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Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences
Nonlinear Processes:in Geosciences
NP2 Empirical Modeling
NP3 Scale, Scaling and Nonlinear Variability
NP4 Nonlineaar time-series analysis
NP5 Predictability
NP6 Turbulence and Nonlinear Waves
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  List of Accepted Contributions - NP3.07 Scale, Scaling, and nonlinearity in Solid Earth (co-listed in GMPV, NH, SSS & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Das, N.K.; Chaudhuri, H.; Bhandari, R.K.; Ghose, D.; Sen, P.; Sinha, B.
Scaling and Crossover phenomena in pre-seismic helium signal

Telesca, L.; Lasaponara, R.; Lanorte, A.
Quantifying intra-annual persistent behavior in SPOT-VEGETATION multispectral data for vegetation covers of Southern Italy

Jiménez, A.; Posadas, A. M.; Tiampo, K. F.
Scaling relations in seismic catalogs

De Bartolo, S.; Tarquis, A.M.; Veltri, M.; Antón, J.M.; Gaudio, R.; Saa, A.; Primavera, L.
Gliding boxes versus fixed mass algorithm in multifractal analysis of river networks

Sotolongo-Costa, O.; Gamez, R.; Posadas, A.
Dynamic network model and anomalous diffusion of hypocenters in cuba: anomalous behavior

Jafari, M; Nafisi, V; Jodaki, GH; Safari, A
Reconstruction and comparison of EIGEN-1S, EIGEN-2, EIGEN-GRACE01S, EGM96 geopotential models using Spherical Wavelets (withdrawn)

Kolesov, G.M.
Instrumental neutron activation analysis of extraterrestrial materials

Cheng, Q.
Power-law models for prediction of undiscovered mineral deposits and for assessment of mineral resources

Gloaguen, R.; Poreh, D.
Fractal analysis of folds in SE Zagros (Iran)

Tarquis, A.M.; Heck, R.; Antón, J.M.; Elliot, T.; Grau, J.B.
Influence of thresholding in mass dimension of 3-D Soil Images

Vidal Vázquez, E.; García Moreno, R.; Vivas Miranda, J.G.; Díaz, M.C.; Paz, A.; Saa, A.; Tarquis, A.M.
Assessing microrelief decay during simulated rainfall by Multifractal analysis

Vidal Vázquez, E.; Bertol, I.; Miranda, J.G.V; Paz González, A.
Tillage effect on soil microrelief fractal indices and related water erosion parameters

Baveye, P.; Crawford, J.; Young, I.
Influence of the resolution of digital images on the multifractal spectra of natural porous media

Tarquis, A.M.; Perfect, E.
Dependence of multifractal analysis on image resolution and noise

Oleschko, K.; Tarquis, A.M.
Fractal metrology for images, signals and time seriesprocessing in Geosciences

Si, BC
Wavelet Based Multifractal Analysis of Field Scale Variability in Soil Water

Gerik, A.; Kruhl, J.H.
Automated quantification of fabric anisotropy and inhomogeneity with the AMOCADO toolbox

del Monte, J.P.; Aguado, P.; Tarquis, A.M.; Gaonac’h, H.
GIS-based statistical multifractal analysis from a DEM

Tarquis, A.M.; Bird, N.R.; Lark, R.M.; Cartagena, M.C.
Scale dependence relationship between soil physical properties

Buendía, F.; Piñuela, J.A.; Torres, J.; Andina, D.; Grau, JB.
Quantifying a preferential flow path in a clay soil: multifractal and wavelet approach

Cheng, Q.; Jing, L.
Use of Scaling Models in Remote Sensing Image Fusion and Image Filtering

Alonso, C.; Tarquis, A.M.; Benito, R.M.; Zúñiga, I.
Scaling properties of vegetation and soil moisture indices: multifractal and joint multifractal analysis

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