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Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences
Nonlinear Processes:in Geosciences
NP2 Empirical Modeling
NP3 Scale, Scaling and Nonlinear Variability
NP4 Nonlineaar time-series analysis
NP5 Predictability
NP6 Turbulence and Nonlinear Waves
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  List of Accepted Contributions - NP4.01 Nonlinear time series analysis in the geosciences

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Ramirez, M. E.; Berrocoso, M.; Gonzalez-Fuentes, M. J.; Fernandez-Ros, A.
Crustal deformation models and time - frequency analysis of GPS data from Deception Island Volcano (South Shetland Islands, Antarctica)

Polat, O; Perez-López, R; Kaftan, I; Gok, E; Salk, M
Non-linear time series and seismic behaviour analysis of Aegean region (Turkey) earthquakes

Petoukhov, V.K.; Eliseev, A.V.; Klein, R.; Oesterle, H.
On statistics of the free-troposphere synoptic component: An evaluation of the contribution from the third-order moments to the synoptic-scale dynamics and fluxes of heat and humidity

Khristoforov , A.V. ; Khristoforova, N.N. ; Burganov, B.T.
Wavelet Analysis of Spatial Temperature Waves: A New Approach to the Study of the Earth’s Interior

Muntendam-Bos, A.G.; Kroon, I.C.; Fokker, P.A.
Time dependent inversion of surface subsidence due to dynamic reservoir compaction

Lasaponara, R.; Telesca, L.
Persistent behaviors in SPOT-VEGETATION NDVI data for the Italian Mediterranean ecosystems

Telesca, L.
Identifying time-clustering structures in the sequence of solar flare hard X-ray bursts

Jiménez, A.; Posadas, A. M.; Tiampo, K. F.
Describing seismic pattern dynamics by means of Ising Cellular Automata

Moore, J.; Grinsted, A.; Jevrejeva, S.
Is there evidence for sunspot forcing of climate at multi-year and decadal periods?

Moroz, I.
Unstable periodic orbits in self-exciting dynamos

Tsonis, A.A.
Synchronization and coupling in climate networks

Gluhovsky, A.
Subsampling methodology for analysis of nonlinear atmospheric time series (withdrawn)

Hawkins, J.; Christov, I. ; Warn-Varnas, A.
Analysis of internal gravity waves using the Fourier, scattering, and continuous wavelet transforms

Hsieh, W.
Nonlinear principal component analysis of noisy data

Duane, G.
Automatic parameter estimation in a mesoscale model without ensembles

Ardalan, A.A.; Jafari, M.
Application of Least Square Spectral Analysis for Estimation of Precise Coordinates of Permanent GPS Station and Modeling Systematic Effects: A Practical Contribution to Nonlinear Time Series Analysis in Geodesy

Donner, R.; Donner, S.; Witt, A.
Spatial Correlations and Phase Coherence of Hydro-Meteorological Long-Term Observations

Wicks, R. T.; Chapman, S. C.; Dendy, R. O.
Quantifying spatial correlation in the turbulent solar wind flow using mutual information and recurrence plots: simultaneous in-situ spacecraft observations from Wind, ACE and Cluster.

Donner, S.; Donner, R.
Temporal Changes in the Eruption Behaviour of the Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park: Statistical Description and Implications for Dynamical Models

Dall'Amico, M.; Egger, J.
On the numerical properties of empirical master equations

Pilipenko, V.A.; Mazur, N.G.; Glassmeier , K-H.
Methods to detect solitons among geophysical signals

Belyakov, A.S.; Lavrov, V.S.; Muhamedov, V.A.; Nikolaev, A.V.
Seismic spectroscopy under hyperlow frequencies

Miksovsky, J.; Raidl, A.
Nonlinearity patterns in real and GCM simulated atmosphere

Jiménez, A.; Tiampo, K. F.; Posadas, A. M.
Functional networks in earthquakes

Boettcher, F.; Peinke, J. ; Kleinhans, D. ; Friedrich, R.; Lind, P.G. ; Haase, M.
On the proper reconstruction of complex dynamical systems spoilt by strong measurement noise (withdrawn)

Barbosa, S. M.; Steinitz, G.; Piatibratov, O.; Silva, M. E.
Multiresolution analysis of high-rate radon time series from the Elat granite, Israel

Sakamoto, T.; Tanizuka, N.; Donner, R.
Annual variability of fractal dimensions and spatio-temporal correlations in Japanese air temperature records

Mercader, j; miró, JR; sairouni, A; toda, J; cunillera, J
Aplication of NN for improve extremal temperature forecasts over catalonia.

Mahecha, M.D.; Lange, H.; Reichstein, M.
Estimation of the 1/f^\alpha exponent for very short and fragmented time series: An ``Extended Multiple Segmentation Method’’ (E-MSM)

Boettcher, F.; Peinke, J.; Kleinhans, D.; Friedrich, R.; Lind, P.G.; Haase, M.
An algorithm to separate measurement noise in Langevin processes (withdrawn)

Kondrashov, D.; Ghil, M.
Gap filling in incomplete geophysical data sets

Bube, K.; Klenke, T.; Freund, J.; Feudel, U.
Statistical measures of distribution patterns of silicon and calcium in marine sediments

Becker, M.; Karpytchev, M.; Davy, M.; Doekes, K.
Detecting a jump in long-period sea level records

Rust, H. W.; Timmer, J.
Non-Nested Model Selection for Fractional ARIMA Models

Rust, H. W.
The Detection of Long-Range Dependence formulated as a Model Selection Problem

Donner, R.; Thiel, M.
Frequency-Dependent Phase Coherence and Phase Shift of Hemispheric Sunspot Activity: A New Look onto the North-South Asymmetry

Palus, M. ; Novotna, D.
Modes of atmospheric variability and their interactions

Witt, A.; Oberhaensli, H.; Schumann, A. Y.
Identification of millennial Scale Climate Variability over the Holocene by Wavelet Analysis

Peñaranda, V.; Bernal, F.; Obregón, N.
Towards a Rainfall Zonation Model via Generalized Multifractal Dimensions Estimated from high resolution rainfall Time Series. Case of Study: Bogotá City (Colombia) (withdrawn)

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