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  List of Accepted Contributions - MPRG11 Mechanics and Fluid Transport in Porous Rocks - Laboratory to Field Scale

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Glover, PWJ; Ádám, A; Zsiros, T
Correlation between crustal high conductivity zones and seismic activity and the role of carbon during shear

Fauzi, U.
Application of local porosity theory and renormalization group approach to estimate permeability anisotropy of sandstone

Schubnel, A.
From Elastic Wave Velocities Evolution to Permeability Prediction: Experiment and Modelling

Glover, PWJ; Al-Zadjali, I; Frew, K
Permeability prediction from MICP and NMR data using an electro-kinetic approach

Haimson, B; Chang, C
Effect of fluids on the failure mechanism in crystalline rocks

Sarout, J.; Guéguen, Y.
Effective Medium Modelling of Transversely Isotropic Rocks and Microstructural Data Recovery from Elastic Wave Velocity Measurements.

Amir, S.; Reuschlé, T.
Mechanical behavior of poorly consolidated synthetic rocks

Takemura, T; Manaka, M; Takahashi, M
Hydro-Mechanical properties changes in porous rock during immersion in hot water

Rudnicki, J.
Theory of formation and extension of compaction bands in porous rock

Takahashi, M; Kato, M; Takemura, T
Resolution of specific storage in rock obtained by laboratory experiment

Katsman, R.; Aharonov, E.; Scher, H.
Localized compaction in rocks: numerical and analytical approaches

Clavaud, J.-B.; Maineult, A.; Zamora, M.; Géraud, Y.
Uncoupling of hydraulic and electric flow paths in sedimentary and volcanic rock samples

Townend, E; Meredith, P ; Baud, P
The influence of anisotropy on the transition from dilatant to compactant behaviour in Diemelstadt sandstone

Garner, N.; Cioppa, M. T.
Magnetizations in Ordovician Petroleum Reservoir Rocks, Southwestern Ontario (withdrawn)

Wong, T.-f.; Tembe, S.; Louis, L.; Baud, P.
Micromechanics of compaction localization: discrete compaction band formation in two porous sandstones

Fortin, J.; Guéguen, Y.; Schubnel, A.
Effects of Pore Collapse and Grain Crushing on Ultrasonic Velocities and Vp/Vs

Stanchits, S.; Fortin, J.; Gueguen, Y.; Dresen, G.
Acoustic emission during formation of compaction bands in sandstone

Pøikryl, R.; Weishauptová, Z.
Porosity and permeability study of sedimentary rocks

Aharonov, E; Katsman, R
The basics of stylolite formation: insights from modeling

Engvik, A.K.; Stöckhert, B.; Engvik, L.
Numerical modelling and simulation of fluid infiltration, heat transport and healing of microcracks during magma-driven hydraulic fracturing

Ghorbani, A.; Cosenza, P.; Florsch, N.; Revil, A.
Effect of desaturation and heating on the low-frequency electrical properties of Tournemire argilites

Song, I; Renner, J
Pore Geometry Dependence of Hydraulic Properties of Fontainebleau Sandstone

Shimamoto, T.; Tanikawa, W.; Aizawa, Y. ; Komizo, K.; Kitajima, H.; Lehner, F.
Basin evolution, abnormal pore-pressure development and the maximum seal capacity of porous sedimentary rocks

Shao, J.; Zhou, J.
Micromechanics-based modeling of anisotropic damage and hydromechanical coupling in saturated porous rocks (withdrawn)

Marketos, G.; Bolton, M.D.
Compaction bands: A comparison of strain and stress controlled DEM simulations

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