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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSP6/TS23 Geodynamics, sedimentary evolution, and landscape development of the Pannonian - Carpathians domain (co-organized by TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

van der Hoeven, A.G.A; Ambrosius, B.A.C; Nutto, M.; Schmitt, G.; Mocanu, V.; Munteanu, L.; Marcu, C.; Spakman, W.; Matenco, L.
Observation of Present-day Tectonic Motions in Romania: Geodetic Results of the ISES/CRC-461 GPS Measurements

Seghedi, I.; Downes, H.; Harangi, Sz.; Mason, P.R.D; Pécskay, Z.
Geochemical response of magmas to Neogene-Quaternary continental collision in the Carpathian-Pannonian region: a review (withdrawn)

Neubauer, F.
Chemenda-type exhumation during non-steady state subduction: the Late Cretaceous evolution of Eastern Alps

Gemmer, L.; Houseman, G.A.
The Influence of Gravitational Instability on Regional Tectonics in the Carpathian-Pannonian System

Timár, G.; Kis, K.; Kenyeres, A.
Short-wavelength component of the geoid: a possible indicator of the isostatic character

Vasiliev, I.; Panaiotu, C.E.; Krijgsman, W.; Langereis, C.G.; Stoica, M.
Paleomagnetic constraints on the kinematic evolution of the Romanian Carpathians

Gröger, H.R.; Fügenschuh, B.; Tischler, M.; Schmid, S.
Tertiary structural evolution and exhumation history of the Rodna horst and the Preluca massif in Northern Romania

Rettenmund, C.; Ustaszewski, K.; Schmid, S.
Investigation the Tisza-Dinarides boundary: Structural and petrological features of the north-Bosnian inselbergs of Kozara, Prosara, Motajica

Grad, M.; Sroda, P.; Czuba, W.; Guterch, A.; Keller, G. R.; Janik, T.; Hegedüs, E.; Vozár, J.; Tiira, T.; Yliniemi, J.
Trans-Carpathian transects from Precambrian platform to Pannonian basin - lithospheric structure beneath CELEBRATION 2000 seismic profiles CEL01, CEL04 and CEL05

Aroldi, C.; Bucur, I. I.
Chaotic facies in the Eocene turbidite successions of the Pienidian units in Maramureş (Eastern Carpathians - NW Romania)

Bocin, A.; Stephenson, R.A.; Georgescu, P.; Matenco, L.
Upper crustal structure of the Vrancea Zone and Focsani Basin (Romania) from high density seismic and potential field data (DACIA-PLAN)

Wiesinger, M.; Neubauer, F.; Handler, R.
Exhumation of the Saualpe eclogite unit, Eastern Alps: constraints from 40Ar/39Ar ages and structural investigations

Horváth, F.
Geodynamics of the Pannonian basin system: a new synthesis

Matenco, L.; Tilita, M.; Cloetingh, S.; Dinu, C.
Coupling between foreland and backarc basins post-orogenic vertical movements: neotectonic deformations in the SE Carpathians – Transylvania basin corridor

Matenco, L.; Tilita, M.; Diaconescu, V.; Dinu, C.; Krezsek, C.; Marin, M.; Vasiliev, I.; Necea, D.; Ionescu, L.
Geometry, evolution and kinematic correlations of a buried segment in the Tisza – Rhodopian fragment contact: the pre-Neogene tectonic evolution of the Transylvania basin

Nádor, A.; Magyari, Á.; Thamó-Bozsó, E.; Babinszki, E.; Kercsmár, Zs.
The role of the Érmellék-Berettyó-Körös depression in the river course developement of the Great Hungarian Plain

Vermeersen, B.; van der Hoeven, A.; Spakman, W.; van Hove, J.; Ambrosius, B.; Matenco, L.; Mocanu, V.; Munteanu, L.; Schmitt, G.; Nutto, M.
GPS Observations and 3-D Postseismic Crustal Displacements in the Vrancea Region, Romania

Magyari, Á.; Musitz, B.; Csontos, L.; Thamó-Bozsó, E.; Van Vliet-Lanoe, B.
Quaternary neotectonics of the southern part of Lake Balaton, Hungary

Nutu, M. L.
Sedimentary Evolution of Lower Kliwa Sandstone Member from southern part of Eastern Carpathians (Romania) using sequence and diagenetic studies

Marin, M
New insights of the eastern edge of the Tisza block (South Apuseni mountains)

Fügenschuh, B.; Tischler, M.; Gröger, H.R.; Schmid, S.; Wetzel, A.
Miocene tectonics along the Mid-Hungarian fault zone - implications from northern Romania

Tilita, M.; Matenco, L.; Diaconescu, V.; Cloetingh, S.; Dinu, C.
Relationships between shortening at the plate boundaries and development of the backarc basins: neogene architecture and evolution of the Transylvania Basin

Merten, S.; Andriessen, P.A.M; Juez-Larré, J.; Bertotti, G.; Dunai, T.J.
Dating the exhumation of the Romanian Carpathians: First results from apatite (U-Th)/He thermochronology

Cloetingh, S.; Matenco, L.; Bada, G.; Beekman, F.; Bertotti, G.; Andriessen, P.A.M.
Lithospheric state of stress, rheology and (neo)tectonic controls on the late stage evolution of the Pannonian-Carpathians system: post-orogenic folding and intraplate continental topography

Windhoffer, G.; Bada, G.; Nieuwland, D.; Wórum, G.
Comparative analogue and numerical modelling of the reactivation of a strike-slip system: a case study of the Derecske trough, Pannonian basin

Sacchi, M.; Horváth, F.
Integrated stratigraphy and paleoclimate teleconnectivity as tools to understand the interaction between the Neogene Mediterranean and Paratethys realms

Panaiotu, C.E.; Vasiliev, I.; Panaiotu, C.G.; Matei-Soare, B.; Langereis, C.G.; Krijgsman, W.
Evolution of Focsani Basin: a sedimentological point of view

Kazmer, M.; Mikes, T.; Benko, Zs.; Kovacs, I.; Pocsai, T.; Prohaszka, A.; Krolopp, E. ; Fekete, N.; Timar, G.; Szekely, B.
Small-scale Quaternary flexural basins in the Carpathian-Pannonian system – the Transdanubian Sarret Basin as an example

Bada, G.; Windhoffer, G.; Fodor, L.; Grenerczy, Gy.; Tóth, L.; Horváth, F.; Cloetingh, S.
Motion of Adria and ongoing inversion of the Pannonian basin: inferences from stress and strain indicators

Juhász, Gy.; Pogácsás, Gy.; Vakarcs, G.; Magyar, I.
Sedimentary evolution and integrated stratigraphy: a key to structural evolution in the Eastern Pannonian Basin, Hungary

Sperner, B.; Martin, M.; Hauser, F.; Bonjer, K.; Wenzel, F.
The end of subduction and collision: an integrated study of the youngest tectonic evolution of the SE-Carpathians

Szekely, B.; Molnar, G.; Ferencz, E.; Dovenyi, P.; Krumrei, I.; Timar, G.
Swaths of topographic sink depressions interpreted as remnants of paleomeanders in the vicinity of Lake Balaton, Hungary: evidences of young uplift or base level drop?

Molnar, G.; Szekely, B.
The effect of the recent differential vertical movements on the course of Cinca-Csikgat Creek, Hungary – a case study

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