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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS9 Soils as a sink, regulator and source of diffuse pollutants

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

S. Djogo, S. Dj; D. Manojlovic, D. M.; S. Razic, S. R.
A Comparative Study of Copper Levels in the Soil from Plantation of Medicinal Plants

Rennert, T.; Kaufhold, S.; Brodowski, S. ; Mansfeldt, T.
Interactions of ferricyanide with humic soils and charred straw

Allaire, S.E.; Dadfar, H.; De Jong, R.; van Bochove, E.; Denault, J.-T.; Thériault, G.
Crack flow as a component of risk indicator of water contamination

Margon, A.; Pastrello, A.; Arcon, I. ; Contin, M.; Leita, L.
Humic acids may favour the persistence of hexavalent chromium in soil

Han, H; Ro, R; Kim, K; Kim, K; Hwang, H; Song, S
The fate of N, P and ethoprophos in sandy loam soil under red pepper cultivation as affected by different surface management practices (withdrawn)

Leita, L.; Genovesi, S.; Sequi, P.; Andrighetto, I.; Sorgato, M.C.; Bertoli, A.
Prion - soil Interaction and direct detection of soil-bound prions (withdrawn)

Deasy, C; Quinton, J.N.; Silgram, M.; Stevens, C.J.; Jackson, R.; Bailey, A.
Mitigation Options for Phosphorus and Sediment (MOPS): exploring the potential of in-field treatments to reduce surface runoff losses from arable soils to water (withdrawn)

Kreschnak, C.; Ingwersen, J.; Streck, T.
Heavy metal accumulation in flood detention basins

Itoh, Y.; Imaya, A.; Ohnuki, Y.; Yoshinaga, S.
Influence of the physicochemical characteristics of Japnese forest soils on thier retention of heavy metals.

Kodes, V.; Kozak, J.
Pesticide information system and its relationship with the Czech soil information system

Kodesova, R.; Rohoskova, M.; Kodes, V.; Penizek, V.; Kocarek, M.; Drabek, O.; Kozak, J.
Application of the Czech soil information system PUGIS and pedotransfer rules for the assessment of pesticide mobility in soils of the Czech Republic

Jablonowski, N.D.; Modler, J.; Burauel, P.
Bioaccessibility of environmentally aged soil-bound 14C-atrazine residues

Meißner, S.; Rennert, T.; Rinklebe, J.; Totsche, K.U.
Dissolved metals in a floodplain soil: comparison of soil solution, extract and soil column experiment data

Vatai, J.; Szentpétery, I.; Kuti, L.; Kerék, B.
Connection between the nitrate sensitivity and vulnerability of water and between the geological environment

Nehls, T.; Wessolek, G.
Paved urban soils as sources and sinks for heavy metals

Pagels, B.; Totsche, K.U.; Kögel-Knabner, I.
Flood effects on contaminant release in alluvial top soils – Field studies

Acosta, J.A.; Faz, A.; Arocena, J.M.; Martínez-Martínez, S.
Heavy metals partitioning as base for risk assessment in urban environment

Cheyns, K.; Mertens, J.; Smolders, E.; Springael, D.
Effect of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) on the degradation of atrazine in soil: batch and column experimental results and modeling.

Cavoski, I.; Caboni, P.; Sarais, G.; Miano, T.
Degradation of rotenone in soils and influence of temperature fluctuation on its persistence

Winkelbauer, J.; Voelkel, J.; Leopold, M.; Huerkamp, K.; Dehos, R.W.
The influence of soil properties and local characteristics on the distribution, migration and potential bioavailability of Radio-Cesium in Bavarian forest ecosystems more than 20 years after the Chernobyl accident

Sparica Miko, M.; Miko, S.; Mesić, S.
Assessment of lead(II) fractionation in high altitude karst soils in Croatia

Huerkamp, K.; Raab, T.A.; Voelkel, J.
Small-scaled spatial lead distribution in floodplain soils of the Vils River (Upper Palatinate, Germany) determined by field-portable X-ray fluorescence analysis (FPXRF)

Almendros, P.; Gonzalez, D.; Obrador, A.; Alvarez, J.M.
Residual zinc forms in weakly acidic and calcareous soils after an oilseed flax crop

Álvarez, J.M.; Rico, M.I.; González, D.; Almendros, P.
Fertilization effect of Cu-EDTA chelate on soil pH and redox conditions in a flooded neutral soil

Qinton, J.N.; Deasy, C.
How do soil and tillage practices regulate surface pollutant losses?

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