt, J. W.; Pettinelli, E.; Phillips, R. J.; Picardi, G.; Safaeinili, A.; Seu, R.
Radar subsurface sounding over the putative frozen sea in Cerberus Palus, Mars

Jouglet, D.; Poulet, F.; Bibring, J.P.; Vincendon, M.; Langevin, Y.; Gondet, G.
Search for carbonates on Mars with the OMEGA L channel calibrated data.

Grott, M.; Spohn, T.; Wieczorek, M.A.
Accessing the Martian subsurface - Science return from the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package (HP3)

Brückner, J.; Gellert, R.; Dreibus, G.; Athena Science Team, MER.
Chemical composition of Meridiani Planum sediments and precursor material: Measurements by the APXS onboard the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity

Mateshvili, N.; Fussen, D.; Vanhellemont, F.; Bingen, C.; Dodion, J.; Daerden, F.; Verhoeven, C.; Montmessin, F.; Bertaux, J.L.
Martian water ice clouds: two Martian years of SPICAM UV nadir measurements.

Bibring, J-P.; and the OMEGA, team
OMEGA/Mars Express: 4 years of VIS/NIR hyperspectral mapping

Gondet, B.; Langevin, Y.; Bibring, J.P.; Poulet, F.
co2 and h2o frosts at mid latitude, mapped and monitored by OMEGA/Mars Express

Litvak, M.L.; Mitrofanov, I.G.; Mokrousov, M.I.; Malakhov, A.V.; Vostrukhin, A.A.; Behar, A.; Boynton, W.V.
Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons instrument onboard Mars Science Laboratory 2009

Neukum, G.
The Lunar and Martian Cratering Records and Chronologies

Vennerstrom, S.; Falkenberg, T.V.; Merayo, J.M.
Magnetic Storms at Mars

Le Maistre, S.; Rosenblatt, P.; Marty, J.C.; Dehant, V.; Karatekin, O.; Rivoldini, A.
Improvement of Mars’ orientation and rotation model from the LaRa experiment onboard ExoMars.

Melchiorri, R.; Roush, T.; Haberle, R.; Brown, A.; Encrenaz, T.; THE CRISM TEAM
Louth crater: Water vapour distribution as seen by CRISM/MRO

Rosenblatt, P.; Le Maistre, S.; Marty, J.C.; Dehant, V.
Numerical simulations of a geodetic orbital experiment for future mission to Mars

Ferri, F.; Ball, A.J.; ExoMars EDLS science team
ExoMars Entry and Descent Science

Morgan, D; Gurnett, D; Fox, J; Crider, D; Nielsen, E; Modolo, R; Krymskii, A; Plaut, J; Picardi, G
Variation of the martian ionosphere detected by Mars Express radar sounding

Barkin, Yu.V.
Model of annual variation of oblateness of Mars and possible annual oscillation of its pole

Ciarletti, V; Corbel, Ch; Dolon, F; Le Gall, A; Hamran, S.E.; Plettemeier, D; The EISS team
the EISS radar of the ExoMars mission : Characterization of the deep Martian sub-surface

Ciarletti, V.; Corbel, Ch.; Dolon, F.; Dechambre, M.; Le Gall, A.; Jeangeot, A.; Plettemeier, D.; Hamran, S.E.; Cais, Ph.; THE WISDOM TEAM
The WISDOM radar on the exomars mission : 3D characterization of the shallow sub-surface

Gwinner, K.; Roatsch, T.; Matz, K.-D.; Scholten, F.; Elgner, S.; Preusker, F.; Oberst, J.; Jaumann, R.; Heather, D.; Neukum, G.
Stereo data products of the HRSC Experiment onboard Mars Express for the PSA and PDS archives

Andert, T.; Pätzold, M.; Häusler, B.
Direct measurement of the mass of Phobos with the Radio-Science Experiment MaRS onbord Mars-Express

Dehant, V.; Folkner, S.W.; Orban, D.; Renotte, E.; Le Maistre, S.; Mitrovic, M.; Chicarro, A.; The LaRa Team
The geodesy experiment LaRa (Lander Radioscience, onboard ExoMars) and future radioscience experiments.

Duru, F.; Gurnett, D.A.; Akalin, F.; Winningham, J.D.; Modolo, R.
Identification of the boundary between the ionosphere of Mars and the magnetosheath using MARSIS data (withdrawn)

Farahani, A.; Lange, C.F.
Effect of natural convection on the mass transfer coefficient from the Martian regolith

Fleischer, I.; Klingelhöfer, G.; Morris, R.V.; Schröder, C.; Rodionov, D.
Analysis of 6.4 keV Mössbauer Spectra obtained with MIMOS II on MER on Cobbles at Meridiani Planum, Mars

Bishop, J. L.; McKeown, N. K.; Parente, M.; Noe Dobrea, E. Z.; Bibring, J.-P.; Calvin, W. M.; Ehlmann, B. L.; Milliken, R. E.; Mustard, J. F.; Murchie, S. L.; The CRISM Team
Characterization of aqueous processes on Mars through identification of phyllosilicates, sulfates and hyrated silica using CRISM hyperspectral images

Picardi, G. ; Masdea, A.; Piccari, F.; Seu, R.
MARSIS inversion approach

Mølholt , T.E.; Gunnlaugsson, H. P.; Merrison, J. P.; Morris, R. V.; Nørnberg, P.
Mössbauer and VNIR Study of Dust Generated From Olivine Basalt: Application to Mars

Holstein-Ratlau, C.; Gunnlaugsson, H. P.; Jensen, S. K.; Lange, C. F.; Madsen, M.B.; Merrison, J. P.; Nørnberg, P.; Smith, P.
The Telltale Wind Experiment for the NASA Phoenix Mars Lander 2008

Economou, T. E.
Mars atmosphere argon density measurement on MER mission

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