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  List of Accepted Contributions - GM8.1 Past environmental systems and human occupation: links between geoarcheology and geomorphology

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Dusar, B.; Verstraeten, G.; De Laet, V.; Marinova, E.; Waelkens, M.
Late-Holocene human impact on fluvial systems in a Mediterranean mountain ecosystem

Subetto, D.A.; Dolukhanov, P.M.; Gerasimov, D.V.; Sapelko, T.V.; Ludikova, A.V.; Kuznetsov, D.D.; Lisitsyn, S.N.; Yushkova, M.A.; Arslanov, Kh.A.; Averichkin, O.B.
Environment and human migrations in the Lake Ladoga area during the Holocene: new palaeolimnological and archaeological data

Lubos, C.C.M; Dreibrodt, S.; Friederich, S.; Meller, H.; Ganslmeier, R.; Hellmund, M.; Klamm, M.; Nelle, O.; Grootes, P.M.; Bork, H.-R.
Landscape development around the tell structure of Niederröblingen (Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany) reconstructed from soils, colluvial and alluvial sediments as well as from the archaeological record

Chiverrell, R.C.; Foster, G.C.; Harvey, AM
Human impacts and sediment connectivity in the hillslope/alluvial geomorphic system.

Castanet, C.; Burnouf, J.; Garcin, M.; Cyprien, A.L.; Lamothe, M.; Camerlynck, C.; Carcaud, N.
Societies – fluvial dynamic interactions in the Middle Loire River floodplain during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Times (Val d’Orléans, France)

Siart, C.; Eitel, B.; Hecht, S.; Schukraft, G.; Bubenzer, O.
Reconstruction of palaeoenvironmental changes and their impact on Bronze-Age cultures: results from a geoarchaeological research project in the Ida-Mountains, Central Crete

Ghilardi, M; Bloemendal, J; Jude, R; Kunesch, S; Fouache, E
Magnetic properties of Mid-Holocene sediments from the central part of Thessaloniki Plain, Greece: implications for human impacts

Voelkel, J.; Doetterl, S.; Schneider, A.; Leopold, M.; Huerkamp, K.
Development of a spacious (pre- and proto) historic inland dune landscape in Lower Bavaria, Germany

Bubenzer, O.; Bolten, A.
Evaluation and combination of new elevation data (ASTER / SRTM) for geomorphological and geoarchaeological questions

Biró, K.T.; Székely , B.; Bradák , B.; Medzihradszky, Zs.
Environmental and geoarchaeological studies at Vörs-Máriaasszony sziget site, SW Hungary

Cordier, S.; Frechen, M.; Naton, H.G.
Geoarchaeology of the Moselle valley : palaeoenvironments and human occupation since the Middle Pleistocene

Fouache, E.; Desruelles, S.; Magny, M.; Bordon, A.; Oberweiler, C.; Coussot, C.; Touchais, G.; Lera, P.; Lézine, A.-M.; Fadin, L.; Roger, R.
Holocene palaeogeographical reconstructions of Lake Maliq (Korça Basin, Albania): a geoarchaeological approach

Gilliland, K.; Simpson, I.A.; Burbidge, C.I.; Sanderson, D.C.W.; Cook, G.; Adderley, W.P.; McKenzie, J.T.; Gunawardhana, P.; Batt, C.; Coningham, R.
Geoarchaeological interpretation of abandoned irrigation networks in the Anuradhapura hinterland, Sri Lanka

Christol, A.; Kuzucuoglu, C.; Fort, M.; Dogu, A.-F.; Akköprü, E.; Brunstein, D.; Mouralis, D.; Fontugne, M.; Zorer, H.; Reyss, J.-L.
Morphogenesis, sedimentary records and palaeogeography of the Holocene and Pleistocene Van Lake terraces (Turkey)

Kuzucuoglu, C.; Mouralis, D.; Christol, A.; Akköprü, E.; Dogu, A.-F.; Fort, M.; Brunstein, D.; Fontugne, M.; Gouillot, H.; Scaillet, S.; Zorer, H.; Reyss, J.-L.; Lamothe, M.; Kiyak, N.; Gauthier, A.; Guichard, F.
The « ANOVAN » Project : Palaeoenvironments, palaeogeography, volcanic events and human societies in the Van lake basin –eastern Turkey- during Upper Pleistocene and Holocene

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