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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS10.2 Tectonic evolution of Tethys in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Uysal, I.; Kaliwoda, M.; Karsli, O.; Tarkian, M.; Sadiklar, M.B.
Compositional variations of whole-rock and coexisting phases with partial melting and melt-rock interaction of peridotite in an upper mantle section from Ortaca area, SW Turkey

Adamia, Sh
Tectonic evolution of the Black Sea – Caspian Sea region (withdrawn)

Bozkurt, E.
Interplay Between Magmatism, Metamorphism and Core-Complex Formation: Evidence from the Menderes Massif, SW Turkey (withdrawn)

Parlak, O.
Petrology of Neotethyan ophiolites in Turkey: Divers magma types and their tectonic significance

Ustaömer, P.A.; Ustaömer, T.; Collins, A.S.; Reischpeitsch, J.
Eocene continental arc magmatism along the southern Eurasian margin: New U-Pb LA-ICPMS, Sm-Nd and whole-rock geochemical data from Marmara Island, NW Turkey

Harutyunyan, A
Earth crust of Lesser Caucasus is a Marginal see or a Subdaction zone of Tethys?

Bektas, O.; Eyuboglu, Y.; Bozkurt, E.; Sen, C.; Rojay, B.
Reversely Zoned Alaskan-Type Mafic-Ultramafic Cumulates In The Eastern Pontýde Magmatýc arc , NE Turkey

Uysal, I.; Zaccarini, F.; Garuti, G.; Meisel, T.; Bernhardt, H.J.; Tarkian, M.; Sadiklar, M.B.
Cr-PGE mineralizations and Os-isotope signatures of chromitites in the Kahramanmaraþ ophiolitic complex, Southeastern Turkey

Robertson, A H F; Parlak, O; Ustaomer, T; Unlugenc, U
Role of Late Mesozoic subduction and Palaeogene collision in melange genesis and ophiolite emplacement in the Anatolides of western and central Turkey

Hoeck, V. ; Ionescu, C.
Mesozoic ophiolites from the Eastern Carpathians: what are they and where are they coming from?

Xypolias, P.
Cenozoic tectonics of the External Hellenides (withdrawn)

Kaplanis, A.; Xypolias, P.; Koukouvelas, I.
Development and inversion of a Neo-Tethyan strand in the central Greece

Mackintosh, P; Robertson, A
Late Triassic uplift and erosion of the Tauride platform: testing models of 'Cimmerian' orogenesis

Manatschal, G.; Müntener, O.
The Platta ophiolites in Eastern Switzerland: what do they tell us about the formation of the Alpine Tethys?

Schmid, S. M.; Bernoulli, D.; Fügenschuh, B.; Matenco, L.; Schuster, R.; Tischler, M.; Ustaszewski, K.
Ophiolites of the Alps-Carpathians-Dinarides orogen system: how many oceans?

Korbar, T
Upper Cretaceous to Paleogene tectonostratigraphy of NE Adriatic region: geodynamic implications

Diamantopoulos, A.; Krohe, A.; Mposkos, E.
Structural asymmetry and distributed strain of low-T shear planes inducing evidence for orogen-scale kinematic partitioning during denudation of high-P rocks

Ustaszewski, K.; Schmid, S. M.; Lugovic, B.; Schuster, R.; Schaltegger, U.; Fügenschuh, B.; Kounov, A.; Bernoulli, D.; Hottinger, L.; Schefer, S.
The Late Cretaceous supra-subduction magmatism of North Kozara (northern Bosnia and Herzegovina): implications for the Cretaceous to Paleogene collisional history between Tisza and the Dinarides

Schefer, S.; Fügenschuh, B.; Schmid, S.; Egli, D.; Ustaszewski, K.
Tectonic evolution of the suture zone between Dinarides and Carpatho-Balkan: Field evidence from the Kopaonik region, southern Serbia

Rice, S; Robertson, A; Ustaömer, T
Deformation and emplacement of the Upper Cretaceous Izmir-Ankara-Erzincan Suture Zone in the Eastern Pontides, Turkey.

Tremblay, A.; Meshi, A.; Pagé, P.; Bédard, J.H.
Western- and Eastern-type ophiolite classification of the Mirdita zone, Albania – a reappraisal based on comparisons with Appalachian ophiolites and modern oceanic settings

Boztug, D.; Jonckheere, R.C.; Heizler, M.; Ratschbacher, L.; Harlavan, Y.; Tichomirowa, M.
Integrated geothermochronology (207Pb-206Pb, 40Ar-39Ar, K-Ar, fission-track) of central Anatolian granitoids revealing continent-oceanic island arc and continent-continent collisions in central Anatolia, Turkey

Kuscu, I.; Gencalioglu-Kuscu, G.; Tosdal, R.M.; Ullrich, T.D.; Friedman, R.
Link between magmatism and subduction-related events in southeastern Turkey

Alcicek, M.C.; ten Veen, J.
The final stage of Lycian nappe emplacement in SW Anatolia (Turkey) constrained by late Early Miocene syn-orogenic sedimentation

Reischmann, T.; Kostopoulos, D.
Terrane accretion in the internal Hellenides

Tüysüz, O.; Tekin, U.K.
Timing and mechanism of imbrication of an active continental margin facing the Neotethys, Kargı Massif, northern Turkey

Garfunkel, Z.
Eastern Mediterranean ophiolites: the perspective of the history of enclosing basins

Flower, MFJ; Hoang, N; Çoban, H
Collision-induced mantle flow as a driver of extrusion tectonics: a comparison of southeast Asia and the eastern Mediterranean

Parlak, O.; Rizaoglu, T.; Karaoglan, F.; Hames, W.E.; Billor, Z.
Timing of subduction-related magmatism and metamorphism during the evolution of the Southeast Anatolian Orogen, Turkey

Genc, S.C.; Tuysuz, O.
An unusual Jurassic extensional magmatism in the central and western Pontides, Northern Turkey: a geochemical and isotopic evaluation

Ustaomer, P.A.; Ustaomer, T.; Collins, A.S.; Robertson, A.H.F
Geochronology and tectonic setting of granitoidic intrusions in the Bitlis Massif, SE Turkey

Koller, F.; Hoeck, V.; Onuzi, K.; Meisel, T.; Ionescu, C.
Contrasting peridotites in Albanian Ophiolites: Evidence from Spinels

Hoeck, V.; Koller, F.; Onuzi, K.; Kloetzli-Chowanetz, E.; Ionescu, C.
Transition from SSZ to MORB composition in Albanian Ophiolites: Evidence from small ophiolites intermediate between the eastern and the western belt (Albania)

Gvirtzman, Z.; Zilberman, E.
Reactivation of the Levant passive margin during the late Tertiary and formation of the Jaffa Basin offshore central Israel

Koglin, N; Reischmann, T; Kostopoulos, D; Matukov, D; Sergeev, S
Zircon SHRIMP ages and the origin of ophiolitic rocks from the NE Aegean region, Greece.

Inwood, J; Anderson, M; Morris, A; Robertson, A; Unlugenc, U
Successive structural events in the Hatay ophiolite of southeast Turkey: distinguishing oceanic, emplacement and post-emplacement phases of faulting

Nzegge, O.M.; Satir, M.; Boztuð , D.; Taubald, H.
Zircon ages, geochemistry and isotope systematics of the Devrekani intrusion, Kastamonu granitoid belt (Central Pontides, Turkey), and geodynamic interprtation

Nzegge, O.M.; Satir, M.
Geochemistry and geochronology of the Eurasian-derived basement of the Central Pontides, NW Turkey

Moix, P.; Kozur, H.W.; Stampfli, G.M.
Evidence for Palaeotethyan origin of a part of the Mersin Mélange (southern Turkey)

Stoykov, S.
Comparative petrology, geochemistry and mineral chemistry of the Late Cretaceous magmatic rocks from the Central Srednogorie magmatic zone, Bulgaria

Dilek, Y.; Rassios, A.H.E; Furnes, H.; Shallo, M.
Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonics and Tethyan evolution of the western Balkan Peninsula: an ophiolite perspective

Zachariadis, P.; Kostopoulos, D.; Reischmann, T.; Sklavounos, S.
Petrogenesis and tectonic setting of the Oraeokastro Ophiolite, N. Greece: Petrological, geochemical and isotopic constraints

Zachariadis, P.; Reischmann, T.; Kostopoulos, D.
The Thessaloniki Ophiolite. A Middle Jurrassic supra-subduction zone ophiolite between the Vardar Zone and the Serbomacedonian Massif, N. Greece

Stoykov, S.; Moritz, R. ; Fontignie , D.
Comparative petrology, geochemistry, Sr and Nd isotope characteristics and mineral chemistry of the Late Cretaceous magmatic rocks in the northern part of the Panagyurishte ore region, Srednogorie magmatic zone, Bulgaria

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