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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV12 The mantle perspective: compositional and rheological constraints on litosphere evolution

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Monsef, I.; Rahgoshay, M.; Shafaii Moghadam, H.
Peridotites from the Khoy ophiolitic complex, NW of Iran: Evidence for mantle beneath a supra-subduction zone setting

Ryabchikov, I.D.; Ntaflos, Th.; Kogarko, L.N.; Kurat, G.
Highly reduced melts in mantle rocks from Cape Verde Archipelago – involvement of material from lower mantle?

Ashchepkov , I.V.; Pokhilenko, N.H.; Vladykin , N.V.; Rotman , A.Y.; Logvinova , A.M.; Afanasiev, V.P.; Kostrovitsky, S.I.; Pokhilenko, L.N.; Malygina, E.V.; Kuligin , S.I.
Signs of mantle diapirism beneath the Siberian carton and surrounding area

Kogarko, L.N.; Ntaflos, T.
Geochemical evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath East Antarctic (oasis Jetty)

Gasperini, D.; Bosch, D.; Braga, R.; Bondi, M.; Macera, P.; Morten, L.
Metasomatism of the SE Alps mantle lithosphere: evidence from ultramafic xenoliths of the Veneto Volcanic Province

Piccardo, G.B.
Palaeogeographic setting versus petrological features of mantle peridotites from the Ligurian Tethys, a Jurassic ultra-slow spreading ocean.

Marasco, M.; Piccardo, G.B.
Ultramafic pseudo-tachylites in the Moncuni peridotite (Lanzo Massif, Western Alps): records of Jurassic earthquakes in the lithosphere of the Ligurian Tethys.

Segata, M.; Fumagalli, P.
Textural evolution in peridotite systems: a time-resolved experimental study on grain growth

Ivanov, A.V.; Demonterova, E.I.; Palesskii, S.V. ; Nikolaeva, I.V.; Rasskazov, S.V.
Platinum Group Elements and Re in Spinel Lherzolite Xenoliths of the Tuva-Mongolian Massif (East Sayan, Siberia, Russia) show no Evidence for Ancient Lithospheric Mantle

Nédli, Zs.; Princivalle, F.; Dobosi, G.; Embey-Isztin, A.
Clinopyroxene crystal chemistry of texturally heterogeneous upper mantle xenolith series from the Carpathian-Pannonian Region (Hungary): what does crystal structure message about xenolith petrogenesis and mantle pressure conditions?

Borghini, G.; Fumagalli, P.; Rampone, E.
Experimental and natural constraints on the spinel-plagioclase subsolidus transition in mantle peridotites.

Afonso, J. C.; Fern\`{a}ndez, M.; Ranalli, G.
An integrated modelling approach to understanding combined geophysical-petrological processes in the lithospheric-sublithospheric mantle

Corti, G.; Ranalli, G.; Piccardo, G.B.; Manetti, P.
Percolation of lithospheric mantle by asthenospheric melt and its influence on continental breakup

Pruzzo, A.; Piccardo, G.B.; Zanetti, A.
The Northern Lanzo peridotite massif (Western Italian Alps): sub-continental lithospheric mantle percolated and impregnated by MORB melts.

Batanova, V.G.; Bruegmann, G.E.; Belousov, I.A.; Savelieva, G.N.; Sobolev, A.V.
HSE, Os isotopes and LILE as tracers of processes in supra-suduction mantle (Voykar Complex, Polar Ural Ophiolites)

Zanetti, A.; Piccardo, G.B.
The evolution of focalised melt migration through the mantle lithosphere: Geochemical evidence from dunite-hosted clinopyroxenes in Lanzo South and External Ligurides ophiolitic peridotites

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