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Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences
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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS4 Operational Oceanography: Skill Assessment and Error Analysis (co-listed GI, NP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Cana, L; Mason, E; Sangrà, P; Grisolía-Santos, D
Ocean circulation modelling in the Canary Archipelago within the ESEOO project framework

Baudel, S.; Gasc, M.; Toumazou, V.; Vinay, G.
Mercator Ocean forecasting products: an assessment by the users

Harding, J.; Bub, F.; Dehaan, C.; Mask, A.
Skill assessment of operational ocean predictions at the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office

Janekovic, I.; Sikiric-Dutour, M.
Improving tidal open boundary conditions for the Adriatic Sea numerical model

Korotaev, G.K.; Ratner, Yu.B.; Dorofeev, V.L.; Knysh, V.V.
Validation of the basin-scale Black Sea dynamic forecast

Coelho, E.; Rowley, C.; Peggion, G.; Jacobs, G.
Forecast error analysis of limited data assimilation schemes using perturbed and multi-model ensembles

Shulman, I.; Rowley, C.; Anderson, S.; Kindle, J.; DeRada, S.; Doyle, J.; Cummings, J.
Impact of glider data assimilation on model predictions of surface and subsurface properties.

Barron, C.N.; Smedstad, L.F.; Dastugue, J.M.; Smedstad, O.M.
Using drifter observations to assess skill of proposed upgrades for operational global ocean models

Schrum, C; Alekseeva, I ; Janssen, F; Diekmann, R; St. John, M
Skill assessment for the coupled physical-biological model ECOSMO

Bonazzi, A.; Pinardi, N.; Milliff, R.; Berliner, L.; Wikle, C.
A new ensemble ocean forecasting method driven by surface wind distributions from a Bayesian hierarchical model: Forecast uncertainty sensitivities

Holt, M.; Hyder, P.; Siddorn, J.; Mahdon, R.; O'Dea, E.; Proctor, R.; Holt, J.; Wakelin, S.; Allen, I.
Evaluating the performance of real-time forecast models of the NW European shelf seas

Palazov, A.; Slabakov, H.; Stefanov, A.
Multi-parameter In-situ Open Sea Observing Platform

Martin, M.; Storkey, D.
Validation of surface currents from operational ocean models against surface drifter data

Acreman, D.; Jeffery, C.; Storkey, D.
Validation and tuning of mixed layer models for operational ocean models

Sotillo, M.G.; Alvarez-Fanjul, E.; Jordi, A.; Ferrer, M. I.; Tintore, J. ; Conde, J.
The ESEOO regional ocean forecast system: A new Spanish operational oceanographic tool

Slabakov, H.; Palazov, A.; Valchev, N.
Improvement of observational and networking potential of the regional Black Sea operational oceanographic system

O'Dea, E.J.; Hyder, P.; Horsburgh, K.J.; Osborne, J.P.; Holt, M.W.
Systematic error analysis of a high resolution relocatable system for operational hydrodynamic coastal forecasting

Mariani, S.; Orasi, A.; Inghilesi, R.; Casaioli, M.
Time series comparison of the SIMM’s WAM forecasts and the RON buoy observations along the Italian coasts

Allen, J.I.; Blackford, J.C. ; Holt, J.T. ; Lewis, K.; Proctor, R.; Richardson, A.
Skill assessment of a coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem coastal-ocean model

Le Hénaff, M.; De Mey, P.; Le Traon, P-Y.; Marsaleix, P.
Description of baroclinic model errors due to wind perturbations in the Bay of Biscay- Evaluation of observation networks

Dobricic, S. ; Pinardi, N.; Adani, M.; Tonani, M.; Fratianni, C.; Bonazzi, A.; Fernandez, V.
Daily oceanographic analysis scheme in the Mediterranean Sea

Hernandez, F.; Crosnier, L.; Drevillon, M.; Dombrowsky, E.; Verbrugge, N.
Metrics for the global ocean, under the GODAE and MERSEA framework : Application with the Mercator Ocean Global system

Riflet, G.; Leitão, P.C.; Trancoso, A. R.; Canas, A.; Fernandes, L.; Fernandes, R.; Garcia, A.C.; Mateus, M.; Neves, R.J.
Assessing the quality of a pre-operational model for the portuguese coast

Raudsepp, U.; Elken, J.; Kõuts, T.; Liblik, T.; Kikas, V.; Lagemaa, P.; Uiboupin, R.
Forecasting skills of the HIROMB in the Gulf of Finland

Wikle, C.; Dobricic, S. ; Berliner, L. ; Pinardi, N.; Milliff, R.
A Bayesian hierarchical model for error covariance in the Mediterranean Forecast System

Hogan , P. J.; Smedstad, O.M. ; Cummings , J.; Wallcraft, A.
Shelf break processes in the Gulf of Mexico from simulations with a Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model

Bertino, L. ; Lisæter, K.A. ; Høydalsvik, F.
Assessment metrics for the TOPAZ monitoring and prediction system

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